illustration is for closers

this self-publishing busines sure is making me uncomfortable

like I dunno i’m only getting paid $1 k per book (some not even) tut when hiring an illustrator the advance should be closer to $3k to $65 k plus 3% royalty, so this $25 for illustration thing seems really - wrong

it’s my 1st gig so I don’t want to be picky but this seems more like the thing i’d expect from a kid, not an adult

like damn maybe I should ask for $3k

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Is your animation school good? I mean, obviously it is because your animation is excellent, but I'm not sure how much of that is your hard work and talent and how much it is the school's teaching. Would you recommend it for an aspiring animator?

haha im glad my animation looks good to you!

to be honest, what im learning in this school, i could learn elsewhere.
animation is closer to science than illustration is, because whether something is well or badly animated is rarely up for debate, and its easy to find ressources to acquire the knowledge necessary to start animating. 

HOWEVER. before going to animation school, i had never taken any art lesson and let it be known that in 3 months of animation school, i had improved more than i had in 14 years of self-taught drawing.

sure, i wasnt a terrible artist before i went to animation school, but i wasnt very good either. theres nothing wrong with teaching yourself art but with guidance you will be much, much faster at learning and improving.
schools are nowhere near necessary, but god are they powerful.

i personally love my school and would recommend it to any aspiring animator whos the chill kind. do note that different schools fit some personalities better than others. in the end, if its a good animation school, youll learn stuff everyone learns in the other schools, except in a different way.

schools arent magical either. they provide a good working environment, people to guide you, different mediums to express yourself, models, but these things dont mean shit if you dont work hard.

tl;dr: schools arent mandatory but theyre good for you and will turn your potential into actual, tangible goodness (provided that you work hard for it)


Commander-Tribune Arlette Amon Rakaposhi Gorro

“Let it be known that Terra does not forget her allies. Nor do I forget mine, Branwen. I cannot be away from the Throneworld for long, but I promise you that we shall make Lupercal’s forces bleed.”

Shield-Captain model for my Talons of the Emperor detachment, based on @sisterofsilence‘s OC. Still needs some basing work, but I was super happy with a lot of this paint job so it’s getting an early share. :D

Tried a new shading method on the sword and I’m so-so on it… Under certain light it looks great, but I may go back and do more touch-ups.

In terms of kitbash bitz, the head is from Statuesque Miniatures (I’m assbutts at sculpting, otherwise would have attempted hair closer to illustrations), Force Gladius is a pair of Elf Phoenix Guard swords glued back-to-back, and the sheathed blade at her hip is from the Dragon Princes kit.

Closer look at Leiftan’s character design - Event’s illustration

Something kinda shook me when i got Leiftan’s illustration for the event. We had a big close-up on his gloves.

Look at his right hand. It basically looks like he had a chameleon on him. The texture of his gloves looks like  what a eldaryan chameleon leather would look like. 

The choice of this particular might be a coincidence or might hint to the fact that he’s in fact Ash? Having the ability to hide but also to adjust to his environment. I think it would be an interesting clue for the design team to leave…

He’s also surrounded by cloves, which - sure - reference the event and all, but also shows how lucky he is. Maybe how lucky he is to have been able to go on with his plans whatever they are for so long.

Finally, his facial expression is very interesting as well. I can’t decide if he looks angry or if he’s showing a victorious/mischievous smile. What a interesting expression to draw when a peaceful/happy would’ve probably done the trick and would’ve been more in character.