ilove god

mcu spiderman can:

- stop a car going 40 mph which is equivalent to falling off a 95 story building

-withstand bucky’s arm which can crack concrete floor

-and survive the gigantic impact of a 60,000 pound bridge which he managed to hold up for more than 12 seconds

tell me again how he sucks


They were both magicians. - Andy Cole

boris : Bend -

me : Jesus christ i fucking?Ilove you oh my god dude Il ove you so much? I can not live withhout you and you mean the world to me and god jesus JESUS god god god Youre so nice and kind to me oh man ohzjkcnekfkdndkdndkdkkfkdkf

A bunch of naruko beans, dedicated to mamebo cause I still feelbadfortakingsolongonhercommission sO THESE R DEDICATED TO U SINCE I kno u love lil naruko as much as I doO ;;.;;

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hannah pls hear me out abt steve and the 'language' thing in aou bc after i watched that part i practically squealed bc i have this hc that steve totally trolled the avengers (mostly tony lbr that man is asking for it) that he's steven 'will not swear, will faint at the sight of a woman's ankle, will have a heart failure at lgbtqa+' rogers. nat and sam are probably the only people who know about it. fury also might have an idea tbh his 'you kiss your mother with that mouth' reply sounded (1/?)

so sarcastic to me that my brain automatically interpreted it as ‘steve must have cursed at him so bad fury almost (ALMOST) blushed’. i mean steve is in the fucking army during the WWII he’s most likely fluent in french, german, japanese, and russian. steve can probably say 'suck my fucking dick, joss whedon’ in at least seven more languages aside from those.


aaa sorry for the weird fanart?? the cover for the first chapter of your comic inspired me?? i really can t wait to see more!! i hope u like it,, o:

oh my god?????? sweet anon, who are you, i love this so much!!! thank you, a thousand times thank you!!!

(and ftr this fanart may have been more accurate than you realized…)

This picture is so deep and magnificently portrayed that I had to share it. I don’t know who the artist is, but he’s done an amazing job. At first glance, some might not get the meaning, but look closely. What is the man doing? Notice the guns, cards, alcohol, and cigarettes on the table? It doesn’t take a genius to know that this man is a bad man, a criminal perhaps. He’s injecting drugs into his arm, and look what it’s doing to Jesus. His arm, is Jesus’ arm.

Simply put, this picture tells us all, that whatever we do to our body, we do to Jesus too. So the next time you try to hurt yourself, think twice. Because it’s not just you, my friend. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Jesus is always with you… in whatever you do, wherever you go, whether you believe in Him or not. When we’re hurting ourselves, we’re also hurting Jesus. And not just physically, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Ponder on this, share the message, let it touch your hearts, and keep it and bring it with you forever.