So, my mom took us to the mall today and told me to pick out a backpack, the first one I wanted was a panda backpack.

It’s a fricking panda in backpack form.

It was adorable.

She said no.

I know exactly why she did.

It makes me very angry that she wouldn’t let me have it for that reason alone.

That wasn’t even the reason I wanted it! Well, the main reason, it was a nice little extra though.

It was the most adorable backpack! But, I didn’t argue and just settled for a penguin.

My sister, being the wonderful little ___ that she is, tryed to ask me if she could ask mom for the panda backpack.


Really Grae? Seriously?

She annoys me very much.

I picked out some nice new clothes for me, after my sister did. I was proud of my choices and thought they were better then Grae’s. I have no desire to share clothes with her, even though we can. she keeps her clothes I keep mine. That’s the way I would like it, but no. Grae failed at telling my mom what she wanted, and at picking interesting clothes, unlike me, and is now complaining to me about letting her borrow these clothes.


It’s whatever.