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“Cat-Scan” Unisex T-Shirts now available!

There are only 24 of these limited edition bad boys left, in sizes Small to XL, so check out my Etsy and grab one before they’re gone!

(Also available as a really cool print 👀)

✨International Postage Available✨



New Hyrule Stable & Inn T-shirt with front and back design!

Beedle T-shirt!

Unisex/Men’s Prince Sidon Fan Club T-shirt!


Yo folks, here’s me pretending to be a hip fashion model at the ripe age of four-and-thirty!

Anyway I’ve got the easiest T-shirt DIY tip for you. let’s call it a “beach cut tee”:

1. Purchase The Unicorn Moon T-shirt. Design by yours truly. For sizing reference, I have a women’s fitted XL shirt on me and I’m 5′10″. The color here is Tri-Black. You can also get a variety of different colored tees with the same design. Or tees with different designs. (Oh and by the way – today sunday 7/23/2017 you get 20% off + free shipping on everything in my shop. Wink wink nudge nudge.)

2. Take a pair of scissors. Any scissors will do, really. I think I used nail scissors.

3. Cut off the sleeves and neckline. Cut the sleeves below the shoulder seam but you can leave more or less sleeve on the shirt, as you like. No need to measure things or worry about straight lines. Nothing straight over here! The more crooked, the better, actually. In fact your cutting should be no less crooked than Snape’s nose.

4. Voilà! You are done. (: