First set done! They’re transparent this time! I hope to have enough patience to make DR sprite edits of all characters…

Samekichi is for a certain anon who requested one! Sorry for the wait! ´ w `

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Two more very spoiler-ish sprite edits under the read more!

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THE STAIRWAY (ver 1.01)
Genre: Adventure probably
Duration: 30-45 min., approximately.
Made in RPG Maker 2000.

  At last. I can’t believe it’s finally done. Here is The Stairway, the project I’ve been working on for way too long, and the first game I’ve made all by myself! (It’s not that much of a game rather than an interactive adventure.) It’s not horror, so no need to worry for jumpscares or triggering scenes.

  You play as Stella, who has been invited to an event by her friend. However, after a while of being there, this friend is nowhere to be seen. Could she possibly have left without her? While wondering, Stella stumbles upon a strange stairway… 

  If you do give it a try, I hope you enjoy it! In case you have any doubts or comments you want to tell me, feel free to drop me an ask! I plan to make a post shortly after posting this with some author’s comments and thoughts. If necessary, I’ll make at least an update to fix any bugs that might have slipped out mine and my testers’ eyes.

DOWNLOAD (English)
  (Works for Windows!)

Also available in:
   Русский язык (Translation by Team Horroria)
   Português (Translation by Cloud-Pillow team)

  RTP 2000 is no longer needed to play. If there are any problems with the font not being very clear, try installing the font located in the game folder.
  For any other questions, I hope the instruction manual can clear them out!

  Hope you all have a good day! :’D

EDIT: A full walkthrough/guide is now available here!


I wanted to make fanart for both games (and The Gray Garden) so I decided I’d draw the two Stellas from Alice_mare and Wadanohara and the Great Blue sea. :’D

Too bad there aren’t any Stellas in The Gray Garden.

LiEat is an amazing game with amazing music! Miwashiba’s games are so fairytale-ish ;vv;

I played it first before the translation was out and loved it (and cried even though my computer didn’t even have the font so i had no idea what was happening, the music made me cry)… then played the translation right after it came out and loved it even more. Looking forward to the sequel!