illustration request


I went and drew a few of the requests I liked of characters wearing silly stuff. I MEANT FOR THESE TO BE SKETCHES, I SWEAR. Anyway, obviously these are for @corgisun, @stupidusernamepolicy, and @red-bonesaw.

I’ll be doing more suggestion drawings in my stream this afternoon at 4pm Central. So feel free to come hang out and watch!

anonymous asked:

I'm really ill at the moment but seeing your amazing art is cheering me up a bit so thank you :) could you please draw some more nervous Albus about starting Hogwarts? Maybe making friends with a sweet loving blond? Oh and do you have deviantart?

ooooh dear! thank you so much!!! I’m so happy my art makes you feel better!!!!❤❤❤
 Anyway I like your request, so I made this… I hope it’s what you wanted! :) I Really love Scoprius and Albus, I want to do more illustrations on them! <3

And no, sorry, I don’t have deviantart! but you can find me on instagram, Facebook and behance! ;)