illustration mermaid


A throwback to some illustrations of my Little Mermaid 2012′s version. I used to paint drawings with colored pencil before, but currently I’m only in the watercolor (rarely) or nankin. The quality of the drawings is not ok actually, but I tried my best fixing them on photoshop because colored pencil on the computer scan is just really shitty. I love the way I was bold on the colors, I mean, look at these tons of blue and green and those happy merpeople smiling and swimming around in so much colors haha. These are happy drawings, cause I was happy back then, but today I am just sad and gloomy in the darkness of the nankin ink. But I still smile lookin at them :D


A few of pieces from the Mermay/Metgala mashup series I did for #Mermay this year. From top to bottom: Zendaya in Dolce & Gabanna, Hailey Baldwin in Carolina Herrera, Rihanna in Commes des Garcons, and Solange in Thom Browne. Will be posting the rest tomorrow but for now they’re all on my instagram!