illustration hair

I’ve been working on my personal project (graphic novel/comic) for a while now, and this was painted to get a taste of the visual and the characters in a setting.

I’m still tweaking the story and characters, so the design is not final yet. I will post more WIPs and hopefully sketches in the future!

Aria and Louis, original characters.

some of you asked me to paint him, so here he is our foxboy Lucien (from A court of thorns and roses series) <3 hope you guys will like it and feel free to tell me which high lord do you want me to paint, as for the TOG characters i will paint them all too but bit later so i remember your requests<3


I Spy (again), with my little eye.

Having trouble uploading a high quality working gif here, so for a better wip video, please check out my ArtStation.

Prints available here!