Drew Leshko ( @drewleshko ) - New Works

Special showing of 8 new 1:12 scale works in our office area through August 8th. Dumpsters and Ice Boxes constructed via a mix of Illustration board, inkjet prints, airbrush, enamel, dry pigments, charcoals, wood, and wire. Full show viewable on our site too at

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Been wanting to be a full time vegetarian for a about a year now, I’ve cut down about 90ish% of my meat consumption, but sometimes this is all I see. #failvegetarian #sheep #meat #vegetarian #griz #grizandnorm #art #artistontumblr #artistoninstagram #illustration #illustration #painting #cellvynil #acrylic #illustrationboard #minipainting

This was a #college #assignment if an #acrylics #selfportait #painting based on a famous master. So, I picked #Rafael . Although I like acrylic #paints they seem to change color when u paint flesh tones as soon as it dries. U can spend forever blending the right color on a the palette but then it dries n it’s wrong! Much frustration! Most cheap acrylics do that. But I couldn’t afford $150 tubes of paint just for a homework project. I do think mine is a slight improvement on the original tho’ since the original painting was obviously rushed n she has a dowagers hump. So, I have one too. #unicorn #painting on #illustrationboard

INTERNAL I (1994) ~ mixed media by pcbacon, artist.

INTERNAL I is wood stain, gouache and colored pencils on illustration board. Though unaware of the direction of the work, I engaged in its creation, placing web-like marks in specific areas of the painting.

The second work, INTERNAL II is wood stain and colored pencils on cardboard– again repeating an anatomical theme, and again, not aware of where the work was taking me. This time the stain pooled and dripped down, forming a spinal cord and pelvic region. I concentrated, drawing intertwining thread-like lines in a specific location of the pelvis. It was at this point that I began to notice that INTERNAL II was the microcosm of INTERNAL I. A few weeks passed before I made an appointment to see a gynecologist. I was diagnosed with non-cancerous cell growth in the uterus. 

After surgery, I glanced over to the side table and saw a picture of the female reproductive organs on the cover of a medical booklet. 

INTERNAL I resembled the illustration found on the cover of the booklet. 

I have little knowledge of anatomy and no conscious reason to have illustrated the inside of my body. However, there it was. I had tapped into the intelligence of the body. Through total absorption into the process of creation I entered an altered state of consciousness and was able to illustrate the boundless time/space of inter connectivity. This is the best explanation I can offer.