illustrator... i have a love hate relationship with you at the moment

i find it so fascinating and interesting and telling that it’s the moments of tragedy and heartbreak where you see how much tony and steve really loved each other. bc trust and intimacy, caring so deeply for each other, risking their own lives to save the other person  ––  that’s just second nature. it’s instinct. it’ll always be a part of who they are and their relationship with each other, it’s not something that needs to be Telegraphed and pointed at to be real and profound and life-changing. 

they both know that the moment they met, the moment when steve opened his eyes and saw the avengers, when tony’s voice was the first one he heard after decades of the ice, that their lives would never be the same. there are Direct Quotes to illustrate that but tbh even if those didn’t exist they know.

because this is a friendship that’s been building on over a decade. ten years of fighting beside each other, inspiring each other to be better men, better heroes, better leaders, seeing each other at the best and the lowest. this friendship is one of the most long-lasting & significant friendships for both of them. the avengers liken them to mom and dad because this is literally the closest analogy there is in terms of the sheer closeness, understanding and compatibility that exists between them. when it’s been that long, everything becomes implicit, unspoken, it just is. you don’t need the constant affirmation – even though stevetony do that too – of the love and loyalty between you. 

so, it’s really only when they hit those Dark Times that it manifests in all this terrible conflict and anger and ugliness. people are constantly trying to characterise modern stevetony (e.g. 2007 – present) as ‘steve and tony are always at each other’s throats’ but like Again, As I Always Do, i want to point to the revolutionary concept that the only reason they can hurt this much and hurt each other this much is because of how much they loved each other in the first place. their love and hate at different periods throughout their wars or conflicts or civil wars aren’t mutually exclusive, the anger / betrayal / grief / heartbreak bleed into each other. 

these moments of conflict wouldn’t have as much impact as they do if they happened all the time. and they don’t. steve and tony have lead multiple teams, saved the world, endured one or both of them being brainwashed, and remained steadfast in who they are to each other throughout. marvel pits them against each other because of how significant their relationship is and the fact that tearing them apart means they can generate a universe-wide event, a film franchise, multiple spin-offs and essentially lasting (albeit unacknowledged) consequences for the rest of their comic universe.

tony spends a year in mourning, hallucinating steve and throwing himself into suicidal self-destructive missions during his tenure as director of shield after steve dies. when steve rejects any of his attempts to compromise and make peace during cw1, he literally prepares to die and let steve kill him. when steve thinks the illuminati has betrayed him and committed the most unforgivable act of erasing his memory, he only goes after tony. it’s tony he’s furious at, it’s tony he’s single-handledy hunting down, and it’s tony he wants to pay the most for what he’s done.

tldr, tbh, altho depressing and utterly typical of marvel to do so, i find it v. true to life and realistic that it’s only in moments of point-of-no-return tragedy that we get the big moments and confessions and ‘i loved him’. the tragedy of stevetony is that these two men do love each other, and they both know it on an instinctual, intuitive level. everything about the way they interact and trust and hurt each other is indicative of that love. they never expect there to be a moment where that love won’t be there in the subtext, they never Expect that there’s going to be a ‘this is my last chance to tell him’ kind of moment. (bc usually, lbr, it’s some kind of world-ending crisis where they’re in the middle of a war on opposing sides.) their tragedy is that they’ve spent so long loving and being in love w/ each other where the timing has never been right, or they keep convincing themselves they’re content with the status quo, or the other person isn’t in the right place or headspace to hear it, that they just never get their Moment.

so their moments end up being morgue-side confessions, hugs and speeches where one person all but tells the other person they can’t live w/o them, and y’know, the ultimate act of no homo where the only universe they’d ever be together is if they can become a heteronormative straight™ couple.

Teddy Ghost/Swagger Bishie ideas/story kinda

Dash starts crushing on his favorite punching bag because despite being weird and a dork Fenturd is kinda nice and cute and if he weren’t so antisocial and puny he’d have girls hanging off him constantly.

Dash getting jealous when other people bully Fentonio and starts defending him in a kind of ‘this is /my/ punching bag, get it?!’ way.

But then he sort of cools down on the actual punching because Fenton looks so tired and he’s barely making C’s he must have some sort of learning problem and is up studying all night poor thing.

(Side note, I have a headcanon that Dash won’t bully people with disorders. You never see Dash bully special needs kids, and yeah I get it’s a cartoon but at my school if you bully the specials you’re some kind of monster and everyone will hate you. But seriously Dash never really comments on kids’ glasses or braces. It’s usually their social status, interests, and size difference that he makes fun of. No one really gets bullied for things like blindness. I guess it’s one of those unwritten rules to not pick on the problems that nobody can help having.)

Dash starts noticing small things about Fenton. How he’s constantly dropping things and it freaks him out occasionally. How he has to wear a belt now to keep his pants up because he has lost a lot of weight now that Dash thinks about it. How when, on the odd occasion, he grins so big his eyes close after he gets a good grade. And god, those eyes, if the damn things were any bluer Dash thinks they would be glowing, and they kinda do sometimes when he’s angry or during the ghost attacks, just for a moment, if only Dash could get closer in those moments because sometimes he swears they look green from a distance.

When he picks Fenton up to threaten him or to stuff him in a locker Dash notices how cold Danny’s hands are, and for some reason that worries him a little. It worries him more when he gets in the boy’s face and can feel his cool breath even though it’s a good eighty degrees outside.

Dash wonders why Fenton avoids the locker room until the bell has rung and everyone else has left. His friends don’t seem worried, though. Dash has even heard them talk about how he doesn’t get the time to shower properly at home because he’s always so busy with ghosts, so he assumes that Fenton helps his parents with their dumb gadgets as well as doing homework all night of course why else would he be so exhausted all the time?

One time Dash accidentally leaves his phone in the locker room and returns to look for it. Instead he finds Fenton, dripping wet with a towel around his waist digging through his locker for something. What shocks Dash is all the scars and bruises on the boy. There’s a bad one in particular that streaks across his back like a jagged lightning bolt from his left arm to the right side of his waist. It looks deep and painful and Dash knew that wasn’t there in the beginning of the year. He grabs his phone and runs out of the locker room before Fenton has a chance to realize he’s not alone.

Dash begins treating Danny differently altogether. He wonders where in the fresh hell the kid got those scars. He knows he’s freaking Danny out by staring at him but never approaching him, never even saying a bad word to him about his family or his friends or anything. He can’t help it. Danny Fenton is less of a punching bag and more of an enigma to Dash now.

There’s a burn scar on Danny’s left hand Dash notices. It’s on his palm, and Dash only catches a couple glimpses of it as he and Danny are assigned as lab partners for this week. He wonders if he got that from goofing around in his parents’ lab. But then, Danny doesn’t seem the type to play around with dangerous things. With a sinking feeling Dash wonders if he got that from some kind of experiment, and this leads to a thought that his parents were using Danny as a lab rat. Dash dismisses it, because seriously they make enough money to buy real lab rats and Jazz doesn’t have any kind of marks like that on her hands.

Dash wonders where Danny always goes when Danny Phantom shows up.

He swears he sees Danny helping Phantom out at the amusement park when Phantom takes down the giant RV ghost. It makes him wonder if he got those scars from helping Phantom.

Dash thinks about throwing a Christmas party and inviting Danny and his friends with the excuse that Paulina put him up to it to lure Phantom again. When really, he wants to make Danny smile at least once at Christmas, because Danny is always in a bad mood when the holidays come around. It makes Dash wonder what could make Danny, who was so eager about Halloween and Thanksgiving and any holiday really, hate the mother of all holidays.

Dash sees Danny’s relationships and feels that little green goblin of envy growling in his chest. It’s everything he can do not to punch Danny for dating Paulina, and Valerie, and even his goth friend. Instead he takes it out on Mikey and the chess club and band and everyone who isn’t Danny or his football friends.

Dash confessing to Kwan about his crush on Danny, nothing else, and Kwan laughs and says “I always kinda knew. I mean, you do listen to boy bands and sleep with a stuffed bear named Fenton.”

Dash accidentally sneaks up on Danny and startles him. Danny responds with an automatic left hook, catching Dash’s cheek and knocking him over with more force than Dash thought was possible for someone so thin. He apologizes reluctantly and helps Dash to his feet and walks away, leaving the jock to wonder where the hell Danny learned to punch like that and where that strength came from.

Dash taking advantage of his tutoring sessions with Jazz to find out things about Danny, like that he likes to mow the lawn because he likes the smell of cut grass, or that he likes sea salt and vinegar flavored chips, and that he doesn’t like drinking bottled spring water because fish live in springs and fish pee. Dash’s favorite is that Danny likes old rock bands like Bon Jovi and Queen and the Eagles as well as Dumpty Humpty.

Dash always thought that Danny was a little of a pig when he ate. But now that he watches him the jock realizes the boy eats as if he’ll never see food again sometimes. As opposed to Foley who just eats like his mother never taught him what a fork was. For some reason it worries Dash.

Dash never knew that Danny drew. He never draws in class or at lunch. And it’s no wonder. For an assignment they have to include an illustration and Danny did that part. It stuns Dash at how quick and good he is. But suddenly Danny is surrounded by kids admiring his drawing and wanting him to draw them too. Dash shoos them away because honestly Danny is stressed out enough he doesn’t need these losers ordering him around. Danny just looks at Dash in shock.

Epic Movie (Re)Watch #94 - The Book of Life

Spoilers below.

Have I seen it before: Yes.

Did I like it then: Yes.

Do I remember it: Yes.

Did I see it in theaters: Yes.

Was it a movie I saw since August 22nd, 2009: Yes. #325.

Format: Blu-ray.

1) I watched this about a week ago - on the actual Day of the Dead - but didn’t have time to write it because I live in Chicago and the Cubs won their first World Series in 108 years. So my priorities were a little different than usual.

2) Anyone here a fan of “El Tigre”?

Originally posted by fire-miracle

Well the creator of that show - Jorge R. Gutierrez - was the writer/director of this film! Some El Tigre characters even cameo in the film’s opening, but you have to REALLY look for them.

Originally posted by oescafandronasociedade

3) The framing device of this film (a bunch of kids at a museum being told a story) is a classic fairytale/magical realism device that can be found in films such as Big Fish. It also gives the film a plot driven reason for it’s unique animation style (the characters looking like wooden figures).

Originally posted by -bawsten

4) This film has some really great humor.

Vendor Boy: “Churros! Churros! (A bird poops on the churros.) Frosted churros!”

5) I will talk about La Muerte and Xibalba as individual characters in just a second, but for now I want to focus on their relationship.

Originally posted by gifsbyrosie

I’m not overly familiar with Day of the Dead lore outside of this film, but I think the idea of having the ruler of The Land of the Remembered (La Muerte, everything good and wonderful in the world) and the ruler of the Land of the Forgotten (Xibalba, everything that is negative in the world) be lovers is a great idea. Their relationship is tense, volatile, and can be filled with conflict, but never is it abusive. Never is it hateful. You always get a great sense of love between these two and that’s what makes it work.

6) Ron Perlman as Xibalba.

Originally posted by clusterstruck

These two wouldn’t work so well together if they couldn’t stand on their own as characters. And the work so well in that field because of equal parts writing, character design, and voice over work. Ron Perlman is a regular collaborator of Guillermo Del Toro’s, the executive producer on this film, and has worked in a number of animated project before (including VP Lancer in “Danny Phantom” and Clayface in “Batman: The Animated Series”). Perlman brings a roguish charm to all his characters, even when it’s just his voice. He’s interesting, rough, and just likable! And he makes Xibalba all those things. You’re never particularly rooting against him, even though he’s technically the villain. You’re just entranced whenever he’s on screen.

7) Kate del Castillo as La Muerte.

Originally posted by beanarie

American audiences are not as familiar with Kate del Castillo as they are with Ron Perlman, although she is one of Mexico’s most acclaimed popular actresses. As Perlman does with Xibalba, Castillo brings genuine charm, likability, and charisma to La Muerte. As well as an added fierceness that lets you know this undead ruler can keep her own when head-to-head with her darker lover. You definitely get the vibe that La Muerte is the more dangerous of these two but also the kinder, and so much of that relies on Castillo’s performance.

8) Manolo, Maria, and Joaquin.

Originally posted by br0ken-5tring5

We first meet these characters and get a sense of their relationship as children, and it’s great. Yes Manolo and Joaquin both love Maria, but they’re friends first. ALL of them are friends! Later in the film Joaquin and Manolo remain friends even when vying for Maria’s affections, and they are friends with Maria before they are lovers. And I think it’s driven home by this statement from Maria as a child:

Maria [after Manolo and Joaquin fight over who’s she is]: “I belong to no one!”

They don’t belong to each other, they chose to be friends. They chose to be with together because they genuinely like each other. I love that.

9) A huge theme of this film is also seen in Maria’s, “I belong to no one!” line and that is the theme of being true to yourself.

