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i did this piece a while ago for a friend’s first solo-curated gallery so i think it’s okay to post :O!!! it’s a big one. the theme was “quiet moments” and i wanted to depict the wonder you feel as a child when it comes to exploration and the unknown at one of the quietest times of day (5 am)

Tribute to the amazing Netflix show “Anne with an E”. Its so well done, so well cast and well acted. If you like stories that focus on characters, not high concept plot, I say watch this!

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Commission for a little canadian fabric shop. The whole composition is based on the original tales. This work really exausted me, the worst part was balance colors and composition, but at least i’m satisfied. Some zoom on the single character may help you see better all the details :)

He may be a pilfering pest, but Newt still loves the Niffler!


Here is the cover and a small sampling of interiors from the upcoming children’s book I illustrated called Pop! written by Jason Carter Eaton and published by First Second. The story is delightful, charming, and surprising and I really enjoyed fleshing it out with pictures. This boy’s determination seriously has no limitations- it’s crazy.

The book will be available July 3, 2018 and is available for preorder here!

Sigo probando pinceles, aprovecho de hacer Wonder Woman. Que ganas tengo de verla!!  – I’m still trying on new brushes, I did Wonder Woman. I want to watch the movie!! #illustration #wonderwoman #mujermaravilla #dccomics #ilustracion


Stephen Reid (1873–1948)

Scottish illustrator and painter who specialised in Georgian settings and costume pieces. (Wikipedia)

From our stacks: Title page and illustrations from The Magic Casement. An Anthology of Fairy Poetry. Edited with an Introduction by Alfred Noyes. Illustrated by Stephen Reid. New York: E. P. Dutton & Co., 1908.