illust: rahwia


Gorgeous PV. So gorgeous.

Amazing singing. It’s hard not to tear up when he starts to cry as well.

“Pierrot” or “Clown” covered by Senka, PV by RAHWIA, originally produced by KEI, and sung by Miku.

English translation:

I’m ok, I’m ok, I’m the clown
The clown of this small circus, named Pierrot.

Perfectly round, like the moon is
I’m over the ball keeping the balance
Suddenly I fell down loudly
It’s my work to be laughed at

Then I saw you crying in your seat
Don’t do such a sad face
The tears of wich neither your papa or mama knows
I noticed and I’m going to wipe them

“I’m ok! I’m ok! Don’t bother for me!
Just laugh!”
It’s ok! It’s ok! The one who fell down awkwardly
It’s me, the clown that balances on the ball: Pierrot.

You didn’t stop crying and said:
“Your lie is sad”
“Don’t be sad for just one lie!”
As I said those words you were crying again

“At the bottom of the mask that you are wearing
Show the face that you covered, your real face
When you’re hurted say it and when you’re angry just yell
Because you don’t need to be ashamed

It’s ok! It’s ok! You don’t need to be laughed at
And you can’t even tell lies
It’s ok! It’s ok! You don’t need to bear it
Cry together with me”

It’s ok, I’’s ok you found it out
I was about to forget my real face
“I’m ok, I’m ok” it seems to be totally magic
Now the liar clown, pierrot, will not disappear anymore

(Translation from here.)

I’m really going to miss the Senka and RAHWIA PVs. They were great at story telling, and it made my day to watch new ones.

But I found RAHWIA’s deviantART! –>

Not sure what Senka is up to though. Considering he stopped using that name and all it’s kind of hard to keep track.


Mostrando el coraje de no necesitar a nadie
incluso ahora, estoy llorando en el otro lado
el hecho de que estás vivo, no es notado por nadie

El yo, que no puede amar a nadie

El yo, que no buscará a nadie

Así es, estás solo

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Holy shit, Tohma x Akiakane x Senka c RAHWIA!? WHAT IS THIS GLORIOUS TEAM!!??

MOAR MOAR!! //bricked

Now, waitng for Senka’s version.