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I was thinking about the matter today, physical matter, how it is reflected around us and how we can influence it - by touch, by breathe, by the initial concept of living. We can change the substance we`re made from with our own will, with the touch of the hand - with the mind, which rules the hand…

I think I`m going to upoald more on this topic soon:)

Journal Inspiration

A lot of times you sit down to journal and you just can’t think of what to create, here’s a list of things that inspire me to journal-

• Magazines:-
Sometimes an outfit, advert, celebrity, animal or quote catches my eye and inspires me, you could cut them out and make a page with that as the main focus

• Colour:-
If I find a particular colour I like I’ll just find all the things that are the same colour and stick them all down, pens, ribbons, parts of magazines etc. are all included if they’re the right colour. Colour swatches from the paint section in DIY shops make a great addition to colour themed pages- and you can get an array and have loads of different themes.

• Quote:- I find quotes on tumblr, in books I’ve read, fortune cookies and from the newspaper and just go with it. I might doodle around it, try different styles to write it out in or just have it on a page and decorate the border.

• Poems:- kind of the same as quotes, I find something that inspires me or I love and journal around it.

• Packaging:- the colours and images on packaging for food or bags really inspire me. I also love using clothes tags, you can document what you’ve bought or just collect ones that are pretty.

• Lists:- these are great because you can make them on all sorts of topics and illustrate them or just write them out. Favourite books, foods, films, what you’d take to a deserted island or what you’d like to do before you die are all ideas you can start with.

I hope this gives you some inspiration!

datboifronk  asked:

Hey I hope you're having a nice day sorry for sending you two asks in such a small time space I was just curious about your "protest art" or whatever you'd like to call it I'm interested in how you started doing it and how you get hired to make that kind of work.

Not at all, I really enjoy questions!! 💕

I think you mean my political illustration series? Sorry if I misunderstood!

I actually wasn’t hired to do these, though the first one really took off in my S6. And just to clarify–what follows is my personal viewpoint and journey on this topic, nothing more!

I think awareness and education are so very important. It’s one of the reasons I do lots of wildlife conservation art. I rarely do the illustrations like the ones above, and when I do, I don’t make them just for the sake of another edgy, politically charged piece. I really try to use this platform to encourage people to stop being bystanders. A lot of times people just don’t know and don’t know what they can do.

  • Go put the pressure on your local and state-level representatives. 
  • For the love of god vote.
  • Be conscious of choices and purchases you make that will have a damaging effect on the environment and wildlife.
  • Be aware of what your representatives are slipping into bills and what the repercussions will be. 
  • If a cause is important to you, donate.
  • If you can’t donate, petition
  • Don’t let crises like Flint, Michigan go on silently.
  • Put pressure on companies who endorse corrupt activities.
  • Don’t allow injustices, prejudice, and brutality go unmet with resistance.

If something matters to you, make it matter.
Be the change you want to see become your reality. 

I don’t make an illustration for every topic that moves me. Sometimes, like the Syrian crisis, tragedies are so horrific that I can’t even think of a design and a donation is all I have to offer.

But overall, I’ve never been really into protest art or work with a political statement. As far as making a message with my art goes, my heart lies in comedy and finding humor in day-to-day things that unite all of us. One of the things I enjoy most about my webcomic @cooncomic​ is that people of all backgrounds and ideologies say they find it very relatable. And I can’t underline the importance of that enough. Because the world is full of dark, depressing headlines and shitty injustices. And at the end of the day, I firmly believe that what everyone really needs is to unite in a good laugh to remind us that, despite our challenges, despite all the terrible things in the world, we’re not so different. We really aren’t. That was Charlie Chaplin’s philosophy, and it’s something that’s always inspired me about his body of work.

But also like Chaplin, I think some topics can’t be shied away from. Some things are too important not to say. And we should never hesitate to make a difference where we can. Take action, be that change. Keep a kind heart and leave the world less shitty than you found it.

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That post about Izuku's dad just always makes me think back to when Izuku passed his license exam, it was his Mother and All Might he wanted to tell. His father never even came to him. Izuku's mom is so important to him, they obviously love each other, Izuku is the center of Inko's world and hers his. It's really touching too see this kind of relationship in a manga series since we see so many times that mothers die or leave.

Izuku’s relationship with his mom is supportive, loving and amazing. What I like in BNHA relatively to parents, and adults overall, is that they’re represented with their own personality that doesn’t depend solely on their status as ‘parents’, something that tend to be rare to find, even in reality. Inko Midoriya firstly stood as the kind and careful mother, who wanted to protect her son, but failed to understand what he really needed- encouragement and support. It didn’t make her a bad person; she wasn’t pictured as a demon mother who stood in the way of her son, neither as an oblivious mother who didn’t realized the wrong she caused. Inko made a mistake, realized it and apologized, because a parent-child relationship isn’t all about authority and power. I think that being cared for and respected by his mother truly helped Izuku respecting himself. That’s probably why he’s strong enough to stick to his convictions and can actually value himself; because he was valued at home and had a safe haven besides school where he was cared for. 

