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Ceratopsian Month #20 – Styracosaurus albertensis

The last centrosaur for this month is one of the most distinctive and recognizable of all ceratopsians – the elaborate Styracosaurus (“spiked lizard”).

Known from Alberta, Canada, about 75 million years ago, it was part of the Centrosaurini branch of the centrosaur evolutionary tree, closely related to both Centrosaurus and Coronosaurus. Many fossils have been found in several different bonebeds, including some nearly complete skeletons with body lengths of around 5.5m (18′).

There was a lot of variation in the frill ornamentaion between different Styracosaurus individuals. They could have either two or three pairs of very long spikes at least 50cm long (19″), along with various smaller hooks, knobs, or tab-shaped projections.

The long nose horn was also very variable between specimens, with some pointing slightly backwards, some being straight, and others pointing forwards. Juveniles are known to have had small pointed brow horns which became even more reduced in adults.

Tomorrow we’re moving on to the chasmosaurs, so here’s the centrosaur evolutionary tree:


Swan queen! Started with some loose linework but I jumped to paint pretty quickly because it’s easier for me to see if things are working or not in color blocks. Here’s my first process gif ever… enjoy haha! I can do that more in the future if people are interested. 

Wip of my very last parrot piece - Special thanks to Mozambo for letting me use the track “To Describe You” in this video!

This painting is going to be the basis of a colouring template for my new colouring book “Colour Zone Volume 2″

Colour Zone Volume 1 is already out on Amazon :) -

A little fanart for the game What remains of Edith Finch. Featuring Edith and her brothers. I really like story given games (And this game was almost nothing but walking around a huge story) but the different mediums they use to let you explore the stories are great, e.g. the comic, the photos, etc. nice little game.

(And Giant Sparrows other little game The Unfinished Swan is apparently based around Milton, sort of …kind of… but before Milton in this story existed…..but after … the ness……. yeah that)