Both Joaquin and Manolo have huge shadows they live in (a line which is actually uttered by Joaquin later): Joaquin’s dead father was a great war hero and Manolo’s father pushes him to be a bullfighter like all the men in their family have been. It makes for a unique conflict and a great message to kids of all ages: be yourself.

10) Maria as a character.

Originally posted by maria-magnolia2

You get a real sense of Maria as a character when we first meet her. Not only does she have the wonderful line, “I belong to no one!” but she also shows her placement of morality over societal values by freeing animals slated for slaughter. Her father sends her off to a convent to become, “a proper lady,” but…it doesn’t really work. At least, she doesn’t become his definition of proper. She is loving, kind, sweet, but fiercely independent and someone who follows her heart above all else. Zoe Saldana voices Maria, and breathes such wonderful life into the character you forget she’s acting. Everything about Maria just feel so real it’s amazing.

Originally posted by zoeesaldanaa

11) The decision to compose the film’s soundtrack from popular music recorded specifically for the movie (the mariachi version of “I Will Wait For You” being the earliest example) as well as original songs composed by Paul Williams is a great one. The copyrighted songs never feel out of place and don’t distract from the plot, instead playing perfectly into the emotion of the scene. And the original songs are made for the moments which are purely story and pure character, so they could not possibly be represented by something which was already written because this story hasn’t existed before.

12) Manolo!

Originally posted by annika-renina

All the characters in this film are written with such life and depth that lead character Manolo couldn’t POSSIBLY be an exception. He has skills as a bullfighter, but is deeply conflicted by his duty to his family and his duty to his heart. But it’s all guided by love, something with is illustrated by the inscription on his guitar (a gift from Maria, nonetheless): “Always play from the heart.” It is Manolo’s defining characteristic and defining struggle: that he wants to be himself, not his father or anyone else.

Diego Luna just…ugh! So I’ve seen Luna in small roles before (The Terminal, Elysium) but this film makes me a HUGE fan of his! I’m really looking forward to his role in Rogue One BECAUSE I loved his performance in this film so much. Manolo sings more than any other character in the film, and Luna infuses each song with such sincerity and warmth it is nearly impossible not to fall in love with his performance as Manolo. And he treats each line of dialogue the same. Like Saldana as Maria, you don’t feel like you’re listening to an actor. You’re listening to Manolo.

Originally posted by luna-diego

13) Grandma is hysterical.

Grandma Sanchez [after Manolo refuses to kill a bull]: “Kids today, with their long hair and no killing stuff.”

Grandma Sanchez [after Manolo’s father says everyone in their family was a great bullfighter]:

Originally posted by grumblepie


She doesn’t have many lines but very nicely embodies the film’s wonderful characters and humor.

14) Manolo’s Father, Carlos.

I have seriously MIXED feelings about Carlos, and I think you’re supposed to. He shows a genuine desire to do the best for his son, he just doesn’t actually KNOW what’s best for his son. He pressures him into being a bull fighter because it’s the Sanchez way, and when Manolo expresses dissatisfaction with this his father shames him into doing it.

Carlos [to convince Manolo to be a bullfighter]: “Don’t you LOVE your family?”

(GIF source unknown [if this is your GIF please let me know].)

(PS, I find this line to be the sign of an abusive relationship but maybe that’s just me.)

BUT Carlos has genuine moments of love with his son. He encourages him to tell Maria how he feels, he comforts him when he’s missing his dead mother, he actually LOVES Manolo. Hector Elizondo’s performance and the writing gets this across in a great way, and I think the film is better for it.

15) Channing Tatum as Joaquin.

Originally posted by fwankcastles

I do have to say of the trio of friends, Channing Tatum’s Joaquin is probably the weakest link. BUT that’s like calling one of The Lord of the Rings movies the worst in the trilogy: it was still nominated for best picture! I think it’s definitely because you know Joaquin is the third wheel, you know that Maria loves Manolo, and so it’s hard to get behind it. And you just can see that although they’re great as friends they wouldn’t make a good couple (despite Joaquin’s hopes to the contrary).

It would’ve been easy to write Joaquin as a jerk. And although he can be a bit pig headed here and there, you understand that he’s a genuinely good friend who truly cares for Maria (even though they’re not a great fit). Tatum brings a lot of this to the role, and even though I believe he’s the only non-Hispanic actor playing a decidedly Hispanic character (Ron Perlman gets a pass because Xibalba is an otherworldly creature) he has the same warmth and sincerity as Luna and Saldana have. It’s a nice way to round out the trio of friends.

Originally posted by jumpstmovies

16) I can’t tell if this joke is stupid or hysterical.

Pepe [when he and his brothers are in danger]: “I’m allergic to dying!”

Pancho: “Especially in the face!”

Originally posted by idiot-eden

17) Joaquin’s biggest failing is probably that he buys too much into societal values, and his society’s values are…sexist. He is surprised that Maria reads, expects her to be a doting housewife (as all the high up men do), and that’s not what his heart wants it’s what he thinks should be.

18) “I Love You Too Much”.

Originally posted by odazais

This is the song Manolo sings to express his feelings for Maria, and it’s beautiful. Paul Williams has crafted a quiet, loving melody which pulls at your heartstrings and is sung beautifully by Diego Luna. I think it’s my favorite song in the film and one of the best love songs I’ve ever heard.

19) Maria is awesome, if that hasn’t been made clear already.

Maria [stopping a kiss after Manolo’s song]: “Did you think it was going to be that easy?”

She’s not the girl who falls head over heels for someone just because they sang to hear. It’s appreciated, but there needs to be more than that. I love it!

20) This film never subscribes to storied cliches. It’s not like Manolo can’t be an idiot too, as noted when he and Joaquin start to fight over Maria (which she has shown to never truly appreciate).

Originally posted by lolitajohnadams

Maria: “You two are acting like fools.”

Manolo: “Wait, me too?”

You mean me, the nice guy romantic lead, is actually making a mistake? What kind of movie is this? (Hint: a great one.)

21) How long must it have taken to put out all those candles?

Originally posted by mariaymanolo

It shows devotion on Manolo’s part. As will the rest of the film, honestly.

22) One of the conflicts in this movie that gets me going the most is how unfair everyone is to Manolo. When they were children he stopped a wild boar from hurting people, but Joaquin got credit because he saved the mayor. As adults he’s ready to fight off bandits without a magic medal, but Joaquin gets credit because he does fight them off WITH a magic medal which protects him from harm. And when Maria dies from a snake bite everyone blames him. He’s not the snake! He didn’t bite her! So bug off!

23) My brother and I laughed so hard after we heard this line:

Student [after Manolo dies]: “What is it with Mexicans and death!?”

The only reason that line isn’t racist is because it was written by a Mexican in a film directed by a Mexican which is produced by a Mexican. So it’s okay to laugh.

24) The Land of the Remembered!

Originally posted by lolitajohnadams

Originally posted by lolitajohnadams

The Land of the Remembered is when this film’s visual style really takes off. Gutierrez’s imagination and the animation department’s skill bleeds through every scene in this wonderful place and it really pulls you into it’s world magnificently.

25) I mentioned in my Nightmare Before Christmas recap that Burton and company did a good job of establishing minor character with small introductions, and The Book of Life (although not Burton) follows in that tradition when we meet Manolo’s family.

Each family member - from the brutish Carmelo (voiced by the film’s director) to grandpa Luis (voiced by Danny Trejo) - is given a unique character with just a few seconds of screen time and dialogue which carries through until the end of the film. It works wonderfully.

Originally posted by lamuertes

26) This freaking line, after Jorge is established as wanting to have been a singer.

Originally posted by dukespook

Manolo [after the two laugh about it]: “They crushed our dreams. Hilarious!”

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

27) Manolo’s Mother.

(GIF originally posted by @lamuertes)

Immediately there is a difference in what is expected from Carmen Sanchez (his mom) and what there is.

Manolo: “And I became a bullfighter, just like you wanted.”

Carmen: “Me? Are you crazy?”

It turns out Manolo’s father saying his mother wanted that was…uh…wrong, to put it mildly. It’s a nice juxtaposition which establishes her as a character and not just a plot device.

28) Dude, I love this dialogue.

Xibalba [after Luis says La Muerte would never hand over her kingdom]: “She lost a bet.”

Luis: “Oh. She would do that.”

29) You get a lot of Manolo’s tender side and playing from the heart, but it’s easy to forget that he’s still a headstrong Sanchez boy. He still has the fierceness of a bull fighter, even if that’s not what he wants to do. And we see this particularly when Manolo threatens to expose Xibalba. That may not be the smartest move, but it is fierce.

30) Did I mention this dialogue and humor is awesome?

Luis [after his body is knocked away from his head]: “Hey, my arthritis is gone!”

31) The Candlemaker

Originally posted by thenugu

The Candlemaker rounds out the trio of immortals here, and falls in the middle. He is not about the Land of the Remembered or the Land of the Forgotten, he creates the candles (each candle representing a life). He is this big ball of happy childlike energy which is just fun to watch. And who’d they get to place this super upbeat and positive guy with hope and optimism dripping from him?

Originally posted by hiphop-community

It’s a nice change of pace from Ice Cube’s more hardboiled characters to see him play such a wonder filled creature, and to do it so well too! His voice work stands up there with the rest of the cast in that you never think you’re listening to Ice Cube, you’re just watching the Candlemaker. It’s great.


  • Maria’s fierceness has been established above.
  • La Muerte getting pissed when she finds out Xibalba cheated on the beat is fierce!

Originally posted by jeunetrentenaire

It’s a lot of fun to watch.

33) The final fight before Manolo can return to the land of the living is born from a wager he makes with Xibalba (he’ll face whatever challenge is thrown his way and win).

Xibalba: “What, do tell, is your worst fear?”

And then we get this:

Originally posted by littlechinesedoll

But it turns out his greatest fear isn’t killing the bull, it’s being true to himself. This ties into what I mentioned earlier: Manolo’s defining characteristic and his struggle are the same in that he wants to be himself. And we get a wonderful song to tie it up, of the same quality as “I Love You Too Much” and it is simply called “The Apology Song”. (Manolo’s father, who’s dead at this point, said that a Sanchez never apologies but after the fight is incredibly proud of his son.) It’s a nice character climax for Manolo before we get the final fight of the film.

34) When you have no idea this is coming, it’s the funniest line in the film.

Originally posted by museelo

(GIFs originally posted by @museelo)

35) I give massive credit to the filmmakers for the way they handled Joaquin. He and Maria are set to be married now that Manolo is dead, and he knows Maria doesn’t want it so he’s about to talk to her about it before the town is attacked by bandits. Joaquin could have easily been some Gaston type but instead we got a sincere, honest character who deepens the conflict of the film.

36) This freaking movie…

Originally posted by stevenscrivello

(GIF originally posted by @stevenscrivello)

37) The entire final fight of the film is wildly fun to watch.

Originally posted by kathon

It’s well paced, well choreographed, brings in all the characters we’ve met so far (living and dead), gives us a nice “dance” with Manolo and Maria, is filled with nice character moments, good humor, and has Joaquin decide he’s going to be his own man and try to sacrifice himself for his friends (it doesn’t work, he survives). It’s a great climax to the film.

38) “No Matter Where You Are”, the final song in the film, is a great ball of energy and love. But more than that, it let me know something I didn’t before…

Zoe Saldana can REALLY sing!

Originally posted by lghtmgnt

Just thought I’d share.

39) The final reveal, that Christina Applegate’s tour guide and the security guard are really La Muerte and Xibalba, is in classic tradition of magical realism and fairytale stories. It’s a nice ending to the film.

Originally posted by good-goodbye

The Book of Life is great, and truly under appreciated. It’s representation of Mexican culture is unique in the animated film landscape, and gives the film a unique visual and musical style. The acting is topnotch, and you can feel through the writing/directing/character animation that it is truly a labor of love for all those involved. A great film which everyone should see.

Up next: Alice in Wonderland (1951)


At first, he thinks she’s pregnant.

It’s not impossible- Not with the amount of time they spend shagging. They may use condoms and the pill but no birth control method is 100% effective (a fact his parents had illustrated beautifully by landing themselves with him.)

It’s not like the notion is an unpleasant one, either: he has occasionally found himself wondering what a little girl with Molly’s eyes and his curls might look like- Just as he has- occasionally- pictured a boy with Molly’s sweet smile and his laugh.

So no, given that he’s now committed to Molly, the notion of offspring doesn’t seem as off-putting as it once did.

In fact, he finds the thought rather… lovely.

Be that as it may, however, he soon deduces that it can’t be pregnancy which causes Molly to scurry into the bathroom as soon as she comes home from work, her head down and her cheeks reddened.

