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Watercolor Tutorial
EYES, NOSE, LIPS: You have to make a sketch of it first, then use pen for outlines and make sure that it is waterproof to avoid unexpected errors. Mix colors of your choice. Wet on wet technique is the key to mix it properly. Use white Signo Pen for highlights.

Burnt, brown, red, yellow and orange.
You can use both wet on wet and wet on dry technique. It is depends on your art style.

WET ON WET: Laying one color over another before it gets dry. This technique usually used for galaxy painting.

WET ON DRY: Waiting for the first color to dry completely before laying another color.

GRADIENT: Start off with dark tone and continue on laying your brush until you achieve a fading effects.

DRY BRUSH: Your brush should be slightly wet.

First layer for petal, shape the drops, put shadows and highlights. Use white signo pen for reflection.

More water to the color the lighter it gets

Thank you! I hope this will help you 😍

How to Explain Supernatural:  An Illustrated Guide

1. These are Sam and Dean, the main characters.  

They cause the apocalypse a lot.

You will be sexually attracted to them. 

2.  This is Castiel. 

He’s the show’s most powerful and dangerous main character.

No, seriously, I mean it.

3.  They all love each other.  So, naturally, they spend the next eleven years subjecting one another to the worst forms of pain imaginable. 

Like heartbreak and betrayal. 

And, of course, endless sexual frustration.

4.   You will also become incredibly emotionally attached to these characters. Then, the writers will proceed to brutally torture and kill them before your eyes.

Over and over again. 

But seriously, it’s a really fun show.

5.  They also have some great secondary characters for you to fall in love with!

Then, of course, you’ll have to watch them all die horribly.  But hey, it was fun while it lasted!

6. There are a few exceptions, of course.  Like God. 

(As you can see, they’re extremely conservative in their portrayal of omnipotent theistic beings.)

7.  Or the king of hell.

8.  And who can forget the longest surviving characters of all?

9.  And finally, once you watch it, all these GIFs will make perfect sense to you.

No, seriously, I swear.



Books Every Black Child Should Read 

Nappy Hair -  Carolivia Herron, Joe Cepeda (Illustrator)

The Snowy Day -  Ezra Jack Keats

Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters -  John Steptoe

Meet Addie - American Girl Story 

“Her Stories: African American Folktales, Fairy Tales, and True Tales” - Virginia Hamilton

Daddy and Me -  Jeanne Moutoussamy-Ashe

Dancing In The Wings - Debbie Allen

Something Beautiful - Sharon Dennis Wyeth

This is a project for school
We had to make a post card with our own art on it. I really want to make a field guide of some sort with my boyfriend. He’s really good at writing descriptions for fantasy creatures. So ignore the date and stuff cus this is not a real thing (yet!!)

sincerelydorky  asked:

I would like to know how to respond when I see xenophobia in public and if the person being harassed would want me to step in and say something. I don't want to be racially insensitive and some tips when I see harassment would be helpful. Thank you.

Months ago, I came across a bystander’s guide to Islamophobic harassment created by an illustrator and filmmaker who goes by Maeril. You can check out her Tumblr page here. Her guide explains how to react when you see Islamophobic harassment or really any type of xenophobic harassment in public.

The guide illustrates when you see xenophobic harassment, then one should ignore the attacker and engage the person being harassed. I thought this technique was really interesting and can be applied to any sort of xenophobic incident we come across.

In psychology, we’re taught about the bystander effect which is a phenomenon where people do not help a victim when other people are present. We always expect someone else to step in. Well, when everyone has that mentality, then who will help the victim? No one. We have a responsibility to stand up for others when we see an injustice committed. I’ve seen a couple viral videos of someone on a plane or train getting verbally harassed and a common theme I’ve noticed is that people will record the incident or tweet about it but rarely will anyone actually intervene and help the victim of the harassment.

I think that the person being harassed would want someone to step in and ask if they’re okay. It’s always safer to only interact with the victim and see if they need help being escorted to a safe space away from the person harassing them. If you feel comfortable escorting them, then do that and follow up to see if the person is fine before leaving. In some cases, based on your judgement, you may need to call the authorities.

How to be a Parent:  An Illustrated Guide, by John Winchester.

1.  The first thing you need to acknowledge is that being a parent is scary.  It’s a big commitment, it’s full of trials and tribulations, and it will, in all likelihood, lead to your immediate death.

2.  And even if it doesn’t, it will most definitely lead to the immediate death of your significant other.  

But fear not!  With these helpful tricks of the trade, you’ll get “this parenting thing” down in no time at all!

3.  Feeling overwhelmed by your responsibilities as a parent?  Need a break?  Don’t worry!  There’ll always be a small child available to do it for you!

4.  And the best part is, once they get old enough, you won’t even have to worry about providing them with emotional support!  They’ll just rely completely on each other!  

(Of course, there’s always the chance of developing unhealthy codependency, but you can deal with that later.)

5.  In fact, there are few responsibilities children can’t carry on their tiny, impressionable shoulders.  Worried about home security?  Buy the little suckers a gun!

6.  Running low on cash?  Teach ‘em to hustle pool!

7.  But don’t feel too guilty if they start taking up illegal activities as a lifestyle – I’m sure that has nothing to do with you.

And if, by chance, they DO resort to stealing food for some shallow, self-centered reason like “feeding his little brother” or whatever, don’t hesitate to leave the little rugrats to rot.  Tough love all the way!

8.  Similarly, don’t feel bad if in spite of your best efforts, some of your kids still turn out to disappoint you, doing something stupid.  Like attending an ivy league college instead of hunting vampires like the rest of us.  What a goddamn loser.    

9.  Still find yourself getting tired of them?  Don’t worry!  It’s never too late for straight-up abandonment!  

10.  And if you don’t agree with this list of rules, that’s fine.  Go ahead.  Be a loving, kindhearted father.  It worked out just great for all the other parents on this show. 

Note:  For surrogate parents, this may not apply.