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I had a random thought the other day - while I spend a lot of time reading fanfic, i never really write any, and that got me thinking about people who do write fanfic, so! Are you ever/Have you ever been in a fandom but not felt any desire to write fic, or does being a fan of a thing bring forth the fic ideas for you? No pressure to answer if you don't feel like it! Thanks for all you do for the fancommunity!!

I suppose it depends on how “in fandom” is defined. There are certainly canons I like where I wouldn’t say I was “in the fandom”, but I don’t know how I’d quantify that if pressed. Fandom is more than writing fanfic, for sure; there are other aspects like engaging in discussion, reading articles, following the canon creators, enjoying and sharing fan content. 

Like…Yuri on Ice is a great example. I’ve watched the show, I’ve written a little bit of fanfic, and I pick up information about it here and there, but I don’t seek that information out, and I don’t share it in the form of fannish essays or discussion online. Am I in the fandom? Probably not. But I have a lot of friends who are, so maybe I am? It’s hard to say. 

There are canons I enjoy in a fannish sense, where I not only experience the canon but also seek out other information, and yet I don’t tend to talk about the shows or write fic for them. I will say that there are also fandoms where I have written a lot of fanfic but writing fanfic is most of what I’ve done – I haven’t contributed to discussions, read behind-the-scenes interviews, or even read other peoples’ writing. Like, I was considered a pretty prominent writer in Harry Potter, but I very rarely read any other Harry Potter fanfic. I was in that fandom, but….not in the way someone else might be. 

On that note I think it’s also different for me as someone who is prominent in fandom as a whole – the way other fans interact with my work can sometimes be a little different from the average fannish experience, which can impact whether someone ELSE thinks I’m in a fandom. There have been fandoms where I most assuredly wasn’t a member, but if I liked the canon I made a remark about it and because of my prominence it was taken as a….political move, as a statement, when really I was just shooting the shit. It’s hard to know how others see our places in fandom. Definitely people will read this and go “Hey who the fuck does this guy think he is, I’ve never heard of him” and also people who will go “Ohhhh yeah I remember that.” 

This is probably a much deeper meditation on fandom than you really meant to ask for :D But overall, I’ve had varying levels of involvement in fandoms over the years, but if I was ever in or even within breathing distance of a fandom, I’ve usually written something for it. 

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My husband and I visited your stand at thought bubble last year (he was dressed as O'Malley), and after having had Widdershins on my to read list since at least then, I've finally just binged it, and oh my goooooooosh. Your writing is so amazing, and I kept finding myself putting 2+2 together about two pages before the reveal, which to mean is such a satisfying feeling, and all of the characters are wonderful and unique and fantastic. I am so excited for every update now. Please never stop!!

Aw, what a great message to get, thank you so much! I’m so glad you both enjoy it :3 I’m especially glad the various reveals are playing out pleasingly, finally giving out information I’ve been holding onto for like.. years now is really thrilling, haha! Looking forward to doing it some more, no stopping me now :)

Thank you again, and tell your husband from me that he is AWESOME, that cosplay was so flippin’ perfect it blew me away, for serious! That was my day/year/life made right there.

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re: gender non-conforming - personally, I hatehatehatehate that term. :/ it implies a necessary link between gender presentation and gender identity and that anyone who doesn't present in a way that fits the traditional binary gender roles must be nonbinary and that anyone who does present in a way that fits the traditional binary gender roles must be binary. (and on a personal level: i am conforming to a gender - MY gender, not anyone else's.)

I can understand that! I know what you mean too, because there’s something about it that rubs me up the wrong way. It’s like cis binary people are pointing at me, accusing me of wrongness and not conforming to their gender rules, and I find that unpleasant.

I’ll bet there are a lot of people out there who are holding “gender non-conforming” from a place of power and pride, too, like “screw you and your gender norms, I’m not going to conform” - and that’s awesome! But I just can’t make myself feel that way about the term.

I agree with you that gendered behaviour and gendered presentation are not necessarily linked to gender identity, and I am specifically looking into gender identity and language. If my interest was more about presentation or behaviour, I think gender non-conforming would perhaps be a more suitable term to have in the title? It’s hard to say, it’s not an area I know much about!

I guess whatever term ends up being used for the survey (and more widely used generally) will be hated by a bunch of people, which is annoying and hard to work around.


