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When I was 18 I loved the two drawings I made and I was very proud of them. That self pride for my art made me continue to what my art is today. I still want to improve and will improve. Never compare yourself to other artists, especially if you are a young artist. Draw  because you love and hate your ending results, you can only get better if you keep working at it. Anyone can be an artist it is not a talent it is skill you work on. Never be afraid to take chances, references as long as you credit those who has helped you along the way. Never stop asking questions because for something you love and want to improve on there are no such thing as stupid questions.

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Hi! I was wondering how your book is coming along. Do you have a release date? I really want to buy a copy. Thanks!

Hi Anon!

It’s coming along slowly but surely! This sucker is gonna be massive! Here’s my folder with all the illustrations I’ve done so far.

I do not have a release date yet but I’m making a big push to have all of the illustrations done by this year and hoping to finally get it printed next year if not sooner.

Thank you so much for your message and interest in it, Anon! I’ve been working on this thing for years and I am so grateful to know that there is still interest in it. You inspire me to keep at it! <3

Here’s a peak at some birdies and sexual dimorphism examples for you!


Here are my drawings for @personalspin‘s fic, “Cast No Shadow,” a McHanzo fic set in a His Dark Materials-inspired alternative universe. It’s a beautifully-written story with some sad parts, but ultimately there’s love and redemption. Go read it!  

I generated a lot of doodles, and I wish I’d given myself more time to actually finish all of them, but I’m glad I prioritized these. I’m hoping to eventually put out drawings of the other characters and their daemons (especially Hanzo’s), as well as some other ideas I had, and maybe eventually color whenever the heck I do put together my new PC (orz), but those might come at a later date. In the meantime, enjoy “Cast No Shadow”, as well as the other wonderful entries in McHanzo Big Bang 2017-18. :D

Writer Collaborator: Spin | AO3
Event: @mcbigbang


Select genera and species of fish, which in the years 1817, 1820 order and march through Brazil auspices of Maximilian Joseph, 1

By Spix, Johann Baptist von, 1781-1826
Agassiz, Louis, 1807-1873
Martius, Karl Friedrich Philipp von, 1794-1868,ht
Publication info Monachii [München] :Typis C. Wolf,1829-[31]
BHL Collections:
Ernst Mayr Library of the MCZ, Harvard University