Finally, the fifth (and last) set is done! This one contains Gray Garden The characters and other canon genderbend designs!
With these, all sprite edits are finished! *v*

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I know, Robin… I know. ´w`)”

   Just so I can talk a bit about what I’ve been up to these days: after a way-too-long pause, I’ve been continuing Tower of Bellflowers. There’s a peek at the protagonists: Rampion and Robin! Since the plot and most character sprites are finally done, I’ve been putting work on the maps. I’ve tried out a lot of stuff I hadn’t used in The Stairway, such as custom textboxes and parallax maps (and once more stuff is done, I’ll use color filters and other nice effects). Once I get to scripting everything, I’ll probably test out even more new things!


I wanted to make fanart for both games (and The Gray Garden) so I decided I’d draw the two Stellas from Alice_mare and Wadanohara and the Great Blue sea. :’D

Too bad there aren’t any Stellas in The Gray Garden.