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i honestly can’t comprehend the concept of sitting down to read berserk and not coming out of it shipping guts/griffith, at least in the sense of being heavily invested in their intense, eroticized relationship

i mean yeah ok it takes all kinds, there are people out there who watched xena and thought her and gabrielle had a sisterly bond, apparently there are people who watched hannibal and thought hannibal being head over heels in love with will was an elaborate fakeout bc they think he’s incapable of emotions or smthn, but like, man, idk

idk how that works. idk how you read a story that’s like:

- these two dudes hate each other. the reason is because one sacrificed the other in a ceremony where to escape unbearable emotional pain you have to sacrifice a person you love so much it’s like they’re a part of you, and your illustrative example for this concept is a husband and wife.
- let’s introduce their relationship with the textual suggestion that one is sexually attracted to the other. and just to make it even the other can mention how pretty and beautiful he is multiple times.
- oh now here’s 70 chapters to demonstrate the fact that these dudes care more about each other than anything else in the world. we’ll state that outright too.
- 90% of the purpose of this arc is to show how meaningful and deep and intense and life-altering this relationship is.
- now one guy is supposed to be emotionless but oops turns out when he looks at the dude he loved more than anything his heart starts fluttering.
- now this other guy is supposed to be consumed by hate but oops the dude he hates looks just like the dude he loved more than anything again and his resolve crumbles.
- now they’ll have totally separate narratives for a while but just look at this foundation of solid bedrock their relationship is built on, informing every pointed moment of emotional ambiguity, every reminder of the past, and every hint of potential foreshadowing.

and come away from it thinking ‘man i can’t wait til guts cuts off griffith’s head and rides off into the sunset with casca as his narrative reward’

Seven Things About Supernatural: 12x10 - “Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets”

So basically that was the best birthday present ever and I want to marry Steve Yockey.  Which, uh…he’s probably got opinions about, but at least I’m not Lube Guy this time around, right? 

  1. Okay.  So.  Gender and vessels.  I am here for this, and wish we’d get more of it because there’s so much potential for exploring things.  Benjamin’s use of masculine pronouns in a female vessel, Cas being very clear that Benjamin is an angel in a vessel, and that these things are distinct, Castiel’s previous female vessel, etc. all make me want more data about how this looks from an angelic point of view.  

    Angels probably aren’t doing genders the way people do genders, but given that we’ve seen cross-pronoun vessels multiple times over the course of the show (Raphael, Hannah, Castiel, Benjamin) and those gendered pronouns are preserved, there’s some kind of identity thing happening here.  Possibly not intentionally on the part of the writers, but…well, there’s enough of it in canon now that the idea of wavelengths of intent having some kind of affinity seems like a thing now, and I’m so fucking here for it.  
  2. There is so much in this ep about angels and humans in relationship, both positive and toxic.  Ishim becomes obsessed and abusive toward Lily and hates humanity, Akobel loves humanity and has a positive relationship with Lily, Benjamin has a close relationship with his vessel that potentially reads subtexually as romantic – Sam is the one who says “friend” before Cas can find a word – but is at least mutually satisfying, Cas’ relationship with the Winchesters (with none of them willing to sacrifice the other) develops and is discussed, and even Lily’s possible reconciliation with Cas.  

    Heaven has always tried to pretend it is a united front, with a monolithic (and often negative/dismissive) view of humans, but this episode shows us how diverse those views actually are in practice when angels are given an opportunity to form their own opinions/relationships. 
  3. Benjamin and Akobel deserved better.  Benjamin was interesting for the five minutes we saw him, and I’m so curious about the nuts and bolts of his relationship with his vessel.  Angels don’t beg for their own lives; Benjamin was begging for his vessel’s safety.  As for Akobel, did you see how kind?  How affectionate?  How protective?  This is an angel who understood The Mission.  Who cared.  [insert “GROSS SOBBING” gif here.] 
  4. You know, for an episode that retcons the “angels didn’t walk the earth for centuries” thing, this ep is kind of a reverse Buckleming.  So many callbacks, so many strong references to, reinforcements of, and reimaginings of earlier canon.  Some of it is small, like Ishim’s comment about Castiel being a “spanner in the works.”  Some of it is bigger, like Dean’s disapproval of rescues that invoke cosmic consequences, Sam’s experience of soullessness.  Hell, we’ve got the wing-shaped burn marks back.  I think we can trust Yockey with canon, guys.  
  5. Cas.  Cas is so worthy.  I’m glad that this episode served to illustrate that, both in terms of the story we see and his experience as a character.  This episode has given us so much about his development, and how he has come to deeply respect both humanity and genuine justice.  He’s given up on that Great Chain of Being bullshit.  He’s ready to fight down someone who is unjust and violent, and to take responsibility for past injustice.

    He more than deserved that beer at the end of the episode.  I’m also really hoping that Operation Drink And Find Another Way works out.  (I mean, it’s Supernatural, so there’s going to be a lot of sobbing and drinking, but…)
  6. Lily Sunder is probably one of the most sympathetic characters we’ve seen in a long while.  She’s just…it’s weird to describe her as reasonable and human and wonderful, but that’s the best way to do it.  She’s still a bit otherworldly, which makes sense given that she’s over a century old and burning out her own soul to use Enochian magic, and she’s coldly calculating about Sam’s place in things when Dean leaves to help Cas/fight Ishim, but she’s also got more humanity and conscience than we often see in similar characters.  She’s emotionally complex and dynamic.  Good, good stuff. 
  7. So many good Winchester Family Dynamics moments.  Sam third-wheeling Dean’s snit with Cas, knowing when Dean’s going to storm the cafe, the brothers sticking up for Cas, Dean’s problem with Mary jumping back into hunting v. Sam’s feeling that she’s just being who she is, Dean’s show of respect and understanding when he gives Cas a beer…  So good.  

But yeah, this ep is so good.  Just…

Dresden Files Books Rated By The Opening Line
  • Storm Front: "I heard the mailman approach my office door, half an hour earlier than usual. He didn't sound right. His footsteps fell more heavily, jauntily, and he whistled. A new guy. He whistled his way to my office door, then fell silent for a moment. Then he laughed."
  • Easily one of the weakest in the series. 3/10.
  • Fool Moon: "I never used to keep close track of the phases of the moon. So I didn't know that it was one night shy of being full when a young woman sat down across from me in McAnally's pub and asked me to tell her all about something that could get her killed."
  • Nicely ominous. Thanks to this book, I also keep track of the phases of the moon. Helped me catch a local werewombat. You have no idea how hard it is to put one of them down. 8/10.
  • Grave Peril: "There are reasons I hate to drive fast. For one, the Blue Beetle, the mismatched Volkswagen bug that I putter around in, rattles and groans dangerously at anything above sixty miles an hour. For another, I don't get along so well with technology. Anything manufactured after about World War II seems to be susceptible to abrupt malfunction when I get close to it. As a rule, when I drive, I drive very carefully and sensibly. // Tonight was an exception to the rule."
  • Not bad, per se, but not all that good. It takes too long to get to its point, which makes it not as good of a hook. 6/10.
  • Summer Knight: "It rained toads the day the White Council came to town."
  • This one makes me giggle. 8/10. Good job.
  • Death Masks: "Some things just aren't meant to go together. Things like oil and water. Orange juice and toothpaste. // Wizards and television."
  • Very relatable. I, too, am no fan of toothpaste in my orange juice. I used to put toothpaste in my orange juice all the time and had no clue why my orange juice tasted so bad. I mean, who knew? 9/10.
  • Blood Rites: "The building was on fire, and it wasn't my fault."
  • There is no need to explain perfection. 15/10.
  • Dead Beat: "On the whole, we're a murderous race. According to Genesis, it took as few as four people to make the planet too crowded to stand, and the first murder was a fratricide. Genesis says that in a fit of jealous rage, the very first child born to mortal parents, Cain, snapped and popped the first metaphorical cap in another human being. The attack was a bloody, brutal, violent, reprehensible killing. Cain's brother Abel probably never saw it coming. // As I opened the door to my apartment, I was filled with a sense of empathic sympathy and intuitive understanding. // For freaking Cain."
  • One of the all time greats of this series. Lovely illustration of how Dresden feels and catches people up on his relationship with his brother really quick. 10/10.
  • Proven Guilty: "Blood leaves no stain on a Warden's grey cloak. I didn't know that until the day I watched Morgan, second in command of the White Council's Wardens, lift his sword over the kneeling form of a young man guilty of the practice of black magic. The boy, sixteen years old at the most, screamed and ranted in Korean underneath his black hood, his mouth spilling hatred and rage, convinced by his youth and power of his own immortality. He never knew it when the blade came down."
  • Dark. Really sets the tone for the book. Also, I'm, like, totally jealous. Blood stains are the worst. 8/10.
  • White Night: "Many things are not as they seem: The worst things in life never are."
  • I know, right? It's, like, I thought this guy who came into work would be just a normal customer and get his stuff and leave, but, instead, he rants about conspiracy theories and shit when I can't tell him to fuck off. 9/10. Good job.
  • Small Favor: "Winter came early that year; it should have been a tip-off."
  • Not bad, but kinda weak. I mean, did he even consider that maybe winter came early because Global Warming is actually a hoax? I mean, it isn't, but couldn't he at least consider the possibility? 6/10.
  • Turn Coat: "The summer sun was busy broiling the asphalt from Chicago 's streets, the agony in my head had kept me horizontal for half a day, and some idiot was pounding on my apartment door. // I answered it and Morgan, half his face covered in blood, gasped, 'The Wardens are coming. Hide me. Please.'"
  • It's just, like, whaaaaaat? Why's Morgan here? How'd he get all bloody? And, like, he even snuck in some nice foreshadowing with the headache. Really well done. 8/10.
  • Changes: "I answered the phone, and Susan Rodriguez said, 'They've taken our daughter.'"
  • Nice and shocking, making you want to read more, but the last book did a similar shocking opening better. 5/10.
  • Ghost Story: "Life is hard. // Dying's easy."
  • Totally relatable. I, like many others, wish for death because life is too hard. Thanks for making me feel better, Harry. 8/10.
  • Cold Days: "Mab, the Queen of Air and Darkness, monarch of the Winter Court of the Sidhe, has unique ideas regarding physical therapy."
  • One would imagine. I mean, did you hear her TED talk on it? Fascinating stuff. She's an innovator in the field. 7/10.
  • Skin Game: "There was a ticking time bomb inside my head and the one person I trusted to go in and get it out hadn't shown up or spoken to me for more than a year."
  • Don't you just hate it when you have a time bomb in your head? I know I do. But not all of us know bomb defusal experts. We're not all as lucky as you are, Dresden. I had to defuse my time bomb myself. Dick. 4/10.

Passion and Determination:

Pink Lipstick Interviews Ashley Alexiss.

In 2012, after a year in the business, we held our first Pink Lipstick Model Search. The winner was a young, beautiful, fantastically energetic social media genius named Ashley Alexiss. We didn’t know then that we’d connected with a complex, intriguing person who was to become a key member of our Pink Lipstick family. All we knew was the camera loved her! Now, after working with Ashley for five years, she has single-handedly turned herself into one of the most in-demand curvy glamour models in the industry. We sat down with her recently to reminisce, and to ask her just how she made the amazing journey to where she is today.

Pink Lipstick: What inspired you to get started as model?

Ashley Alexiss: What’s funny is that as a kid, I hated being in front of the camera. Anytime there was a picture taken, there was little Ashley in the corner with a puss on her face. If I knew why, I’d tell you. It wasn’t until I entered the Miss Teen Massachusetts pageant in 2006, that I realized that this is what I should be doing. I won Miss Congeniality, and had to do a mandatory photo-shoot, from the first click, I felt like I was doing exactly what I was meant to be doing. So, I did my research, and started booking shoots. As I got further into it, many people doubted me because I wasn’t a size 0 and I wasn’t 5’9. I was a size 6 and vertically challenged at 5’4. Lots of photographers wouldn’t waste a simple breath on me let alone a photo, and many said I was wasting my time. I made it my mission to prove them wrong and to prove that I was doing exactly what I was meant to do.

PL: What was your first big break in the industry?

AA: I don’t feel like I ever had a “big break.” I’ve worked really hard, and I still do, to better myself, to evolve as a model and with the ever-changing industry. Nobody just gave me a get out of jail free card, I’ve had to earn every shoot, every publication, every catalog, every title by putting my time and effort into it. I feel like my big break has been my passion and determination.

PL: Any funny memories about how we first met?

AA: I remember winning that contest like it was yesterday. I’ve always dreamt of seeing my photo on a box to sell a product, and when I got the $1000 worth of Pink Lipstick items it said “are you Pink Lipstick Lingerie’s next model search winner?” I said oh yes I am and couldn’t wait till that shoot. The day of the shoot I was more nervous than I had ever been. It was my first catalog shoot ever. I kept thinking to myself, “don’t screw this up!” I barely slept. I was practicing my expressions in the mirror the night before. Little did I know, I’d have the coolest team around me the whole day making me feel like an absolute super star. It was a shoot like that, that reminded me why I loved what I did so much.

PL: What do you do to stay centered and focused with your jet-setting lifestyle? Any cures for jet lag?

