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It’s ironic how we can feel crushed over rejection from a crush. Well, maybe that’s why they call it a crush. Nine times out of ten, we crush on people we barely even know. Our minds pick up the littlest details & unconsciously build them up to be better than what they probably are. We create a illusion primarily based off of potential; characteristics & emotions that do not exist, or at least not yet. Many times we crush on those who are way out of our league. The feeling isn’t reciprocated & we’re momentarily crushed; not because we’re genuinely heartbroken, but because our illusion is destroyed. *Tip: Do not become infatuated with potential! -{YR, Simply-Complx}

Danny's obsession is being human

Danny is dead, and his obsession is being human.  His first thought on waking up was, “no, I can’t be a ghost,” not, “I can’t be dead,” or something, because all he’d ever been taught is that ghosts are evil.  That’s why he always talks about “humans” instead of “the living” or some-such.  Maybe being in the portal made him especially powerful, allowing him to make a perfect simulation of a living body.  It’s his obsession that allows him to pass through ectoplasm.  Desirée and the Ghost writer can bend reality in the service of their obsessions, and Danny can as well.  That’s why he’s so quick to rid himself of his powers more than once.  If heroism was his obsession, he wouldn’t be able to consider being normal.  That’s why the ghost catcher didn’t actually make one half completely human, because it can’t change his nature.  That’s why Dan went insane and merged with Plasmius, because being separated destroyed the illusion that he was still at least partly human.  The “human” half was an empty shell anyway and wouldn’t have lasted.  The same thing didn’t happen with the ghost catcher because it just split Danny in two instead of ripping out his soul, although Phantom might have gone insane eventually if they hadn’t rejoined.

Vlad isn’t dead.  The reason he got sick wasn’t because of a soda, but because he still had real living flesh being poisoned by his ectoplasm.  It was as though he was possessing his own body.  That might also be why he went insane. 

An hour or a day.

We’ve had a bit of a rough year haven’t we guys?

Since season 5 began I’ve had this idea that Olicity would only ever come back together if they were forced into a confrontation. When I say confrontation, I don’t necessarily mean an argument – though that would be pretty good, because arguing means feelings and feelings mean desire and so on and so forth – I do however mean that they would both HAVE to spend time with each other, whether they like it or not. Alone. Together. And they would have no choice.

When promotional info/spoilers started to circulate about episode 20 I kind of flailed like a lunatic. 

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It’s exactly the type of thing I’ve been waiting for – though I’m holding back in case what we think is going to happen is actually completely different. But there’s a reason I’m bringing this up.

All season long Oliver and Felicity have avoided a) being alone together unless absolutely necessary, b) taboo subjects that require the climbing of the walls they’ve built and c) talking. Just plain talking about their day, about what troubles them. Knowing a person like that implies intimacy and neither can stand that with the other because it’s painful, remember?

They haven’t been there for each other. At all. Not emotionally. Not physically.

Professionally they’re 100% in the zone in a way they weren’t even in season ½.

The few times an emotionally charged subject was touched upon this season, you felt it between them. And I’m talking not about episode 5 where they both decide to be big dumb-asses and try to move on. That’s just them TRYING.

I’m talking about subjects that infer that neither is healed.

In episode 10, Laurel’s reappearance and Billy the goat’s death created an atmosphere between them that hurt the professional façade they’ve built around them like armour. They managed to work around it. It happened again in episode 16, but Felicity fended it off.

Neither of them have REALLY talked to each other in the entirety of the season.

And, if we’re correct, episode 20 is ALL about them being ALONE. TOGETHER. TALKING. ARGUING. SOMETHING. ANYTHING. But they’ll be together without an audience where they can be as honest as they need to be, knowing they can’t escape each other as they possibly confront the source of every emotion they’ve held in check for over a year.

It’s like saying “hey, you’ve both avoided it and pushed it aside, now want it or not, it’s in your face. Deal with it.”

It’s like the writers KNOW.

But, that’s it. That’s all it would take to bring Olicity back together.

Of course, there are addendum’s: it depends on the circumstances of being ‘underneath’ wherever they are, it depends on what happens in episode 19, it depends on how the flashbacks are going to go, it depends on whether Oliver understands what it takes to be the light, it depends, it depends…I’m also decidedly NOT saying that the episode will lead to a reunion because I have no idea. But this is what I’ve been waiting for all season.

