“I know a woman
who weaves the night sky.
I watch her weave
I watch her fingers fly.
She weaves within us
from beginning to end
Our grandmother, sister and friend.

She is the weaver, and we are the web.
She is the flow, and we are the ebb.
She changes everything she touches.
Everything she touches, is changed.
I know a day before we were born
we were the calm in the eye of the storm.
See, we are the weavers,
and we are the web.
We are the flow, and we are the ebb.
We change everything we touch.
Everything we touch changes.”
~Weavers Song

A friend shared this song with me a number of years ago and it has been an inspiration for me ever since. I’ve been wanting to make a piece like this for some time now; Something to communicate how deeply powerful we are and how we construct the world we live in. If only more people were less afraid to see this, and the magic of it all, I think we would see the manifestation of the world we dream of a little more quickly. But that is what we are working on! Building together and becoming less afraid together. Weaving a world we love to live in. How deLIGHTful!
I unfortunately am having difficulty sourcing this song as it was shared to me orally. If anyone is familiar with it I would love to know what you know! #wearetheweavers #community #building #transformation #change #justice #peace #weaving #womyn #starlight #feminism #art #papercut #cutpaper #illustration #illustrativeart #artforchange

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