Brian Coldrick

Dublin-born illustrator and artist Brian Coldrick has made his home in London to pursue his passion for the macabre and terrifying. His ongoing series ‘Behind You’ depicts various horrors following the protagonists around, sometimes as static but artful illustrations, sometimes spiced up with bits of animation. The atmospheric and toned-down drawings, reminiscent of a stylish, modern children’s book, hide all sorts of lonely ghosts, monsters from ancient folklore and present-day terrors. Brian claims that he enjoys the illusive nature of internet horror stories, particularly real-life scenarios, as those leave a lot of gaps left for the reader to fill in themselves.

Keep up with Brian on his Tumblr, Twitter and Tapastic account

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Agnieszka Żurawska, Poland : Sailing Superstitions


Sailing Superstitions: each tattoo tells a story of one superstition.   Head and upper back tattoo: Why bananas on board were believed to bring bad luck. Lower back tattoo: Bad days to set sail and why. Arm tattoo: Why do we christen a ship by cracking a bottle of champagne. Leg tattoo: Why you shouldn’t say “pig” on board.