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Character commissions I’ve done for a pen and paper group! : )

If you are interested in commission me please write me a PM. 4 Slots are available again! These are drawn in black or brown ink on a high quality A4 paper sheet and start at 70€ (73 US Doller) and go up to 100€ (105 US Doller).
Depending on how detailed the outfit is. Background is extra charged. Looking forward to work with you!


i’ve had a couple screwdrivers and i want to talk about colors for a sec.
so, a tip from your mom.

the tip: don’t use black and white for your shading and highlighting.

(pls forgive the quick doodle for the purpose of an example)
one of these is clearly softer and more vibrant. it can play up your palette choices, even if they’re not that exciting by themselves- but pink or brown shading makes everything look really nice.

how bout this one?

black and white values for your art won’t completely ruin it. but there’s way more you can be doing with it. low opacity black to shade an art piece is a lil bit boring. it doesn’t make any of your colors stand out, it doesn’t take much creativity on your part. won’t stretch the muscles.

HOWEVER, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ever use black as shading. but to work it at its best, you have to actually use black. the purpose?

contrast! it’s great for drama. black shading is used for sharp graphic styles- you’ve seen it in a lot of comics before. it commands attention for a serious situation.
imo, black should be used as its full self, or not at all. low opacity black just looks gross and boring. it’s way more fun to use other colors, i promise!

this has been a chat about shading with ur mom.


I’ve been picking at this comic for over a month now, scratching away at it when feeling absolutely blocked as a means of therapy.

It’s like a year since this game came out, but I absolutely adore Bloodborne and I can’t get enough of the lore and story. I’ve never seen such an eloquent explanation for a player character’s constant death and rebirth. The Hunter’s tortured soul, unable to die, cursed to seek the thrills of the Hunt. There are so many little stories like this one, tucked away in the game and item descriptions if you want to find them, but not forced upon you if you don’t. 


I’ve always wanted to draw a portrait of Fareeha cause DAYUUUUUM GIRL DAYUM. But Pharah without Mercy is just meh so I sketched out Angela too.

And now I think I’m going to do a series of Overwatch Hero Portraits.

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