This documentary short won 2nd place at the Sineng Pambansa Iloilo International Film Festival sponsored by FDCP.

Jayfox Monterono is no ordinary 12 year old kid. The moment he steps into the skate rink, he skates like he OWNS the park and with no helmet to boot. But outside the park, the harsh reality awaits him. He only finished grade 1 and does odd jobs at night to help sustain his family. He has a dream that one day, he’ll have his own house and work as a nurse.

My thoughts to this kid : such a talented young kid, at a very young age, try to pursue your dreams, so you can achieve what must you’ve dream of. Continue your studies, ang galing mo Keep it up!

To those who are interested to help jayfox you can ask :

Credits to : Polarized media, and to ilonggo band Burgundy for their original music “Takaw Tingin