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*Rebecca Black’s voice* It’s friday friday, it’s tutorials time on friday! - last week I asked which tutorial would you like and some of you said noses, o here you are! I hope these tips will be useful, here you can see some examples of the structure I use to draw the noses. Check all my tutorials on my instagram account ☺️💪🏻 or on my tumblr: #akitutorials #motivationfriday



I made a bunch of D&D themed notebooks and uploaded them to my shop! There are 3 designs to choose from and they’re all filled with 24 pages of glorious dot grid paper. Perfect for all your dungeon building, character doodling, DM destroying needs.

Check them out here! 

15 Art Ideas For When You Feel Stuck~
  1. Create an emotion through art (draw sadness, paint excitement)
  2. Portray your inner thoughts through a piece
  3. Illustrate your best friend in your favorite media
  4. Draw something that challenges you, even if you think it will not turn out great
  5. Make a mess
  6. Work with your favorite quote
  7. Work with your favorite song lyrics
  8. Recreate an old piece
  9. Do a study on another artist
  10. Display your biggest fears through your art
  11. Make a collage
  12. Draw your favorite style of architecture
  13. Paint with your hands
  14. Sketch the first plant you find outside
  15. Draw yourself