illustration of icecream

SNAKE SOFT SERVE - posting this one all on it’s lonesome for a bit of an announcement!

If you want to see more regular updates (of art in general, or these snakes) I post to Instagram and Twitter more frequently.

I’ve also recieved a lot of questions/comments on wanting these as tattoos - I’m totally fine with you all doing that as long as credit is given! Once this series is wrapped up, I’ll be uploading actual flash as a pay-what-you-want PDF including cleaned up colors and lineart suitable to bring to a tattoo artist.  

I’m also getting a few comments about wanting these as pins, but I’m going to finish this series and prob ask for a vote on designs before I move forward with anything like that!

Thank you so much for the warm responses to this, it’s so neat to see something goofy that I’ve been working on for fun received so well!