Honestly, I do think they’ve pushed it a bit in regards to pacing.

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For example Prometheus’s reveal wasn’t a surprise because they waited so long for the reveal that we figured it out weeks ago.

Also, PR? It sucks. The CW guys who edit for the trailers suck even harder: they’ve made some of the episodes look so much worse than what they are. A lot of people didn’t watch episode 16 because they made the episode look like a Snoozan fest, except it WASN’T. It was about Oliver realising where his strengths are. It was about him realising how blind he’s been. About him realising the little things he’s missed. It was glorious and people didn’t watch it because of the bloody trailer. Idiots.

And in this episode, for the first time in a long while, we glimpsed Oliver. Felicity’s Oliver. He’s noticed and he’s worried and he wanted to talk.

She said no.

Eventually she’ll say no and he’ll say tough.

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Not because she’s wrong, but because he loves her and he needs to know.

So I’m trying hard not to be hopeful but I don’t think I can help it.

There is something else I wanted to address though.


So… she’s basically awful, right?

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But Stephen Amell did an interview recently explaining all about why Oliver trusts her and now I FINALLY understand why they even got together. And if you read between the lines, it gives a little more about it. It isn’t anywhere near as bad as you think…

First, Oliver was fucking lonely. SO lonely he said yes to a woman he KNEW was out to get him which made me blink. To publicly drag him through the mud. But apparently Oliver also wanted to prove that anyone can be forgiven, that anyone can earn trust.

He trusted her because he wanted to prove that she could be trusted. That she’d prove Thea and Felicity and himself wrong. Even though he offered her only part-truths, even though she knew so much more than he thought she did, he still wanted to trust her. To prove that, even like this, they could have something.In that way, he and she are similar. They’ve both done things and are still doing things that make people turn against them.

It sucks. It’s actually kind of pathetic. But it makes it ALL about the big LIE he told to Felicity.

It’s why WM said they’re connected and that he cares about her because he does. But care? It’s not enough. Like Felicity with Billy, he entered the relationship for the wrong reasons.

Stephen gets that too.

Snoozan’s priority was to out him as the GA and as a crap mayor. In fact, she still wanted to after they had that first date. But slowly, she began to see him in a new light which is what Oliver wanted; to prove he was deserving. And because she started to do this, to show she was doing this, he started to care for her too. It was easy.

Because she was there for him.

It’s so sad. And so very human.

But we’ve seen all these signs that point to it being a bad idea anyway and it’s been breaking them. It won’t stop breaking them. She’d been introduced to the darkness in his world and I’m telling you now, no matter what she might say, it terrifies her to death.

She can’t do it.

She blamed him for being fired, figuring that he’d found out she was researching into him and had her shamed for it. So she acted the same way a distrusting person might. She immediately blamed the source of her contention because it would be so much easier to hate the man and sell her story than to believe him and side with him as she sacrifices her career, which is obviously what makes her world spin.Then all of a sudden she gets her job back! Obviously Oliver made that happen (not). Maybe she thought that, since he’s ok with her knowing about him, that she can trust that he’s a good guy?

And still, it’s all for the wrong reasons.

Which Adrian knows. And exploits. Snoozan thinks she can trust Oliver? Well let me destroy that illusion. Snoozan thinks Oliver might be worthy of the love he craves? Well, let me show you the error of your ways.

And in that way, he shows Oliver.

They told her everything when she was held captive. And now she has a choice. Out him or don’t. She’ll probably choose not to. She’d make the GOOD, THE right CHOICE because (as much as it makes me sick to say) deep down she’s decent and the show wants tom prove redemption.

And legacy.

She wanted to out him because he was a liar and a killer.

But she’s not so good herself. And she knows this too. THAT’S why they’re similar.

I mean, he and Snoozan can’t stand near Felicity. It’s easier for Oliver to go a few steps down and aim for Snoozan’s trust than to aim high for the woman who sold herself to protect him even after the he betrayed her.

Her dark path isn’t so dark. It’s muddy. Oliver is helping to cloud it. Her love for him has led her to choose the side of corruption. And soon, he’ll figure that out.