AA: I remind myself that there’s someone younger and someone better, trying to do exactly what I’m doing. I don’t ever let myself take the slightest break. When I take a moment, I get bored. Modeling, traveling, and just trying to send a positive message throughout the industry is what makes me thrive. I don’t take it for granted. The jet lag, ehh, it’ll pass. That’s what I remind myself. Everything with me is mind over matter.

PL: Any projects you’re working on that really excite you?

AA: There’s a few, but I can’t discuss just yet. I like to have the physical proof before I announce anything.

PL: When you’re not busy modeling, what are some of your favorite things to do?

AA: Traveling the world is something I’ve been finally able to start doing since I graduated with my Master’s. I go to about one new country a month and it really helps my focus. Plus, I get to shoot in these countries and create photos I wouldn’t be able to create anywhere else. When I’m not traveling, I enjoy working on my business, Alexiss Swimwear. Making women feel great and confident gives me this overwhelming joy and satisfaction. So I’m always trying to better that along with myself.

PL: What’s the future of Ashley Alexiss’ modeling career?

AA: I feel like I have quite a while left in me… well into my mid-30’s. I’m not stopping anytime soon. I hope to join the Sports Illustrated girls one day, and grace some big publication covers. I want to show that you don’t have to be the ideal “everything" to be successful. Not just in terms of being a plus-size model, but being short, and without an agency. I’ve been able to accomplish everything on my own, and I’ll keep pushing forward.

PL: It’s been noted that you’re the ideal curvy model working today; how do you maintain your figure?

AA: That’s very flattering and makes me blush. Although, there’s no “ideal” body. I’ve seen girls with slamming bodies sizes 2, sizes 18, sizes, 6… I mean there’s no way to say that there’s an ideal body, I’m just trying to represent women to the best of my ability. My main focus is health. I keep myself in check with diet, but don’t go to extremes. I allow myself to indulge and don’t hate myself when I’m having a lazy day and don’t feel like hitting the gym. When you do that, you resent those things and create a negative relationship with them. If you forgive yourself for being human, it’s easier to stay on track. Again, as long as you’re healthy and treat your body right.

PL: Any message for aspiring models trying to get in the game today?

AA: RESEARCH. RESEARCH. RESEARCH. Honestly, that’s the best piece of advice I can give. Anyone can be a model today with social media, and the same goes for agencies, photographers, and anybody else in the industry. Which means, you really need to make sure who you work with is credible and don’t sell your soul. I’ve turned down big paying jobs because they didn’t correlate with my values and I’m still successful.

Epic Movie (Re)Watch #169 - X-Men: The Last Stand

Spoilers Below

Have I seen it before: Yes

Did I like it then: Not really.

Do I remember it: Yes.

Did I see it in theaters: No.

Format: Blu-ray

0) Forewarning, I get a little more frank about my distaste for this film than I expected. So if you like this film and are tired of the criticisms about it, feel free to scroll past.

1) So this film had a troubled start. Fox took a while to pull the trigger and when they did Bryan Singer had signed on to direct Superman Returns which he now claims to regret. They hired Matthew Vaughn to direct - and he even made some casting and conceptual progress - but he had to bow out after a family issue. Then they brought in Brett Ratner because the film was rushed into production and he had made a successful film in a rush for the studio with Rush Hour. This - in my opinion - leads to a lot of the issues the film has.

2) This film does not open with the monologue which has opened both previous X-Men films, instead getting straight into a prologue involving Erik and Charles in 1986 visiting a young Jean Grey.

This is probably one of the earliest in depth uses of the CGI facelift technology which Hollywood seems to be all the rage about these days. It’s weird, I’m glad it doesn’t last long.

3) So in 1986 Charles can walk…but in X-Men: First Class he couldn’t walk because of Erik. Then in X-Men: Days of Future Past (before Wolverine altered the timeline) it was established he CAN walk at the expense of his powers. I can head canon a remedy for why Charles and Erik are working together despite being strained, but this is a great example of how continuity in the X-Men films kinda goes to crap after a while. 

4) Not only do we get a Stan Lee cameo, but also a Chris Claremont cameo (Chris Claremont being one of the most quintessential X-Men comics writers).

(Claremont is the guy with the lawnmower, Stan Lee with the water hose.)

5) The intro scene with young Warren Worthington/Angel tearing off his wings is very much inline with the dark tone that the previous films had. Too bad nothing really comes of it.

6) The Danger Room.

Originally posted by xmendaily

Honestly this is one of the strongest elements of the film right here. We actually get to see the team sorta work together (as well as the one time Rogue actually uses her powers in this film), Logan in teaching mode is fun, Colossus has his one line in the whole film, and it’s a fun two minutes (I’m guessing at the time) of screen time.

7) I started discussing this in my X2 recap, but Cyclops in this film literally does nothing.

Originally posted by groznyjgrad

There were a lot of “casualties” born from the rushed production, and James Marsden was one of them. Cyclops was the badass leader of the X-Men in the comics, with great relationships with Jean and Professor X. In this film? He mopes about Jean’s death, goes shoots up a lake with his eye beams, then dies off screen within the first twenty minutes. Maybe it wouldn’t hurt as bad if he’d had more to do in X2 but you can remedy his lack of screen time in X2 with the promise that he’ll get to do something in this film. But no. No he doesn’t.

8) Similarly, Rogue in this film gets to do absolutely nothing.

Originally posted by xmendaily

All she does is feel bad about her powers, get shoved into an awkward and underdeveloped love triangle between her, Iceman and Kitty Pryde, stand in line at a pharmacy, and have her powers removed. She doesn’t even get a fight scene! This is the end of the trilogy. This is what Rogue was supposed to be growing into all along, the badass heroine we know from the comics. And while the continued conflict with her powers and total frustration with them is a good concept, it does not stand well on its own. It needs more. ROGUE needs more.

9) Kelsey Grammer as Beast.

Originally posted by stydixa

According to IMDb, Grammer was cast when Matthew Vaughn was still directing. Which makes sense, because he is an absolutely fucking perfect fit for the character. In every way. Easily the best part of this film is Grammer as Beast. Like Alan Cumming as Nightcrawler in X2, you don’t feel like you’re watching an actor here. He perfectly represents not only the X-Man’s intellect but also his when needed ferocity. Unfortunately Beast gets a little lost in the mess of the film, but damn if Kelsey Grammer is not just totally phenomenal in the part (which makes the rest of the film’s mediocrity all the more disappointing).

10) The idea of a mutant ethics class taught by Professor Xavier is wonderful, and if explored a little more illustrates an inherent hypocrisy in the character. Professor X has not always been the stalwart in the comics that many believe him to be. He is flawed, often times superior and filled with hypocrisy. Saying one thing then doing another. This film gives us our best peak into that, teaching a class on mutant ethics before it being revealed that he - without consent - went into Jean’s mind and set up barricades. Making her afraid of her powers instead of teaching her to use them. Unfortunately this isn’t explored as in depth throughout the film as it could be.

11) One thing I really REALLY do not like about this film is Storm.

Originally posted by blackpantherstorm

According to IMDb:

Halle Berry had initially decided not to reprise her role as Storm for this film, citing lack of character development in the previous two installments, and a tense relationship with Bryan Singer. However, after Singer’s departure, and suffering a major box-office flop with Catwoman (2004), Berry agreed to return, on the condition that her role be expanded. Consequently, in this film, Storm replaces Cyclops and Professor Xavier as team leader of the X-Men (which is keeping with the comics, where for a time Storm served as team leader in Xavier’s absence).

In the film’s attempt to make Storm stronger, the filmmakers instead make her impatient, judgmental, superior, angry, and rash. None of these are traits I would use to describe Storm in the previous two installments nor in the comics or any other medium. It is a total disservice to the wise, patient, empathetic character we were introduced to in X-Men. The one who stood by the bedside of a man who hated her just so he wouldn’t be alone when he died. Trust me, there are plenty of moments in this recap where I am going to be calling out Storm’s characterization.

12) I believe when Bryan Singer was slated to come up, the film was going to exclusively concern itself with the Dark Phoenix Saga. Instead with his departure, Jean Grey’s return as the Dark Phoenix is reduced to a subplot to the mutant cure plot. And honestly? The mutant cure is wildly interesting. Taking inspiration from the first arc of the Joss Whedon penned Astonishing X-Men, I am consistently more interested in the plot with the cure than the Dark Phoenix plot in this film. I think both (especially Dark Phoenix) are put to a disservice by being paired together, and instead they should have been their own thing.

13) Did I mention how much I dislike Storm’s characterization in this film?

Storm [after Beast tells them about the cure]: “Who would want this cure? I mean what kind of coward would take it just to fit in?

Beast: “Not all of us can fit in so easily. You don’t shed on the furniture.”

First: this is remarkably judgmental of Storm, especially considering in X2 she offered Nightcrawler a safe place from the outside world. It just doesn’t make sense.

Second: GOOD ON YOU BEAST! Storm is being sort of ignorant in that statement. Her powers are practically invisible. But does she actually hear what Beast says? No. Because not two minutes later… 

(Screenshot taken of a GIF set who’s source is unknown [if this screenshot is of your GIFs, please let me know].)

There are so many things I want to say about this, but I think it’s said perfectly in these comments from @marxisforbros, @helioscentrifuge, and @kawaiite-mage:

This - more than anything else - perfectly represents my issues with storm in the film.

14) Even in what is by far the weakest of the first three X-Men films, Ian McKellen as Magneto is still wonderfully strong.

Magneto [after a mutant asks why he has no tattoos]: “I had a mark once my dear and let me assure you no needle shall touch my skin again.”

15) Added to the seemingly infinite list of things which are underdeveloped because this film is trying to do too much, Pyro’s return brings nothing to the film. He’s not developed, he’s not peeled back, his rivalry with Iceman is never fully explored, he’s just there out of obligation to the ending of X2. Which is - like a lot of this film - unfortunate.

16) Another item to add to the above mentioned list: Ben Foster as Angel.

Originally posted by comicbookfilms

Angel is one of the founding members of the X-Men in the comics along with Cyclops, Jean Grey, Beast, and Iceman. And in this film he just serves no purpose. At all. I think he’s here largely for fan service but I think we only get three distinct scenes with him which are: he runs away from his father for trying to cure him, he is seen at Xavier mansion looking for a safe place, and he goes to save his father. He never really interacts with anyone, we never really get to see him fight, or develop. He just is present in the film.

17) Okay, for the sake of time, here is everything that this film is trying to do: the cure storyline, the Dark Phoenix saga, introduce and develop Angel, continue Rogue’s struggle with her powers, introduce Kitty Pryde, continue Pyro and Iceman’s rivalry, continue Logan’s feelings for Jean, while also introducing iconic characters like the Juggernaut. And none of these things are done well. They are all desperately fighting for time and development and end up being underserved and under baked.

Vinnie Jones as the Juggernaut is particularly disappointing because he could’ve been a great Juggernaut but ends up being stupid comic relief instead.

18) Mystique deserved a better end to her story than get cured, get ditched by Magneto, and feed the feds dirt on Magneto. Again, this is a result of the rushed production as Rebecca Romijn had other scheduling conflicts.

Originally posted by lets-go-to-the-movies

19) Jean Grey’s Dark Phoenix is also not really developed well. We don’t really get a peek into what it felt like to be held back for all these years with invasive and nonconsensual psychic barriers. Instead she’s really fucking horny, does a lot of weird standing around, occasionally has a moment of clarity where she begs for death, and then goes back into being someone who just stares in the distance and doesn’t really talk. And she also aligns herself with Magneto for some reason.

Originally posted by diantos


Xavier [after Jean wakes up and escapes]: “What have you done?…I warned you.”

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

Logan…literally did nothing. He didn’t wake her up, he didn’t let her lose. She woke up, talked to him, and escaped on her own. And you’re fucking giving him crap? What the hell did you do buddy? You created this. You taught her to be afraid of her powers! Don’t give me this Jedi Council mentality that you were doing the right thing all along by teaching her to be afraid of herself. Okay I’m done.

21) When you agree with “death to all humans” Magneto you know there’s a problem.

Xavier [about Jean]: “She needs help, she’s not well.”

Magneto: “Funny, you sound just like her parents.”

Magneto: “You’ve always held her back.”

Xavier: “For her own good!”

22) This film also suffers from just boring fight choreography. Like the fight at the house is sorta dumb and lazily choreographed in my opinion. Storm flying in the air at the beginning is cool but then everyone else is just kinda…hitting each other.

23) Xavier’s death is remarkably sudden. Like, too sudden. We are left in shock, not in tears. We don’t really have the time to process it. Although seeing the school in morning over his death is done well, the actual effect it has on the audience is miniscule.

24) You know what else this film totally drops the ball on? Ellen Page as Kitty Pryde.

