ilove you so much omg


Dear Olivia, Oliveth, O-dawg, Big O, & Bb Boo, 

First off I have to say that I am sorry this is like 2 days late, or 1 day late here but tumblr is stupid. 

Secondly, I am sorry that this is the worst edit that has ever graced the light of tumblr. But then again it has Harry Styles & Noodles in it so it can’t be that bad. 

I am now going to write you a magnificent birthday message that I can only hope will make watery tears of joy roll down your flawless face like a waterfall rushing into a glistening lake. 

Happy Birthday! I honestly love you so much. I hope that you had the best birthday ever even though you were sick. My wishes for you include that you rush the mountain ( I think that’s what you say). Keep your head up high, go to that club, and get into Harry Styles Pants. I keep it classy (; 

I can’t remember when we even started talking on here but it was a really long time ago and we became friends like so fast. I remember we would send messages back and forth all day t@lk!ng lyk3 t|-|!$ until we would get a limit. I can’t even express how happy I am that you made a tumblr and we started talking because even if we don’t talk for like a month we can just message each other and be best friends again. 

You make my life better and I love you so much all of our skype sessions and our videos for each other and that one day where we facebook stalked people and sang boom boom pow was so much fun. Sometimes I just watch that video on my phone & laugh because that’s how much I love you. 

I hate that we are literally on completely opposite sides of the world and can’t hang out everyday because you’re actually like my best friend/sister/habbibi/seth cohen to my summer. One day we are going to meet and the starts are going to align and everything in the world will be fair and peaceful and magic will pour from the clouds. We will eat noodles everyday and I’ll teach you some american lingo. 

In conclusion to sum up how much I love you, I love you more than topher grace, seth cohen, eric forman, chandler bing, and ezra fitz combined. I also love you more than p-dawg shhh don’t tell him I told you (;

I hope that one day I can have the honor of saying to you “Thank you for being in my presence today Olivia”





Love Isi (: