illustrative typography

I drew a quick chart about good wrist and finger exercise before playing Splatoon (or engaging in any other intense activity such as but not limited to gaming in general, programming, drawing, computer work etc.)
As with all stretching exercise, these should only be done in moderate speed. You only want to loosen up, not break your hands!!

… and it kinda exploded on twitter haha

artwork from the last travel poster for drawn chorus collective’s THERE & BACK AGAIN art show based on everyone’s favourite time-shifting afterlife!

congrats on the emmy win!  #EmmyAwards2017


In the wise words of the ever-charismatic Jeff Goldblum- er, I mean, Chaos Doctor Ian Malcolm- Life, uhhhhhh, finds a way. Only for the very cleverest of creatures, this charcoal grey t-shirt features all the nostalgia I’ve been feeling lately about laser lights, space wizards and giant islands full of genetic crimes against nature. So moonwalk your way down to the mall and rent a classic VHS, because this t-shirt is gonna make you radical, dudes! also;

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