Originally posted by batwan

You know what hurts most? Ellen Page could be a freaking amazing Kitty Pryde and the fact the character is so lackluster in the film is not through any fault of her own. Kitty is one of the most badass fan favorite characters in the X-Men comics, but instead of using that to their advantage the filmmakers decide to thrust her into a half baked love triangle with Iceman and Rogue and only have her use her powers for a few minutes in an overstuffed fight scene at the very end. We never really get to know her as a character or analyze her relationships with the other teammates. But it’s Academy Award nominated actress Ellen Page as Kitty Pryde! That should be way more awesome than the filmmakers ended up making it.

25) Hey, remember how the relationship between Logan and Rogue was so freaking amazing in the first film? Yeah, this is all we get of it in this film.

Rogue [when Logan catches her leaving X Mansion]: “I want to be able to touch people, Logan. A hug. A handshake. A kiss.”

Logan: “I hope you’re not doing this for some boy. If wanna go, then go. Just be sure it’s what you want.”

[Rogue asks Logan if he shouldn’t be telling her to stay.]

Logan [warmly]: “I’m not your father, I’m your friend.”

Man, I really need to watch the Rogue Cut of Days of Future Past.

26) The most frustrating part of this film is that there are great moments and aspects to it. Jackman is still great as Wolverine, Kelsey Grammer as Beast, the idea of the cure. This line in particular has always stood out to me.

Magento [after Pyro he says he could’ve killed Xavier if he’d been asked]: “Charles Xavier did more for mutants than you’ll ever know. My single greatest regret is that he head to die for our dream to live.”

That line is remarkably powerful, for even though the pair are at incredible odds with each other they’re friends. They have respect, they both want a similar goal (for mutants to be free form oppression) they just are going about it differently. I love that line.

27) Hey, remember how I said I really dislike Storm in this film?

Storm [after Jean killed the professor]: “She’s gone Logan, she’s not coming back.”

Storm: “She made her choice, now it’s time we make ours.”

(GIF originally posted by @kulo-ren)

Okay, first of all: isn’t Jean supposed to be like one of your best friends in the world? Weren’t you Xavier’s first students together? You wash your hands of her pretty freaking quickly and get REAL comfortable with that REAL fast. And then second: the hell do you mean she made her choice? SHE MADE NO CHOICE! This is the result of Professor X screwing around with her mind to the point where she can’t control her own damn powers! Like hell this is a choice! God, I hate what they did to Storm in this film.

28) Wait, is that…that’s R. Lee Ermey. The voice of a sergeant as the military prepares to go fight the brotherhood, that’s R. Lee Ermey!

Originally posted by punishingtheguilty



Kitty: “There’s only six of us, Logan.”

Yeah, because Rogue doesn’t get to do anything, you killed off Cyclops, Angel is also barely there, you don’t really get developed as a character, and Colossus already had his one line for the film.

30) I think this is the last time I’ll say this, but I really hate what they did to Storm in this film.

Storm [to Logan, about Jean]: “But are you ready to do what you need to do when the time comes?”

Originally posted by avriltenorious

Except for that weird line about what happens to a toad when it’s struck by lightning in X-Men, when has Storm ever gone into battle expecting to murder someone? What part of Xavier’s teachings or his memory would make her think that being EAGER to kill Jean is fucking okay? I just…ugh. Moving on.

31) One of the best parts of this film is the scene where Magneto moves the Golden Gate Bridge so it drops them all off on Alcatraz. It is an incredibly powerful and memorable visual and one of the standout aspects of the film.

32) So Magneto moves the Golden Gate Bridge, gets to Alcatraz (where the cure is being held), and sets his army of mutants lose before saying…

Magneto: “In chess the pawns go first.”

Originally posted by arthandlin

For one thing, Magneto is all into mutant brotherhood and everything. He has never once shown to think that one mutant’s right to live free was more important than the others, so why are these guys suddenly pawns. Secondly, and I don’t know how clear I can make this…

You have the freaking Dark Phoenix on your side, the most powerful mutant ever with no limits to her powers. AND SHE’S JUST GOING TO STAND THERE UNTIL THE BATTLE IS OVER!?!?

Originally posted by emilysurvivesgradschool

33) In the climactic battle, the X-Men don’t really fight like a team. At all. They’re sorta each doing their own thing while standing next to each other. It’s…boring.

34) Okay, this line is probably very stupid but I love it.

According to IMDb:

Cain Marko’s line “Don’t you know who I am? I’m the Juggernaut, bitch!” was inspired by a popular web parody film that made use of scenes from X-Men (1992). Throughout the parody , the Juggernaut character repeatedly says, “I’m the Juggernaut, bitch!” According to the Wikipedia, Brett Ratner even has a link to this parody on his own website.

35) I will say, even though this film has its problems, the way they defeat Magneto at the end (by distracting him with Wolverine) is very smart I think.

36) I have nothing to say about Phoenix’s demise that I haven’t said before. Underdeveloped, sorta doesn’t make sense, all that jazz.

37) So Rogue decided to get the mutant “cure” after all. And when she talks to Bobby about it…

Bobby: “This isn’t what I wanted.”

Rogue: “I know, it’s what I wanted.”

While I admire the idea for Rogue to take this decision in her own hands, I get the feeling the filmmakers were very noncommittal on this idea. They shot an alternate scene where Rogue tells Bobby she DIDN’T get the cure, meaning they didn’t really know which one fit the story better so they don’t invest in either idea. Also - and I said this earlier - Rogue didn’t do anything during the entire film.

38) The final glimpse of Magneto playing chess is actually a pretty nice way to end the film. It drives home how he has no one - not even Charles - while also setting up things to come. But…wouldn’t he still be under arrest? He’s still a terrorist, powers or not.

This film is an underdeveloped mess in my opinion. While there are still strong performances and worthwhile additions (notable Kelsey Grammer and the Golden Gate Bridge scene), there are characters who are just pretty much forgotten and the fact it’s trying to do too much means nothing is done particularly well. If you liked X2 you should watch it just to get some sort of closure after that film, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll enjoy it. It’s just…eh, in my opinion. I do not enjoy it.

anonymous asked:

i hate people keeps saying hyde only loved jackie when he was in love with donna for good part of season 1. he clearly loved her deeply and probably still does until season 5 (he even casually offered to sleep with her in season 4). in season 1 he fell for his girlfriend chrissy, in season 4 he had feelings for the cute black girl and he had feelings for his wife (they were married!). it's selfish of JH shippers to say the only woman hyde ever loved is jackie.

i hate people keeps saying hyde only loved jackie when he was in love with donna for good part of season 1.

I’m going to analyze this assertion from a fact-based standpoint, using evidence from the show.

Keep reading

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Hello!! Random question. What's your opinion on Guidestuck, if you've read it. Idk if your comfortable w these sorts of asks, what with the backlash you got on your last sort of review ;-; but I've never read it before and I trust your sort of opinion so if you have read it and are comfortable with this.. pls tell me what you think of it !!!

Hello, anon! Worry not, if there’s one thing that really doesn’t do anything for me, it’s anon hate. So, even if someone decides to not like my opinion, I’ll deal, lol. As for Guidestuck, I’ve given it a go - and, much to my surprise, I have to say that I’ve seen it before; right when I had joined Homestuck fandom, guidestuck was pretty popular (only I didn’t know where it was coming from).

Now, let’s get one thing clear - Guidestuck is pretty old. It was started in 2012 and lasted to July of 2014, when it was updated one last time. This means it was done well before Cherubs were introduced and thus, it’s pretty innocent and different with approach of the subject it tackled. As the title suggests, it’s about humanized version of guides from Homestuck, who decide to play SBURB, while the human kids we know from it, have form of animals. Cute?

Definitely cute.

I have to admit, if there is one thing I really have enjoyed in Guidestuck, it was artstyle and designs of basically everyone, be it kids, humanized guides or their guardians.

Who, by the way, not only look adorable, but also make me think I’m missing something. Is Jaspers’ dad a human version of Maplehoof?

Who cares, he loves his kid.

And this, by the way, is something I’ve been missing in Homestuck all along; despite having what seemed to be caring guardians and defiant kids (which was all done cause age gap, generation gap, etc.), guardians really show they care for their kids.

Which actually gives such panel a powerful meaning - to an extent more powerful than the one John and Dad had.

This extends to most of the relationships that are developed (cause sadly, most of them aren’t). I have to admit, Quinn’s design and personality is my favourite of all, because she does look and dress and act like a goofy harlequin girl. Also, little John plush toy? 

Adorable. Sort of expected it to end up in a kernelsprite just to lulz at how in original story John was the ony kid who never ended up in one, but sadly, story never goes as far to even entertain the possibility.


Also, nice design of shoes, 10/10.

Now, what the story is trying to do mostly before the SBURB becomes the central plot point, it’s trying to hide from the reader that one of the kids is basically a humanized version of Lil Cal (which, btw, gave me mixed feelings, cause Dave’s guide was a crow and it ended up unmentioned at all). Given this is way before author or anyone ever could suspect what Lil Cal ever was (aside from being a creepy puppetdoll), I found it hilarious how actually close to Caliborn Lil Cal was character-wise. 

Anime filled room with manga posters? Check. 

Treating Dave and Bro puppets like characters from Homosuck? Check.

Imagination nation? Check.



I don’t think we need to say more.

Also, we have something that’s surely not intentional, as we didn’t know Calliope by the moment this dialogue was introduced - Lil Cal being called “Callie” (can I say lol?).

I just really like these panels, okay.

But yeah, aside from that, the dialog between Lil Cal and Quinn is providing the most uncomfortable info I’ve never thought I’ll read in a comic, original or fan-made.


Uhhhhhh, you know how weird it sounds???

And speaking of uncomfortable… let’s talk about the aliens.

You know, the lusi.

While I don’t wanna spoil too much (there’s not that much to spoil anyway, since the lusi are not that developed anyway), they have a really neat design themselves,

and pretty distinct (at least from what little we’ve seen) personalities. I find it kind of adorable that they mention taking care of trolls and it’s shown in pictures that the said trolls actually look pretty huge in comparison,

even the ones that shouldn’t - which, I suppose, is made by swapping the sizes between trolls and lusi.

They also act pretty troll-like (and by that I mean trolls you could’ve known or heard from legends). Sadly, there are downsides to this story that are not only capturing uncomfortable dialogue and unfinished story (cause it’s way unfinished in the three years ago - pretty early too, only one kid has managed to enter the medium - by which I assume it’s abandoned by the author for good), but also such things as missing pictures (probably thanks to servers getting deleted)

and dialogue that falls apart at times.

Which really is a shame, cause even if the story is not superb and the greatest thing I’ve ever seen, it’s far from being bad and while I have suspicion that some of the story parts might sound pushing (Goatdad as a Mind player? Aurthour as a Hope player?), we didn’t really get to see where it was going to lead and what was going to eventually happen. I say it’s a nice read, but it simply loses on being unfinished, 3 stars out of 5 for effort anyway.

Pre Kerberos sheith thoughts

¨      When Shiro and Keith first met, Shiro greeted him with a beaming smile while Keith gave him a half-hearted salute with a slight scowl, convinced that the higher ups probably sent the great Takashi Shirogane to keep tabs on him and add another earful of lectures. He was surprised and wary of his kindness at first, but warmed up after realizing Shiro genuinely seeks his companionship. Over time, they form a bond of mutual respect.

¨      Though not one to personally talk ill of his superiors and peers much, Shiro enjoys listening to Keith colorfully rant about classmates and instructors that annoy him, especially Commander Iverson who gets under Keith’s skin the most. Keith showed him a crude sketch of Iverson he drew in class one day that made Shiro burst out laughing so loud, everyone in the hallway turned their heads.

¨      Shiro likes Keith’s inquisitive look when he’s deep in thought, which most others interpret as him brooding or plotting murder.

¨      Shiro admires Keith’s dedication to his studies & training while maintaining humbleness, which for Keith is to say little and shrug off praises, but some of his instructors and fellow cadets misinterpret it as arrogance.

¨      Shiro knows that lone-wolf Keith is a sweet person behind his aloof demeanor & impulsive actions who doesn’t necessarily hate people but just isn’t used to socializing and expressing himself well and never had a chance to form long-term relationships. He finds it a shame that he’s often misunderstood because he believes Keith is a great person who’s really fun to be around once you get to know him.

¨      Keith used to feel self-conscious of his own laugh/smile and would suppress them and hide his face the rare times he did until Shiro pulled his face toward him and said he looks great and should express it more. He then saw Keith’s blushing face for the first time and decides his flustered look looks equally endearing.

¨      Shiro made it his mini mission to make Keith smile/laugh at least once a day.

¨      Keith groans and facepalms at Shiro’s puns, but he actually loves them and usually lets out a snort of amusement which makes Shiro grin victoriously.

¨      They often hang out at the library to study and chat. During thunder/sand storms, they enjoy sitting near the window to watch the rolling landscape and listen to the rumbling sky.

