illustration of a dumb joke i read


I’m getting a TON of messages asking if this blog is satire or a parody. I had ignored these until several people brought to my attention that even if this was a parody blog it still had the power to hurt the people that are most likely to read it. This blog was created as a joke between a friend and I, and we never expected it to actually get popular (not that it’s popular, but it’s more popular than we thought). So, YES, this is a parody blog meant to illustrate the extreme stupidity of the mentality that some allies might have. Obviously, it’s not to say all allies act like this — I would hope what I am conveying is a very extreme case of allydom (or “ally dumb” as it were). I’ll try to make it more clear that this blog is NOT meant to be taken literally, but I will still be posting the same stuff that I’ve been posting. Thanks, and sorry for the confusion.