illustration saturday


Got around to drawing more worlds. Besides the fact that these world themes are normally super-generic, I’m glad that when applied to various types of celestial bodies, they stand out much more. I’m also thoroughly enjoying the concepts and the final products.

They’re much more majestic when they bob up and down in the engine, but .gifs and my current recording software can’t capture decent enough quality.

World 1: Wonder Marble

World 2: Canopy Cassiopeia

World 3: Coral Comet

World 4: Building Block Belt

World 5: Vulcan Zeta

World 6: Enigma Nebula

(Building Block Belt is definitely the less refined of illustrations, but I intend to improve it over time)

First sketch of 2017 and I continue with my obsession of Feyre and Rhys. Seriously, do I need help? Need to transfer the sketch onto watercolor paper and start coloring but damn adult responsibilities make my time very limited today. Anyone else hates to adult? I just wanna draw and paint all day!!!

Alright so, I asked people to send me two Overwatch characters so that I could swap their outfits, and I got more than one reply. Which means THERE WILL BE MORE. And trust me, this one is cute but the rest are gonna be horrendous (for various reasons). I’m so excited. 

This lovely match-up brought to you by @miss-april-ego-radio . Thanks babe.