¨      Keith appreciates Shiro taking the time to be his sparring partner, mentor in impulse control, and tutor in studying for classes and connecting with his heritage.

¨      Whenever his schedule allows, Shiro loves bringing coffee to Keith in the morning before class.

¨      Keith loves seeing the most coveted pilot of the garrison who on duty is kempt to military precision and stands proud with his chin held high like a golden statue, have a softer posture in his casual civilian clothes, cracking jokes with a boyish smile and being a total goofball with him.

¨      They go stargazing on the roof whenever they can, sometimes in comfortable silence, sometimes with earbuds on to listen to each other’s music, sometimes just talking about anything and quizzing each other on astronomy and history.

¨      Shiro loves sending photos to Keith and write cute/silly messages and/or emojis like: “working out at the gym ᕙ ( * •̀ ᗜ •́ * )ᕗ” “Ready for training? (๑و•̀u•́)و” “I’d catch the stars with you ☆彡” “lol Keith, are you up yet? I already took two laps around the garrison and drank three cups of coffee. Classes start in half an hour – don’t be late~♪(´ •ε•` )”.

¨      Initially, Keith wasn’t too keen on Shiro wanting to take selfies with him. He gave in one day and let Shiro take one photo of them together, and after seeing the big dorky smile on Shiro’s face while hugging his phone/tablet saying he’ll treasure the photo, Keith couldn’t say no anymore.

¨      Rumors of the rebellious ace pilot getting friendly with everyone’s favorite golden boy of the Galaxy Garrison started creating unwanted attention. With guilt, Keith confronted Shiro to cut off their ties so he doesn’t further ruin Shiro’s reputation which Shiro stubbornly refused. K: “It’s fine, this isn’t the first time I lost people in my life. Everyone leaves me.” S: “I’m not leaving you, Keith. You’re my friend, and I’m going to stick by you no matter what.” They had their first embrace and in that moment, Keith realized that home can be a person.

¨      ­When the Kerberos mission was announced, Keith felt genuinely happy and proud of Shiro, but admits it will be boring without him around for a while­ (too embarrassed to say “I’ll miss you”).

¨      Shiro is touched that Keith genuinely enjoys his company, but he wants to help him warm up to more people, so some weekends Shiro would invite Keith to hang out with a few of his friends (knowing Keith gets overwhelmed by large groups, he limits them to two or three at most). Despite trying to act cool in front of his upperclassmen, Keith was flustered and subconsciously hid behind Shiro at the beginning, but he got more accustomed to the friendly company and some of his rigidity around strangers has softened over time (Shiro still remains the only person Keith feels the most at ease around of course). Shiro hopes this will help Keith make steps (at his own pace) to make new friends while Shiro’s away on the Kerberos mission so he doesn’t feel so lonely.

¨      Before the Kerberos mission, Shiro and Keith had a private slow dance under the stars. Shiro promised “After you graduate, we can fly together and dance above the stars. How does that sound, co-pilot?” (Keith didn’t know whether to smile or to punch him).

¨      Even though Keith feels awkward about hanging on to photos of himself and of people in general, Shiro would always send the selfies he took of them together and convince Keith to keep them.

¨      The day Shiro was pronounced “dead”, Keith shed tears for the first time in years and held on to those photos like they were the last traces of life on earth.

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Okay but have you read the book cause there is so many Jay x Evie moments and I

Alright, funny story time: 

I watched Descendants when I saw it was available online and I fell in love with these 4 villain kids and I was like, I need ALL their backstories and how they became friends and all the friendship headcanons and GIMME EVERYTHING. My favorite were Jay, Evie & Carlos (useful information for the rest of this story).

And that’s when I saw it: The Isle of Lost. A book. The prequel of the film that ruined me. Of course, I got it right after and started reading it non-stop and I fell even more in love with my kids, read Jay, Evie and Carlos (fyi I don’t hate Mal, I just don’t love her as much, don’t ask why). I teared up at Evie & Carlos’ sibling relationship, at how protective Jay was with these three precious cinnamon rolls and I SCREAMED at all the Evie and Jay moments. 

Their relationship is so subtle in the movie but IN THE BOOK, damn. It grew up on me, soft and silently, this ship. I didn’t even admit I shipped them until I finished reading the book because I didn’t think they could be more shippable. 

Also, I took screenshots of my favorite moments as I was reading the book and I think they could illustrate this ask perfectly. 

Brief analysis: not ‘pretty’, nor ‘beautiful’, he used gorgeous. It’s like he’s having this little crush on her but doesn’t want anyone to find out (hence the rest of his sentence and his teasing afterwards)

She’s flirting. It might be because they’re all scared shitless but she’s definitely flirting with him. And he’s flirting back.

Moment when I knew I shipped it, basically. He straight out offered her to steal something FOR her. I was a mess. Also it is the first and only time he willingly gives back something he stole. 

Update: I made a post just like this one for Return to the Isle of the Lost

Sorina (Soma x Erina) hints post



1. “The secret to becoming a great chef is…meeting a woman that will make you want to give all the food you make her.”

Let’s start off this off with the first and most obvious Sorina Hint: Joichiro’s advice to Soma. In all honesty, I thought this was blatantly obvious and needed very little explanation; However, lots of people tend to dismiss this hint, so I guess I’ll elaborate.

One thing I’ve learned from reading books and manga and watching anime is that things don’t happen without a reason. Since this is based on a ship, I’ll give ship examples. Every time I shipped something in an anime It usually would become canon in the end, and out of excitement I would go back to relive all my precious otp moments. After going back I would notice that all those moments in the anime that I thought were ‘boring’, 'stupid’, 'pointless’, and 'did nothing to the plot’, actually did a lot to the anime as a whole. Undeveloped character's become developed, hints as to why a character become evil were more evident, why two characters ended up together was clear, quotes that were long or boring were a big part of the plot. You get where I am going with this?

Also, if we go back to what I said about things happen for a reason, Erina was the first girl to show up, and she showed up right after the Joichiro said that. Once again, things happen for a reason.

2. Yoshiaki Nikaido’s Warning to Soma

Originally posted by sansan9

I honestly don’t know how many people have noticed this but I thought it was rather interesting, so I included this.

This rich boy, in episode 2, declared that Erina can end a chef’s career with no problem at all! Anyways, in the first episode it seems - to the ignorant haters - that Erina hates Soma as well as his cooking. If the tsundere aura and tone Erina was emitting at that time wasn’t obvious to how she really felt deep down inside then let me explain. That is not true. Why? Because if Erina truly hated him she would’ve said something to the general public about his “bad” cooking. She didn’t though! Isn’t that amazing?

So what does that have to do with my (as well as many others) beloved ship? For the readers who try not to let their bias get in the way of judging a character it does a lot. The reason is because the author portrays her as an antagonist that isn’t truly an antagonist to hate. I mean she is introduced as a tough, scary, and intimidating young women, but her reputation is shattered as soon as she was introduced. So the author isn’t trying to make her into a complete antagonist, but is, still, making her enough of a threat and interesting character to add to the tension of Soma’s high school career.

This is a small indirect way of portraying Erina as someone who isn’t to be hated. This is yet Another small window that the author has given us to peak through, so that we can have a small idea that these two will be involved with each other in the future (even if we aren’t aware of that small window).

3. Erina’s Shock to Soma’s dish

Originally posted by commiesubs

I found this to be pretty cool. Soma managed to make the God’s Tongue speechless?

At first, I didn’t think much of it until I realized that Erina mentioned something about how she never tasted anything like it (Soma’s style of food) before. So we all can agree that in the beginning of the series Erina had a rather intriguing idea of what the 'perfect food’ is like. We also know that she has always been surrounded with elite cuisine and nothing less, letting us make the connection that her notion of 'perfect food’ is elite cooking (although she does state it shortly after), yet despite her perfect world, Soma manages to introduce something new and different to her. Since we are perceptive enough to realize that flaws like that (Erina having an interesting view of how food should be like) are usually taken care of in a good written anime/manga, then we can tell that this is an obvious indication that Soma is going to have something to do in changing her point of view as well as impacting her cooking and character growth. After all he is the one who shocked her with his not-very-elite cooking. 

4. Erina Taste Testing Soma’s Food

This is a hint because it shows some Soma and Erina development and the author wouldn’t do that if she were the true antagonist (especially in such a comical, lighthearted way that this scene was executed). We see Erina taste testing Soma’s dish before the finals of the autumn election in exchange for some shoujo manga. Am I the only one who say that Erina’s love for shoujo manga was like a small foreshadowing that she'll be in love with someone? *cough* Soma Yukihara *cough* It proves my point even more that the extra chapter with Erina and Alice was alluding to fact that Erina is going to experience the “taste of love” some point in the manga.

The second time she taste tested his dish she did it without him having to repay her in any way. This illustrates that Soma’s and Erina’s relationship is changing and becoming a little more friendlier than it was in the first chapter/episode.

5. “It seems your abilities were nothing special.”

This was right after Soma (Spoiler) was third in the autumn election. Erina managed to show her disappointment, that she herself would never admit, through her words, “It seems your abilities were nothing special.” She never says that she is disappointed but you cant see that she is somewhat disappointment. Not to a high degree, of course.

This moment in the manga shows that Erina truly has been watching Soma’s progress and talent through the autumn election. This shows that she is interested in his cooking.

She is interested.

At this point it isn’t romantically interested in him, but she definitely has her eye on him. This a step forward in the right direction for the progression of their relationship.

6. Erina & Megumi, Soma & Hisako Newfound Friendship

Despite how happy I was to see the character’s interacting more and Erina and Megumi’s budding friendship, I saw this as a way to bring Erina and Soma closer.

As far as the people who are close to these two goes, Megumi and Hisako take the cake. Soma recognizes Megumi’s strength and supports her, and Erina shares those same view points. On the other hand, Hisako is Erina’s most trusted friend. Hisako becoming friends with Soma will make Erina have to reevaluate her opinion of Soma due to holding her friends opinion to heart. This, as mentioned by squisherific in one of her posts, is a way to bring these two closer together.

7. Papa Nakiri’s visit + Grandpa Nakiri’s visit to Soma

So I decided to smash these two together because why not? Anyway, Erina’s father first showed up I immediately knew that it was time for some Erina character development. As soon as I saw how much of a threat her father truly is and how terrified and hopeless Erina looked around them, I immediately theorized that Soma, in a way, was going to support her and help her through her trauma of hers. This was easily proved correct when Senzaemon paid Soma a little visit. Sanzaemon gives us insight on Erina’s past and then asks him to save Erina. Although I don’t think he’ll be 'saving’ her completely -I’m pretty it is truly up to Erina to save herself- he definitely will be her emotional support and help her gain the courage to do what she needs to do. This is going to bring the two characters together which means Sorina development! Can I also point out that Hisako is (sadly) out of the picture? This means her original support has been chased away by a crazy father which will lead to more room for Soma and Erina to get to know each other. However, just to make things clear I don’t think Soma will be taking Hisako’s place. I’m merely pointing out that the first person she went to for support is now gone.

8. The Interview

Originally posted by mamodos

I’ll make this quick and snappy since there really is no need to elaborate on this. In a recent interview it’s been confirmed that Erina will start having feelings for Soma soon.

Need I say more?

compleatmoon  asked:

If you're still doing the impression thing, Scarecrow pls ^^


Ok…it was s a long journey of rant and despise, actually (a friend of mine knows how much I complained about him for a month X°D) I simply hated him. With all my heart. I don’t remember if my first approach to his character was through the comics or the games (I think comics), but I know I despised him XD it was the most intense feeling towards him. I found him horrible. I know he was a villain and a villain doesn’t certainly require a pleasant personality but…he was actually an awful person. I despised his attitude and I despised his philosophy, he made me angry XD I really felt the desire to fight him XD

I know Edward is a villain too, but he has a precise psychological background, and then he has a condition he hardly can fight, so I felt more sensible towards him rather than Crane who simply chose to follow a vengeful path and chose to be an asshole AHAHAHAH. I was very angry with him, because he was an intelligent man, a professor, a psychiatrist, a man who loves the knowledge, who loves the mind, who should loves to be a mentor to the others, an inspiration…but no, he chose to be the Master of Fear and a misanthropic grumpy man. Actually, he chose to let his aggressors win in a manner of speak, because the path he chose was the most destructive and he knows, he certainly knows he stuck in this kind of life because of his terrible choice, but he is stubborn and still too angry to become really aware of this…? Even if he seems to enjoy to be an asshole he has always a choice, because for me he has his own problems of course, but he isn’t a madman or a real sadist, or a psychopath etc…

These were my thought at the beginning…


…and now I I still think in this way, but now I’m aware of my love for him. You know, no? When you hate someone too much, apparently, in a very irrational way, it’s because you recognize some traits of your personality (unconscious or conscious, defeated or forgotten). In this case I dreamed of him a lot. And those dreams help me to accept him like one of my fav character. Seriously.AHAHAHAH(I actually have a wonderful relationship with my dreams, because I studied and I’m still studying the subject. So I always analyze my dreams…even these kind of dreams, apparently stupid AHAHAH)

So…after a month of complaints I began to appreciate some shade of his personality, I began to understand his motives and everything because I know how it feels to be vindictive and angry with everyone, but I overcame these feelings during my life and I took a philanthropic path. He remembered me those past feelings and I hated it. So I hated him and his choices. And when I acknowledged this without saying it loud to myself, I began to dream of him and so my Unconscious chose The Scarecrow like his champion for scold me.

