illustrated bites

I’ve gotten a bit stressed lately and wanted to draw something happy to cheer me up, so i thought of these two
And yes its based on z-toons avatar YES
I thought it would be cute to see Aiden give Pish a matching pink hoodie :’^)
KNL origins part 3 will be posted after a little surprise..
Aiden belongs to @z-t00n and Pish belongs to meee


FAN ART DUMP 3/3 !! Actually a Kid N’ Leviathan spam because I’ve been drawing these two a BUNCH lately
Note to the KNT fandom: THIS IS NOT CANNON !!
But– I do have permission from Z-t00ns about this, just so yknow !
Aiden belongs to @z-t00n and Pish belongs to me !
Expect Kid N Leviathan spams more often;; im trying to get rid of art block ahaha
Drawing these two gives me some time to practice some poses too :^D

First teaser poster of the first major project I am working on: KNL ORIGINS !
I’m sooo excited to start working on chapter 1 ! It will be a complete illustrated story that will be posted here on my tumblr !
Characters featured here belong to me and @z-t00n (I have their permission !) respectively !
I hope you are all looking forward to the story and hope you’ll enjoy it !

Kid N Leviathan doodle
“Gotcha Pish !”
Now about chapter 1 part 2, i had to remake it when i got back from vacation because i didnt like how it was before i left :^( so it may be a while longer for part 2 to be done
Hope you’ll be patient with it !
Aiden belongs to @z-t00n :^)
Also, again, for those who still wont listen, YES Z-T00N IS COMPLETELY ALRIGHT WITH THE KID N LEVIATHAN PROJECT