Meu sonho é chegar em você um dia e dizer “graças a você eu não me corto mais, graças a sua força eu aprendi a ser forte, ver você se recuperando me fez olhar para frente e esquecer o que me fez mal, a cada música, a cada sorriso seu é um passo para mim, um passo para uma vida melhor sem esse vicio, eu lhe agradeço por cada palavra de força, lhe agradeço por cada sorriso, obrigada por não me deixar eu me sentir sozinha, eu te amo muito, mesmo estando longe de você, mesmo sem nunca ter te visto, eu te amo com todas as minhas forças.” um dia eu vou conseguir te dizer isso. 

My Demi Lovato Meeting Experience.

Okay, so today I of course saw Demi lovato in concert and met her (: So I got my sound check and meet n greet passes. They were wristbands, but we couldn’t keep them. ;/ Then I went to the sound check and if you’ve ever been to a sound check your basically right in front of them and it’s amazing! Demi’s band played a couple of songs and took request and finally she came out(: She was wearing a white shawl and a pink dress for the sound check and is probably one of the sweetest person to ever meet. She sang her second song, Who’s that Boy and sang her way over to the section i was in. I started waving at her and she pointed to me while singing “Who’s That Boy” We made eye contact and was most definetly pointing at me because no one around was waving. (: After, Demi started to answer questions people asked her. People even tried to get her to freestyle rap, but she didn’t lol. I waited for an hour to meet her in line. I got up to her and told her i love you soo much and she said awhh thanks (: The meet n greet was really quick, but it was soo amazing!! Oh, while I was waiting in line to meet Demi Ian Keaggy the bass guitarist rode by me on a scooter. When I got to the concert it was amazingg! Hot chelle rae was really good. When they ended and we had a break these three girls started a wave through the entire stadium. Awesome how three girls started it, shout out to those three girls! It was probably one of the funniest and coolest things ever.  And of course Demi was soo incredible! (: The coolest thing was when everyone took out their phones during Lightweight. Demi sang her songs perfectly and I was dancing the entire concert. But oh myy Demi i love you and it was amazing meeting youuuu! :D