We passed the halfway point of the year a few weeks ago, so we’re now officially on the build-up to the winter holidays! (Or my birthday, but I’m pretty sure no one else here celebrates that.)

For the last two years, I’ve been doing custom Christmas Cards for my parents, and I’ve decided to finally offer these as a commission option!
While I’ve previously only done Christmas Cards, there’s no limit on what occasion you could order these for!

The image itself will be a flat rate of £35 for up to 3 SLFPs + background. Additional SLFPs £10 each
Printing will be charged at cost, if you want me to get them printed for you, or I can provide whatever filetypes your preferred printers want or need. (I use MOO for all my printing - average cost of about 80p/card)

Lead Time
For these in particular, I’m enforcing a strict lead time of at least 4 weeks - the best option for postage with MOO is 7 days, and I only work on Saturdays at the moment.

For the Winter Holidays, the deadline to order custom cards is 1st October.

To order, please email

New Commission Information

Alright, having ironed out some wrinkles in the system, and having stress tested the old computer a bit more, here’s how commissions are going to work until I can get a new computer:

Email me at with any requests. Include as much detail as you possibly can. You’ll then be asked to choose X number of 2 hour time blocks during which you’ll be available to give feedback on the work. I’ve found this is the fastest way for me to work, and it means you get to see every stage of the project, and give your input.

I’m still operating at slightly reduced rates given I know I can’t do some of the things I’d like to do. Art Nouveau is still a No Go until further notice.

Full Colour Digital Bust or SLFP - £20
Includes choice of cell shading or ‘painted’ shading.
(Additional figures costed depending on level of detail, and level of interaction between them required.)

Watercolour SLFP - £20 + Postage
You get the original!
(Additional figures as above.)

Simple Colour Digital Bust or SLFP - £15
(Additional figures as above.)

Line-only Digital Bust or SLFP - £10
(Additional figures as above.)

Other Traditional Media Projects - £25 Base Rate + £8/hr after 2hrs, + Postage

Questions should go in the reblogs or asks here, requests should be emailed to me.

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Sam, has anyone yet told you about Japadog? It's a Vancouver, BC thing, so I know it's well out of your way, but I think they're the kind of success story you'd like, even if I have no idea how your supertaster tongue would feel about the fusion of Japanese food and hot dogs.

Okay but I tend to really love the flavors in Japanese cooking and this food looks FUCKING AMAZING. I need to taste a lot of these hot dogs and EsPECIALLY the croquette dog, the avocado dog, the kobe beef with SELECT KETCHUP, the fried bun with ice cream, and the butter-and-shoyu fries. 

VANCOUVER! *shakes fist*

Actually it looks like there’s one in LA and I may be in LA next July, so. I WILL HUNT IT DOWN. 


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Hey! I'm a artist doing commission work, and I would love to do art of fanwalkers! I'm unfortunately too busy to offer trades, but my prices are slightly negotiable and I do offer student/unemployed discounts. My art tumblr is at illustratedjai-art and my commission information is on the sidebar. If you'd like more of a write up or anything, just let me know. :) - Jai

Ah! thank you for coming forwards we appreciate it! We’ll put your name down and your url ready for the page’s completion. I understand that not everyone can do art trades, that option wasn’t compulsory. So thank you none the less! 

- Thalia mod

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I know I've seen you guys talk about the side zip binders, but I've read through the FAQ and am having a hard time finding the mention on tumblr, so if you've already answered this, I'm really sorry! Will the side-zip binders be getting their own entry on the store envy at some point, or does that fall under custom cut? Sorry to bug you if you've already answered this! and thank you so much for all that you do!!!

Hello, friend! When you sent this in, we hadn’t listed it yet! It is listed now! 

And it is totally okay to ask, no problem! We are super glad to finally be ready to make a jillion more of these, so freakin go for it <3

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Samantha Traynor, Mordin Solus, Garrus Vakarian

I would get drunk with Mordin because I think we could talk for ages about our passions for science and generally how awesome everything is. And also salarians don’t do sex or relationships so I couldn’t do that to him! I think Sam and Garrus are both pretty good candidates for the other two but obviously I would marry Sam because I love her. And I’m pretty sure Garrus would be able to show me a good time. And if turians really existed I’m pretty sure I’d be really curious about what it would be like to have sex with them. (Also Jai!! <3 I hope you are doing well.)