In episode 16, he expressed the people who wring the most emotion out of him. The people who, in his world, can’t be touched: Diggle, Felicity and his son.It isn’t a coincidence that he said this.

(We know Thea is too but she isn’t there right now – she ran away – and season 3 kind of covered it, just pointing that out ;))

Notice, Snoozan wasn’t on the list?

Notice how he also said that he didn’t know why he thought ever he could have a relationship with her.

This isn’t to say it’s because he thinks she’s awful (she is), it’s because he realises that dating a woman to form trust, when he CAN’T just trust people so easily, especially when they can be used against him, is dumb in his line of work and putting himself on the line – in the open like that – creates targets. He should have been careful. He wasn’t. It’s why they took her. Because he hadn’t been careful. Because he’d just assumed it would be ok to be so free and easy in that area of his life and as such, he let his guard drop.

It’s as if he thought that they wouldn’t take her, because she’s not a spotlight in his life. She’s a small hope for him; a promise that he can one day get married and have children to the woman he loves. He knows it’s not her. But he could never be with another woman before he could prove it could work with her.

She’s his comfort like, ahem, a chocolate bar.

You don’t guard a chocolate bar (well, I do but that’s because my family are chocolate thieves). And chocolate’s comfort is only momentary. They don’t smile much together do they? When Oliver is happy, he does nothing but smile. We know. We’ve seen it. It’s beautiful.

Oliver has actually made the mistake this season of NOT guarding anybody. He took the fact that they can protect themselves VERY seriously and now he’s regretting it even though he shouldn’t. It was their choice to make. But it stings. Now, since they let her go so easily, we now know taking her was just a ploy to get Oliver. Snoozan has only one roll left: the story. What will she do?

Felicity is going to find Oliver. There might be something involving his son. But Adrian is going to break him, if only symbolically. Or physically.Felicity too, will also be broken. Whether symbolically, emotionally or physically.They’re linked. Following in each other’s footsteps.

That fork in the road they took? It’s circling back around and soon it will meet again. What will they do when it does?

Because I’m telling you, I believe however the season ends that we’ll know they’re together. Even if it’s just implied.

But let’s say they don’t –THEY WILL – this cycle will happen all over again. They’ll have another meet on the road of life and decide yes then.

Endgame guys. 

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I mean, they included a line about bullet ridden laptops in the past because that’s what he needed at the time! Someone to help him. (Don’t tell me, that in that seedy bar in Russia, the image of a blonde IT didn’t flash in his brain).They need each other. Because they’ve needed each other this year but haven’t been together or there for each other, their choices have sucked.

But I think Felicity has realised something; joining Helix, asking for their help: it’s all about Oliver. She knows that. Part of her knows her life is Oliver’s. Pushing aside talking to him is a defence mechanism she needs because she can’t tell him just yet that she still loves and misses him.

Not when she thinks he’s unavailable. Not when she’s so unsure that he can actually be 100% with her as she deserves.

It’s going to hit them like a train when they realise THEY CAN! 

(Oh and, they WILL kiss by finale. They WILL - THEY MUST OR I WILL IMPLODE!! But, yeah I feel like we’re getting a kiss before the finale. Fingers crossed for more anyway because I’m greedy as heck!!!!)

Prompt: Part two of “You’re famous and just got asked if you were ever in love this should be good– WAIT WHAT” AU

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Author’s Note: This is part two, because so may people asked for it. Hope you all like it, I kept it short and sweet. Read part one here!

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He asked if he could take you to dinner. 

It took you two whole days until you finally agreed in hopes that you wouldn’t sound completely desperate, even though you would have said yes in less than a second if it wasn’t for your roommate telling you not to.

She was currently sitting on your bed, watching as you tried on every outfit in your closet and her’s; giving her opinion on which selections she liked best, and being honest with the one’s she didn’t. You had narrowed it down to a simple black dress or jeans and a sweater, the dress was your choice.

“It’s February,” your roommate repeated for the fifteenth time. “Go with the sweater, you’ll thank me later when you’re not shivering on the sidewalk while the two of you wait for a cab.”

“Isn’t that the point, though?” You asked as you held the dress in front of you and modeled in front of the mirror. “For me to be cold and for him to give me his jacket or whatever?”

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