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🐱Un fanart qui traînait dans le tirroir.


Hey! This is a super technical post sorry, but i’ve gotten several questions about how I do texturing so I thought I’d share! Here’s the topology and texture map for the kid I just posted. Most of the models I make use maps of gradient blocks made with Illustrator, that I then apply to each model. I use cinema4D for the whole modeling and mapping process.

Since gradients can be stretched horizontally without losing quality, it lets me keep the texture maps super tiny. Most 3D software will also smooth them out vertically, filling in gradient values that aren’t stored as pixels in the texture map. Most models I make use 32x32 or 64x64 textures and most characters (like this one) are 256x256. In a modern game engine, using such low cost methods per object lets you populate the world with more stuff!

Illustrators, cartoonists, and designers of the world! Don’t forget to send in your application to Linework NW! This is one of the most fun, most unique illustration and comics shows in the nation, bar none. Applications are NOW OPEN! The deadline to apply is January 15th!

You can apply right here!


hi so ive applied for like 3 jobs and havent had any luck so if anyone wants to commission any of my art that would be cool or a sticker like one of these with whatever you want on it, im up to drawing anything and will literally do whAtever. i really enjoy doing portraits if you have any requests

u can see more of my stuff at wormjunkie , my art is tagged /mine

Artist to Harper: I Will Tweet One Portrait of a Missing/Murdered Woman Each Day

Toronto-based cartoonist and illustrator Evan Munday is applying his talents to a campaign to raise consciousness about Canada’s missing or murdered Indigenous women (often referred to as MMIW). Actually, the consciousness he’s interested in raising is that of a specific person: Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Munday has pledged to tweet one portrait of a missing or murdered woman to Harper every day. Here’s how his announcement unfolded on his @idontlikemunday Twitter feed:

Look, it’s a hard proven statistical fact that the US has the worst health care system in the world, and by worst I mean highest money spent on health care (around double of what the average country in Europe spends) with the least relative resulting effectiveness. 

In other words: the American health care system is fucking expensive and doesn’t fucking work, and this, kids, is a perfect illustration of why applying free market principles to health care is a bad, bad idea.

Commissioning An Artist For An Illustration? Read this first.

This is sort of a what’s what when it comes to hiring a professional/senior level artist to do an illustration for you. This applies to short commissions, not projects. Projects are a very different beast, and are approached differently. I’m covering short commissions that take a week or less.

Please - if you’re considering hiring me, or another professional artist that does similar work, read this.

1. RATES:  We are professionals. We are going to charge you our professional rate. I will be open, I charge 50/hour. Most people are fine with that rate because they know I have six years of experience, and a title for each year with at least three more in the next year. But some people just straight up cancel not realizing that I will not be charging “tumblr” prices for an illustration. I did not put in over 30k hours of practise and work to charge amateur rates.

EDIT: I charge by the hour because I know how long things will take me. It depends on a few things things that you - the client - want: 

Level of Detail - including amount of colour, black and white obviously takes less time 
Number of Characters

2. BE VERY CLEAR WITH YOUR COMMUNICATION: I’m pretty smart, but I’m not a mind reader. You have to tell me exactly what you need, especially if you need it on a tight deadline. Some examples:

  • CHARACTERS: Who is present and what do they look like? What are they wearing? What are they doing?
  • LOCATION: Where are they? What time of day is it? If it’s just a colour key background, tell me. It’s cheaper for you anyway.
  • MOOD: This one is of omni-importance, and in the words of JonTron, I just put the prefix omni on there, that’s how important it is. This one thing can clear up the first two if I (or others) still have questions.

3. PREPAREDNESS: If you have an idea, but it’s not fully fleshed out - do not approach me yet. Flesh your idea out, we will waste a ton of time going back and forth brainstorming on your idea. I’m not working for you, you aren’t paying me to be a creative, you’re paying me to create a one-time thing. THAT SAID if you are open to suggestions, and telling me to go wild, then I absolutely will. But you cannot get angry at me for doing just that.

4. PAYMENT: I usually ask for 50% upon commencement, and 50% upon completion. There are exceptions that I make. If you can pay up front, then that would be even better and you can expect faster turn around.

5. LEGAL Any short commission work I do is considered WORK-FOR-HIRE unless otherwise stated. This means that it belongs to you, once I hand it to you. I can make no legal claims to it.

6. POST-COMMISSION After I submit the work, and you have given your approval - the payment should arrive within the next twenty four (24) hours unless otherwise negotiated.

Hopefully these makes your negotiations easier.

“Vending call out for Black Artist, Creatives and Makers in Toronto for this upcoming Black Artist Market.

If you are an ally please share with any black artist/ makers and creative that you think might be interested

I genuinely encourage everyone to apply! If you are a black artist who makes your own anime, APPLY! If you are a black Farmer, Apply! If you are a black photographer, Apply! If you are a black illustrator, APPLY! If you are black jewelry maker or designer, Apply! If you are a black artist, maker or creative, and you are not sure if you should submit/apply, email me so we can talk about it … and then APPLY!

Submissions will be accepted until Friday, September 16, 2016. If you want to be a vendor at the market send an email to with following:
Your Name,
A bit about yourself and your art
Name of your business (if applicable)
What you want to sell

I am unbelievably excited about this and what will be born from this. I am also excited to witness the brilliance of black artists in Toronto”