The end of the story is: I hate/love him. I want to punch him in the face. Stupid grumpy old man…

If I was a villain I would be him.

Ah! the irony…


“Fear of Faith” - One of the best stories with him. Set on the storyline of “No Man’s Land”, Crane wants to play the part of the Devil and wants to destruct everyone’s hope, without his toxin. Because he is a lovely man as always. But in the end he just take what he deserves: a lot of love, compassion and forgiveness and these things make him go in tilt. Priceless.

“Year One: Scarecrow Master of Fear” (1995) - a classic. One of the best artist and design, in my opinion. Thanks Bret Blevins

“Batman Shadow of the Bat: The God of Fear” - Storyline: Nightfall - Our lovely Crane wants to become a God. A classic.

But the honorary mention goes to Gordon:

Crane: “Had enough? Is the City prepared to declare me God yet?”

Gordon: “Listen to me, you murdering maniac! I—“

Crane: “No, Gordon! You will listen to ME— i have a tanker full of fear-gas centrally positioned! Unless you officially announce my godhood, it will be detonated at midnight precisely! Time is running out, Gordon. This is your last warning!”

Gordon (in his precious naivety): “Scarecrow, you’re being illogical! How on earth can we make you a god…?!*CLICK* Scarecrow…?”

“Absolute Terror” - An other precious story with him without the toxin.

“Mistress of Fear” - This is an interesting story because it serves a purpose, in my opinion: to highlights his wrong choices and his, in a manner of speak, irrational consciousness of this. He is adamantine about them, they are the certainties of his life, but Becky…she was a mirror image of himself, she was the other path. The one he could have chose. The right path. She was everything he hate but also everything he fear because her presence invalidated his belief. That’s why he tried to make her his Mistress of Fear: to destroy her and restore the perfect reflection.

“Batman Adventures Annual - Study Hall” This is the Crane in whom I want to believe. The academic. I like him in his all villainy glory, but sometimes some writers forget this aspect of his life, of his forma mentis, in favor of a more sadistic attitude. But he was a professor and this is a vocation, I don’t think is something you can delete from him.

I also love the other BTAS comics with him, where you can see again the inner struggle and the tragedy of this man.

And last but not least, of course one of the best moments in the history:

Crane: I am the master of fear! The lord of despair! Cower before me and witness terror!
Harley: Hi, Professor Crane!
Crane: (normal voice) Good evening, child. (then) Worship me, fools! Worship me! Scream hosannas of anguish to Scarecrow, the all-terrible god of fear!
Robin: I think he’s getting better.


Crane is a professor again and teach again. I want him with his students. ahahah


- I don’t really like Year One Scarecrow and his background. I loved the southern gothic setting, it was suggestive, but I think his whole past was an exaggeration, a bit over the top…? I don’t appreciate too much when the writers insert family issues to trigger the psychological development of a character, I think is overused and boring (even if I can understand the reason d’être of this) I also think the art style, chosen for this comic, it wasn’t good for this kind of story. It’s beautiful, but is…cute, and also the Scarecrow is extremely cute, even in his costume (which seems a costume from some RPG XD) so when I read it I’m always distracted by its cuteness X°D I don’t know…I don’t think this is a good thing for the master of fear and his background?

But I would love to see this story illustrated by Finch.

Actually I would love to see everything about Scarecrow illustrated by him…

- I like the New52 Scarecrow, his background, even here, is boring and I don’t like it, but I think for the rest was quite vivid and well…Scarecrow. I also appreciated the Cycle of violence, despite the story, because I fell in love with the art of David Finch (I ADORE the pages of Crane’s past) and I loved the moment when he cried with the girl’s drawing in his hands.

I don’t know…if I ignore his background (but even the Cycle of violence AHAHAH) I can say I’m quite satisfied for his appearances during the new52.


Crane/Jervis | Crane/Riddler | (and I appreciate some interaction with Harley, Selina and Ivy. At least I love to read fic with them XD)


- I think the change of the Scarecrow’s behavior, during the games, is a precise intention of him.

I mean, during Asylum he was clearly over the top because he needed to be a madman to scare the doctors and maybe to experiment on what kind of behavior was more effective. In fact, he was always polite and irreproachable during his session with Young but harsh and sassy during the other sessions with other doctors. After the incident, he decided to change strategy and became what we saw in Arkham Knight (Actually I think it was the REAL Crane)

- Ok…this is a stupid headcanon but I need to say it:

I think his hair do the “Studio Ghibli’s thing” when he his angry. And one day I will do an animation of this.

Juvia is the TRUE villain of FT

Yeah, that’s right, I said what everyone else was thinking, but didn’t have the guts to say. You’re welcome.

Maybe you didn’t even know you were thinking it, like I didn’t until today. I just woke up this morning, and had this epiphany (or maybe it was gas, it’s hard to tell). I didn’t even have to think too hard about it, to know it was true.

Juvia is evil incarnate. That just sounds right, doesn’t it? It makes sense.

Let’s face it, she stalks, she threatens, she’s violent, aggressive, harassing, obsessive, and extremely selfish. How anyone could not see her for the awful character she is, is beyond me.

Now, I’m sure those naive few (you poor, poor souls) who would take issue with my immensely factual statements, would like to see me clarify my claims. No problem. I don’t usual go looking for facts to back up my truths, because my gut tells me they are undeniable, and completely supported by manga events. But for you? I’ll make an exception, because unlike Juvia? I’m a good person.

Man, where to even start, right? There are so many incidents involving the awfulness of this character. 

I know! Let’s start with the Avatar arc. That arc was basically an advertisement for how problematic Juvia truly is. Thanks for that, Mashima. ^__~

So, Juvia was living with Gray. And we all found out the truth of that little scenario:

EXPOSED JUVIA. That’s right, this little stalking, obsessive brat actually forced herself into Gray’s home and refused to leave! And then you expect us to feel bad for her when Gray goes off for six months? Please. So deserved. HE DIDNT EVEN WANT HER THERE. Look at her face in the background. She’s LAUGHING at Gray’s suffering!

Despicable! People try and brush this off as Gray being embarrassed about the public teasing, but we ALL know the tru-

Ok, well that? Means nothing. We all know how nice of a guy Gray is. He probably felt SORRY for her ( I don’t know why, though. She deserves none of your pity, Gray!!!). It’s obvious this moment is incredibly forced and completely OOC! I’m sure Mashima was holding an illustrated gun to Gray’s head to get that bit of dialogue out of him. As for that “answer,” IF it’s about Juvia’s feelings (which I DOUBT), we all know what he’ll say already, because he’s said it once before (and of course the ball of crazy ignored him):

That’s right! So I personally look forward to his “answer.” Bring on the Juvia tears mwahahaha!

Anyway, back to Avatar, where Gray left Juvia behind for 6 months without a word (LOL!).

So now she’s all depressed, and making it rain all over the village, driving everybody else away. So typical. So selfish. Thanks for ruining everyone else’s lives as usual, Juvia! Just cause you have an unhealthy obsession with some guy, doesn’t mean everyone else around you needs to suffer for it, jeeze.

And what did Juvia do during this time Gray was away? Absolutely nothing, obviously, which just goes to show how unhealthy this “relationship” is. Juvia became a depressed mess, and a shell of herself. Clearly she wasn’t working, let alone eating for those six months, and how she survived is anybody’s guess (ZombieJuvia?!). But what’s worst, is that she claims to “love” Gray, but she just sat around waiting for him! What a joke! If you’re really so worried, like you claim, why don’t you go out and sear-

Oh… so she wasn’t just waiting around, and wasting away, but actually looking, but this just goes on to prove my next point instead! If Juvia had been searching for him every day, surely once Gray finally pops up, she will be FURIOUS. Because as we all know, Juvia’s biggest weapon is INTIMIDATION.

Ah ha! What did I tell you?! Look at Gray’s face! He’s terrified! And as usual, what does Juvia do?! That’s right, ATTACKS a woman for DARING to get near Gray. No love rivals allowed!!! She is so insane! Surely Gray will be devastated that Juvia hurt this new friend and potential lover-

Ok, so she was a villain, who Gray also attacked. BUT! My point still stands, as we are about to see here, where Juvia is aggressively keeping Lucy away from Gray:

I know that it looks like they are just chatting normally, but that’s just Juvia being shrewder than usual in her approach. Besides, even the arrow is pointing at the next victim of her madness!

We still don’t know if Frosch is a girl or a boy, but it makes no difference! Juvia hates all love rivals equally! Gray hugging Frosch? No way is Juvia going to put up with that, and of course she doesn’t! She has already declared it a love rival! So typical, so Juvia. But now we must fear for poor Frosch!

Look how genuinely terrified Frosch is at Juvia’s reaction. Look as the little exceed flees from Gray at Juvia’s intimidating stare-

Oh… well, I’m sure both Frosch and Gray felt Juvia’s wrath in the very next panel that Mashima forgot to draw in his haste. It’s a weekly series after all. Things get mistakenly left out all the time. We forgive you, Mashima!

In any case, the moment of truth is upon us. So, what did Juvia do when she found out Gray left her for 6 months on a secret mission under Erza’s orders? Surely she was furious! Surely she was declaring Erza as her love rival! Surely she was forbidding Gray to ever leave her side agai-


Huh… W-well, it doesn’t matter! I’m sure Juvia gave Gray an earful when they got back to their home!  That’ll teach Gray from daring to ever leave Juvia’s side  to go off with other females without Juvia’s permission! Not that he has any other female friends left, of course. Juvia saw to that ohohoho…

WHAT ARE YOU DOING GRAY?!!!!!!! Leaving again with your team?! With Erza, Lucy, and Wendy in company?! You should know better than that!!!!!

You can even see Juvia’s anger is boiling just below the surface at being stuck with people who aren’t Gray!

I don’t even know why Juvia logically reacts like this. I guess it’s just her crazy obsession that makes her so possessive! Otherwise I see no other reason why she would want to be near Gra-

Ok, so what if Gray’s father wanted Juvia to take care of Gray?! And so what if that’s hard to do if Gray keeps mysteriously disappearing under dangerous circumstances! That means NOTHING! Juvia doesn’t think about anyone but HERSELF. That’s a FACT.  

And Juvia will surely terrorize all those girls, and give Gray a piece of her mind when he gets back-

Mashima, why must you off-panel all of the things that prove my points?! This is very vexing!!!! >_<

No matter! Juvia has forced herself on Gray LOADS of times before. Gray has his own team, sure, but Juvia is a stalker, remember? She doesn’t need to join Gray’s team to keep an eye on him. Not that she lets Gray go on missions with his team anymore, of course. That’s the whole point of Juvia isolating Gray from all of his female friends. He’s not allowed to be alone with any of them ever since Juvia joined the guil-

Gray is away on another mission without Juvia, surrounded by his team of potential love rivals, and people Juvia has surely already isolated Gray from?! What is this sorcery?!  I’m sure we will see Juvia following closely behind at some point. Hold on while I peruse the manga so that I can find those panels of Juvia stalking Gray, that so often appear….

*five minutes later*

Oh, they are in here. That arc went on for over three months. I’m pretty sure she popped up at some point…

*ten minutes later*

Ok, I see the arc is winding down… where are you hiding, Juvia?!

*15 minutes later*

Ah ha! A hot springs scene with Gray surrounded by naked love rivals?! I don’t think so! Bitches about to get water sliced. Where you be, Juvia?!

*arc finishes*

…. That’s fine. You know why? Because I’m sure I remember that when Gray got back to the guild, Juvia went off on all of them! That’s what it was! Just you wait-

Doesn’t matter. considering how flushed Gray is I bet those breads were poisoned (Juvia has tried to drug Gray before. Remember that very canon love potion episode? BECAUSEI DO). I’d be worried if I were you, Elfman. Just saying…

In any case, forget about Juvia not letting Gray socialize with other women, and no longer having any female friends. We know that’s true, because I said so.

(And Cana doesn’t count. With all those boobs she gropes she’s practically one of the guys.)

