illustration agent

I’m pissed May’s an LMD but I still can’t get over Phil in this scene. Just. Look. At. Him. Not only does he sit down c o m p l e t e l y emulating her posture.

He then goes and does t h i s? (what even is this?)

daydreaming much buddy? like… look he literally just pulls his legs far enough apart for this to be possible:

*i apologize for the quick photoshopping but I must s t r e s s that absolutely nothing was resized for this I just flipped Melinda around.

In summary: phil coulson has a huge crush on melinda may and so do I


Since Miles tweeted it, here’s the project I was working on.

It’s RvB Werewolves Mercenaries!

Had this idea kicking around for at least a year and all the support for my inktober drawings finally convinced me to do it. Plays just like the normal game, the cards are just renamed and reskinned. 

Sent them a second pack to possibly raffle off this weekend, so keep an eye out on Extra Life.