After the Kamino incident, Inko strongly opposed Izuku going to UA furthermore, because she was worried sick about her son. Izuku injured himself so much he almost lost functional arms. He’s still only fifteen, but he was already often badly hurt and had to fight frightful villains too much given his young age, and he’s already scarred for life because of injuries he inflicted upon himself. It’s understandable that she tried to oppose Izuku to keep going, because she fears for his life. But then, she listened to him and All Might, considered both sides of the situation, and came to term with her son’s request. The way she talked to All Might revealed how insightful and mindful she is about Izuku, and how she respects him and sees him as his own person. She is supporting Izuku despite everything because it’s his own choices, and she values Izuku’s decisions for himself while not agreeing with everything and talking with him about those choices. 

Once again, it’s thanks to this attitude and respect towards Izuku that he’s not down on himself and values his choices and convictions, because he felt and reproduced what his mother gave him; respect and love. Those words she said to All Might were truly powerful; don’t look down on your life, protect it because it’s precious.

Therefore, Inko appears as an actual person with her own feelings and beliefs,and is actually able to understand and communicate on equal ground with Izuku, because she accepts for him to be defined outside of his status as ‘her son’. As All Might says, she’s a wonderful person who raised a natural-born hero, someone genuinely caring and valuing his and others’ lives.

I can’t help but compare their relationship to Todoroki and Endeavor’s one. The theme of letting go of models you identify to (whether you decided it or was forced to), moving on and becoming your own person is so important and well treated in BNHA, I can’t let this topic slide here because I think it’s interesting to talk about it. You wrote ‘Izuku is the center of Inko’s world and hers his’; I know you probably meant to just express how much they care for each other and that it’s reciprocal, but once again I’m gonna read further into that statement, so this interpretation is all on me, don’t worry about being misunderstood Anon. It shows how strongly ties in family can be, so strong they can actually be suffocating for kids. Todoroki and Endeavor’s relationship is the perfect depiction of how parents can be problematic, and how only defining yourself in comparison to them is dangerous and fruitless. It’s only when Izuku confronted Todoroki on that matter and told him that his powers belonged to him only and not his father that he realized it. Deep down he already knew that but came to forget it because of all the abuse and hatred induced by his father taking all the space in his mind. He remembered how he admired All Might, and how impressed and amazed he was when All Might said that people weren’t defined by their blood, and remembered his mother said he could be who he wanted to be

Endeavor forced Todoroki to identify to him, to be him so he could surpass All Might. He projected his identity and feelings on Todoroki, depriving him and even denying him his rights to have his own identity. It’s another form of abuse where parents, and adults completely ignore their kids’ personality, opinions and value as an actual person, the exact contrary to Izuku and Inko’s relationship. That’s probably why Izuku, who was raised very differently, was able to say what he said to Todoroki during their fight, and talk back to Endeavor when they crossed paths.

His identity was altered and Todoroki almost lost himself because of his father, demonstrating how oppressive parents and people you identify with can be. The chapter where he began to consider that once more is, after all, named ‘Filial Independence’. Todoroki isn’t the only one illustrating this topic, and here I’m looking at that from another angle who suggests the same issue, aka ‘identifying with someone you admire’. All Might himself said to Izuku that trying to copying him was in fact keeping him from improving, because he was restricting himself where there were a lot of other things he could do nobody else could pretend to, and he needed to explore his own abilities. And Izuku realized it was true; he was unconsciously narrowing his potential because he still wanted to be like All Might. Bakugou and Kirishima are also both struggling with this issue as well, because they want to absolutely identify with heroes they look up to but think they’re not living up to it. Instead of looking objectively at who they are, what they’ve done up until now and what they still can do to improve, they’re looking down on themselves, because they’re still not able to perfectly fit to their ideal version of themselves that would make them correspond to All Might and Crimson Riot.

Letting go of parents and figures of authority you identify with is important at some point, because it mustn’t hold you back from becoming your own person, so you can be satisfied and proud of yourself, something our UA students are obviously still struggling for. I can’t wait to see them all grow, find who they are and what they’re actually capable of, and rub how great they are in the face of the whole world. In those regards, the fact that Bakugou still hasn’t found a hero name fitting for himself may suggest he still hasn’t really found out who he truly was and wanted to be outside of his admiration for All Might.