Also, can we talk about Juvia’s selfishness. because she IS. Incredibly so. Especially when it comes to Gray. She constantly dismisses his feelings time and time again. Remember that creepy 413 Days Omake? *shiver* That was a prime example of Juvia’s selfish behavior. Gray is feeling down on the anniversary of Ur’s death, and Juvia DARES trying to impose some bullshit anniversary on him, and expecting him to be happy? WOW. And then when she found out why Gray rejected her stupid gift (a scarf? For an ice mage? Seriously? As if anyone would ever give an ice mage a gift like tha-

The point is. Juvia clearly didn’t care the least about Gray’s own feelings, as we can see he-

I’m sure that was just her trying to save face. That’s all! Can’t look bad in front of Erza. Juvia is so two-faced. Anyway, the fact is, Juvia ruined Gray’s day. Thanks, Juvia, for making Gray even more miserabl-

Well…He’s FROWNING, isn’t he?! And I’m sure that smile afterwards is just to cover up his frown on the inside. Poor Gray. You’re not even allowed to be sad when in mourning because of Juvia.

And this wasn’t the last time Juvia tried to rain on Gray’s sadness parties. Oh no, because after the GMG, when Gray was upset about Ultear, guess who had a problem with it again? Oh that’s right. JUVIA. 

And of course she didn’t care how he was feeling. I’m sure her worried expression is just her frustration over Gray not speaking to her OBVIOUSLY.

Sorry we all can’t be happy in other people’s misery like you, Juvia! Thankfully, Gray gave her a piece of his mind this time…

Man, Gray is such a nice guy. Putting a smile on his face, and lying to spare Juvia’s feelings like that.You are so lucky, Juvia. No one else would put up with your crap!

And Gray has put his life on the line multiple times for Juvia! And how has she repaid him? By being horribly selfish, of course. that’s the point I’m making, after all. It’s not like she’s ever really done anything of value for him-

Ok, so she may have protected him/saved his life a couple of times. But big deal? Who hasn’t saved lives in this series? That’s nothing special!

The point is, Juvia doesn’t really care about Gray. As we saw at the end of the Tartarus arc. She knows Gray just lost his dad. And she knows it’s her fault (MURDERER). And yet, she follows (stalks, stalks, stalks) him all the way to his parents grave, where he’s in mourning, and tries to saddle him with her guilt. How self-absorbed can one person get, I ask you?! She doesn’t care that he’s hurting. All she thinks about is her own feelings for him -

Ok, so she’s giving up on him because she feels she has no right to love him any more after the pain she just caused him. And that’s supposed to make me feel what, exactly? Please. Spare me, Juvia. And yeah, she killed off Keith, thinking Gray will hate her forever for doing it, but she did it anyway because Silver assured her it was what was best for Gray. But so what? 

You can keep your “sorries” Juvia, we know you don’t really mean it! At the end of the day, she still hurt Gray knowingly. Thankfully Gray is about to go off on her AT LAST.

Poor Gray, he’s far too upset to even think straight! Don’t stick your face there (the phrase is a shoulder to cry on, not a boob!)! You were almost rid of her forever!!!! Ugh! >_<

Whatever, she’s so selfish that she doesn’t even attempt to console Gr-

Ok, that scene doesn’t really give the full effect of how terrible Juvia can be. Let me go back to Juvia’s jealousy. As I said, Gray is not allowed to be in contact with other females, but having PHYSICAL CONTACT with another girl is ESPECIALLY PROHIBITE-

Gray is carrying Erza ( a woman who Gray is clearly no longer friends with thanks to Juvia isolating him from the female population) on his back?! Unforgivable! Juvia will surely never allow that!!! Watch as she… 

…does …


Oh. Well, I mean, surely she has already expressed her extreme displeasure, and threatened her unconscious figure with retribution, wishing her wounds never heal in a panel that Mashima forgot to include. No matter! We know the truth!!!

Plus, there were plenty of other moments where Juvia showed her violent anger over Gray touching another female that wasn’t her.

Gray dove to catch Lucy?! How dare he!!!! How dare he put his hands on her?! Oh, we are about to see some intense Juvia anger oho! Lucy better watch out, because she thinks she’s in pain now, but wait until Juvia gets done with h-

Well, I’m sure Juvia’s look of concern, and being one of the first people trying to run to Lucy’s aid means nothing! It’s just for show! We know the true feelings lying just below the surface! She was seething with jealousy on the INSIDE Surely Juvia spent the rest of the day privately celebrating Lucy’s misfortune, and wishing her further ill. I bet she didn’t even go visi-

That’s fine. Juvia being the first from Team B to rush into Lucy’s hospital room is MEANINGLESS, do you hear?! She was probably laughing raucously at Lucy’s suffering moments before she rushed inside! You are not fooling anyone, Juvia!!!

Lucy and Gajeel about to be attacked by Keith. Yes! two false friends, and her greatest love rival about to get taken out in one fell swoop. Excellent! Juvia will be celebrating to-

NO!!! What are you doing?! Juvia!!! 

Ugh, honestly, Juvia doesn’t have friendships, ok? I get she wants to look good to manga readers, but this is just too hard to swallow. As if Juvia would show any care, connection or try and protect someone that’s not Gra-

Ok… you know what? Who cares if Juvia’s done the most unison raids, which is a magic attack that is supposed to show a close bond between two people? Who cares if she’s had important “moments” with other people? Plus, a lot of those things happened a LONG time ago, so obviously they don’t matter any more.  If it didn’t happen in the most recent chapters, it’s null and void. Simple as that! Everyone knows character development has an expiration date. She obviously hates these people now, and is no longer friends with any of them. DUH! 

Anyway, Mashima, you can keep trying to make us believe Juvia isn’t a heartless, selfish stalker, who’s goal in life isn’t to isolate Gray from all of his friends, and heap harm upon all love rivals. But I’m not buying it.





Because I, and MANY others, know the truth. It doesn’t matter if the actual manga doesn’t support my claims, because I think it’s obvious what Juvia’s true character really is. So, no matter how many times you show Juvia “caring” about other people, and no matter how often we see her “selflessly” sacrificing her own well being and interests for the good of others, I know how things TRULY are.

There’s a darkness lurking just below the surface.

We’re all on to you, Juvia.

Zeref? Acnologia? You ain’t got NOTHING on Juvia, The True Face of Darkness (forget E.N.D., it’s all about T.F.D.).

Taking down Fairy Tail from the inside, one love rival at a time.

Sakura’s Letter (Part 1)

Pairing: SasuSaku
Summary: Sarada discovers an old love letter addressed to her mother and asks her father about it.
Author’s Note: Part 1. Inspired by chapters 539 and 540. Writing a nosy Sarada is rather fun. (Part 2, Part 3)




Uchiha Sarada didn’t know what she was looking at. She held the crumpled piece of paper firmly in her hand. She had only just discovered it, hidden among the pages of one of her mother’s favorite books: “Medical Ninjutsu: Injury and Remedy.” It was a rather well-worn book with stains that striped the back cover and many of its pages, evidence of its recurrent use. Sarada had passed over the book many times out of disinterest, scanning over the many books in her parent’s collection, hoping to find a book more suitable to her personal interest. She had also scanned her father’s books and scrolls countlessly, longing to learn more about him in his absence: the Uchiha clan, his missions, his jutsu, or anything having to do with the man her and her mother both yearned for.

However, today was a different story. Sarada had returned to the shelves with Sakura in mind this time. She had heard of her mother’s many feats in the Fourth Shinobi War as well as her mother’s ability to master the Fifth Hokage’s Strength of a Hundred Seal. Although she was familiar with her mother’s monstrous strength, Sarada had previously witnessed more of her mother’s abilities in their encounter with the former test subject of Orochimaru and Sharingan wielder, Shin. She remembered how confident her Father had been in her mother’s abilities when they were all worried for her safety after she had been taken by Shin. Ever since that day, Sarada had developed a newly-found interest in her mother’s abilities, especially in her medical ninjutsu. Which was precisely why Sarada had singled out this particular book.

Flipping through the pages, she ran her fingers over the aged illustrations and the many scribbled notes next to them, some she recognized to be her mother’s very own script. Sarada had retired to the small chair next to the shelves and scanned each and every page, searching for her mother in every word and picture. She had spent a lengthy amount of time reading her mother’s notes when she flipped the next page to discover a small folded letter. Sarada had marked its place, between an illustration of the arm structure and its chakra paths and another page with a scribbled note by her mother. She opened it out of curiosity and instantly wished she hadn’t. She squinted hard, reading the scribbled characters, discerning the truth behind them. It was a love letter, Sarada realized, from a man named Morio. He was thanking Sakura for healing his injuries as well as professing his love for her. He mentioned the war and Sarada realized this must have been a letter from one of the ninja from the Fourth Shinobi War, one of the many that her mother had used her skill as a medic-nin to heal.

Sarada frowned. She knew her father had a past, but did her mother have secrets too? She remembered the last time she found herself in a very similar situation concerning her father’s picture with his former team, particularly disturbed over the red head with glasses standing next to him. She instantly hated this Morio for his misplaced love. Her mother had only ever loved her father, Uchiha Sasuke, the man she was now so devoted to and waited patiently on. Never had she, in his absence, wavered in her love for him… Hadn’t she?

Instead of placing the letter back in the book like she had originally planned, she found her fist tightening around it.

“Sarada?” a voice called out to her. It was her father. Shocked, she turned, to find him standing in the archway.

“Papa!” she exclaimed, concealing the note instinctively behind her. “I was just-“

“Your Sharingan,” he walked forward, a slight frown appearing on the face that was usually so calm and resolved, “is activated. Something wrong?”

“Oh,” she said, allowing the crimson to fade from her irises. “It’s nothing. Nothing at all! I was just doing some reading.”

“Ah,” the tall dark figure remarked, taking her mother’s book from her hands and flipping it over to read the cover. He didn’t seem to make anything of it and handed it back to her. “Medical ninjutsu?”

Sarada peered up at him. He was never one to pry or push for answers, although she knew that her father could probably tell that something had upset her. “I just thought I’d read up on a little of Mom’s specialty.”

Her father turned his attention to the shelf, grabbing a book amongst his own. She took the opportunity to shove the note inside her pocket.

“You could always ask your mother anything you are wanting to know,” her father remarked as he sat on one of the sofas across the room.  Sarada gazed at him as he began reading the book he had picked off the shelf. She couldn’t help herself from wondering about the relationship between her parents. Was there ever a time that her mother had given up on him? Was there ever a single moment where she had been tired of waiting? She didn’t really want to know that answer, but she still couldn’t help herself from wondering. What kind of man was her father, whom many looked to as the co-protector of Konoha? He looked up at her then, as if sensing the turmoil inside of her mind.

Walking over to where he sat, she took the spot beside him. He seemed placated by that and continued to read. The letter burned inside of her pocket and she wanted nothing more than to ask her father all the questions that she had. However, she knew her father was not a man of conversation and Sarada didn’t want to bring up his past in any way. Her father had just returned from one of his many long missions that the Seventh Hokage and himself found it necessary for him to go on. He was tired, she could still see and after her mother had healed many of his injuries he had then rested for what felt like days. This was the first time she had seen her father since his return.

“Papa?” she found herself saying before she could think.

“Hn?” was his reply, still scanning the page intently.

“How long are you going to be home this time?” Sarada asked as she offered her father a sad smile.

“Not much longer than the last time,” he stated plainly, but this time he met her gaze. One of his eyes was covered by his hair and she knew that it was the Rinnegan eye that he kept hidden. She had made it a point to discover its truth but had not succeeded beyond the vague answers her mother and the Hokage had given her. It was another mystery about him, one of many that seemed to only grow in number.

“Lord Seventh tells me you leave sometimes because you have to and other times because you want to,” Sarada blurted out, knowing it wasn’t the wisest thing to say. Her statement sounded more accusatory than she had intended. The Hokage had not put it in such black and white terms and had even defended her father, saying that everything he was doing was necessary.

“Tch,” her father scowled, “Don’t listen to everything that Idiot tells you.”

“But it’s true, isn’t it?” she continued. And this time her question was met with silence. “Because you have to make up for something, right?”

Again, Sarada was met with silence and she thought that she wouldn’t get an answer, until he replied with a simple and emotionless “Yes.”

“Does Mama have anything that she has to make up for?” Sarada found that she was reacting just as bitterly to this as she had reacted last time. “Will she have to leave one day too?”

Her father turned to her with a puzzled frown on his face. It was barely there, but Sarada could still make it out. “What’s this about?” he asked.

Too tired to really consider what she was doing, and just simply desperate for answers, Sarada found herself pulling her mother’s love letter from her pocket and offering it to her father.




To Be Continued

Final Bows (Or: Korrasami is Canon, Because Staging)

The following meta is IMAGE HEAVY and contains SPOILERS for the finale of Avatar: The Legend of Korra.

So, in stage shows, final bows are super important. The smallest parts bow first, the leads bow last, and the best way to totally fuck with your actors as a director is to make their bows earlier than they should be or put them with people who played less important characters. Stick a main character too early, and they’ll be rightfully insulted.

The last shots of a show or a movie work on the same principle. You wrap up your character arcs roughly in the order most important to the story, then to the main character, if you have a central one like Korra. LOK’s finale was a great example of this, and their use of staging and structure just points big, fat arrows at Korrasami being legitimately queer and canon.

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