You’re a light to someone else’s dark. You’re the moon to someone else’s sun. You’re the stars to someone else’s sky. You’re the rainbow to someone else’s cloud. You’re the color to someone else’s life. You’re the smile to someone else’s face. You’re the blood to someone else’s veins. You are someone who will always matter. You are someone scarred and yet still so beautiful. And I want you to know that you are very special. And the only reason I’m telling you this is that I don’t know if anyone else ever has.


Wanderings: The Churches of Ilocos Norte

Philippine churches are an ever enduring symbol of the colonial legacy of the Spanish, yet these are also the embodiment of our creative spirit, rich heritage, and steadfast religiosity. These structures are the living witnesses to our colorful history and the hallmark of Filipino architecture.

On the summer of 2012, our small group (of Area Studies majors) went to Ilocos Norte for our practicum, which was primarily concerned with historical and cultural research and the management of the Juan Luna Shrine, a historical shrine under the administration of the National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NHCP). Although we were based at Badoc (where the shrine is located), we got the chance to visit and explore Ilocos Norte’s other municipalities and cities. And on this adventure, we were marveled and enchanted by the beauty of Ilocos Norte’s stunning churches. Here are the ones that we have visited:

1.  Badoc Church (Church of La Virgen Milagrosa de Badoc)

At first glance, one can notice the stark difference between the color and structure of the bell tower and the church facade. The old convent beside the church now houses a school. 

2.  Paoay Church (Church of St. Augustine)

The church is celebrated for being a UNESCO World Heritage Site (1993) and a superior example of Baroque architecture. The church’s facade was undergoing rehabilitation during our visit.

3.  Batac Church (Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Church)

The Church was originally built in 1587 but has undergone renovations until 1962.

4.  Aglipay Shrine (Iglesia Filipina Independiente)

This church and shrine pays homage to Gregorio Aglipay, founder of the Iglesia Filipina Independiente (Philippine Independent Church) in 1902, who was born in Batac.

5.  Sarrat Church (Sta. Monica Parish Church)

Considered as the largest church in Ilocos Norte, Sta. Monica Church was built in 1779 and its large complex includes the (current) convent and the ruins of the old one.

6.  Laoag Cathedral (St. William Cathedral)

Built in 1612 by Augustinian friars, this church is the seat of the Diocese of Laoag and is known for its sinking bell tower.

* This is my first Wanderings post and I plan to post more stories from that places that I’ve actually been to. ‘Till the next post!

122114 -122314 | Ilocos Norte & Ilocos Sur

I didn’t expect that this trip will be a blast. I also took alooot of pictures during the trip, but sadly I didn’t get to have decent pictures of myself. Sorry mom, but your photography skills really needs improvement. :( We went to a total of 25 tourist spots. I didn’t have pictures from all of those place tho, the life of our cameras battery is not that long. boohoo. Anyway, here are the pictures! :)

Malacañang of the North with a Philippine Constabulary. Mukha lang kaming magtatay. LOL

Cape Bojeador Lighthouse

Bantay Bell Tower

Marcos Museum and Mausoleum.  I saw the late President Marcos covered in 7 layers of wax! (I’m not sure if it’s 7 or 6 tho. lol)

The breathtaking… Calle Crisologo (Kalye Crisologo) I swear, you guys will fell inlove with this place. The ambiance, the lights, the houses, everything’s perfect! 

Sinking Bell Tower

Bangui Windmills

Some place, with the south china sea at the background.

Hannah’s Resort,Pagudpud :D (A decent shot from mom. hooray!)

Paoay Sand dunes. We took a 4x4 ride and we do some sand boarding and it was fvckin’ awesome! The 4x4 ride is similar to riding a roller coaster. Woohoo!

Another beautiful scenery from the Patapat Viaduct.

Ilocos Norte Capitol. Reminds me of uhm.. hunger games. LOL. Catnip.

Bolo river ata. I’m not sure. huhu, forgive meh.

Asinan. My face looks really white ,wtf. I used my point & shoot camera here. 

Paoay Church. 

Papa pau’s dinner. The foodies there are the best. hoot hoot. I’m gonna spam you guys with more photos, bear with me please. lol