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I’ve been picking at this comic for over a month now, scratching away at it when feeling absolutely blocked as a means of therapy.

It’s like a year since this game came out, but I absolutely adore Bloodborne and I can’t get enough of the lore and story. I’ve never seen such an eloquent explanation for a player character’s constant death and rebirth. The Hunter’s tortured soul, unable to die, cursed to seek the thrills of the Hunt. There are so many little stories like this one, tucked away in the game and item descriptions if you want to find them, but not forced upon you if you don’t. 

journal page 44/?
reposting this in early morning light but tumblr quality just won’t do it justice idk

journal page 45/?
I have uni in 2h but im in pyjamas and watching cartoons life is wonderful


Hey there, happy 2017! Even though this past year was tough for many, let’s hope we can start this next chapter positively. My first resolution is to actually finish my holiday comics on time…!