illust: fujima takuya

Well, I just got my hands on some high quality scans of Vivid Style, Illustrations by Fujima Takuya.

I’m thinking about slowly posting them from the other blog, but while I was thinking that, I couldn’t help but make this one observation: all the characters depicted in these pictures are almost always looking straight at the viewer. As in, they’re shown looking “into the camera” so to speak, and thus making eye-contact with the person looking at the picture.

Next time you see standalone Nanoha illustrations (those not part of a page of manga) see if you notice this and ask yourself why that is.

What an awesome looking End card for Flag, Instantly recognized the art style, it was Fujima Takuya Who did the art for Negima Neo! and some various doujinshi artwork, love his extremely colorful style, stands out to me.Should check some out of his other drawings, yeah they are real good(IS/AB).Reminds me of Naruko and his designs for Gargantia.

Well looks like they left out the Megumu sleeping with Hatate scene, but i can forgive them for instead making everyone such lovable characters.And yep i knew it, Megumu is another Kana Hanazawa  Charles dunois and Natsume Tsuchimikado and it is AWESOME. its already almost Haganai.

Manga Recommendation! :3 

Free Collars Kingdom. 

It’s not all that well known (probably since it’s only a manga) but it’s super cute with Nekos galore. 


Cyan is a young Abyssinian cat who lives with a boy named Kokoro and his parents in Ikebukuro. When Kokoro becomes sick, his parents abandon Cyan, leaving him in the basement of their apartment complex. Soon he discovers a group of stray cats called the “Free Collars”, who control East Ikebukuro and believe that collars hold down cats’ “Wild Spirit”. Cyan is given the opportunity to join, provided that he removes his collar, the symbol that he is still Kokoro’s pet.


It’s a nice read with a great story. Interesting characters and just enough ecchi to get you through the day. 

Would you like to see more recommendations for Manga/Anime? 

I’ll gladly do more! :3