illusions and allusions

If Sun really has the ability to see through illusions, as his allusion does, then...
  • Sun: Wait! Why are you arresting her? She was defending herself!
  • Guard, guiding a handcuffed Yang off the arena: Kid, you call that defending herself?! She attacked-
  • Sun: I know what you all saw, but that's not how it went down! Mercury attacked her! She did nothing wrong!
  • Yang, smiling: Sun...
  • Guard, pointing at monitor: And how would you know this when millions saw that?
  • Sun: I don't know... but you can't arrest her!
  • Guard: Listen, kid. When you can prove it was self defense, come down to the station and we'll gladly let her go.
  • Sun: I will!
  • (much later)
  • Sun, to Blake: Don't worry. I'll find a way to bring her back.
Volpina thoughts

What if Marinette doesn’t trust Volpina when she appears because of the Chinese fox spirit myths. Foxes were viewed as dangerous and are known to be sly and cunning which adds more danger aspect. And usually in these myths, the fox spirit would masquerade as a beautiful girl and seduce a young boy. And a lot of East Asian myths:

In Chinese mythology, Huli jing (Fox spirit or Nine-tailed Fox) could be either good or bad spirits with the capability to acquire human forms, magical powers, and immortality if they acquire enough energy, coming from the sun, moon, or human breath.

In Japanese folklore, the Kitsune would take the of a man or woman, have great intelligence and power, and could be tricksters, guardians, friends, or lovers. Sometimes kitsune would appear as messengers of Inari, a Shinto kami. Zenko are regarded as good, celestial beings and can be called Inari foxes, and the Yako/Nogitsune are regarded as mischievous or malicious (Okay if you watch Teen Wolf you probably know this, I still have to watch season 1,2,3 & 4). Other abilities include possession, mouth or tail fire/electricity, manifestation in others’ dreams (Remember who you are), flight, invisibility, and illusions, like really trippy allusions. In addition, kitsune offer their magic to benefit their companions if they are treated with respect and kitsune gifts are usually protection, knowledge or long life.

In Korean legend, Kumiho are really old foxes that can transform freely, usually into young women to seduce boys are eat their insides. They are always treated as malevolent unlike Kitsune and Huli jing.

So not only am I curious to what Ladybug will think of Volpina, I’m curious to how they will play out Volpina with this new found knowledge (as I always am).

However, you may may noticed a specific Japanese word up there: kami. Why is this relevant? The kwami, Tikki and Plagg, are Quantic Kami.

@littlemisssquiggles I recall you saying you though Volpi may be some sort of guardian/knight protector of the miraculous and it’s holders. You may actually be right! I think Volpina could be sent by Fu to deliver a message or guard our heroes. I think Volpina spews fire from her flute and can manifest illusions and has more abilities than Lady and Chat. Maybe she’s a seasoned hero who was contacted by Fu. Maybe she is a test. But we kinda have to wait for that don’t we?


“What Borremans and Tuymans might share (apart from Flemish origins) is a desire to paint psychic states, a reality full of fault-lines and disjunctions. Atmosphere, touch, a quality of light, surface and scale have as much a part to play in this as drama, subject matter, action. Paintings don’t need to be exciting or overtly dramatic (nor, you might say, do novels).

…Borremans’ figures, preoccupied in what they are doing, are oblivious to our presence. No one ever returns the viewer’s gaze. Their apparent indifference to us is matched by their self-consumed inexpressiveness, as they go about their inexplicable tasks. The expressionless can have great weight in painting, as in performance, theatre and film. This emotional blankness can also make you want to scream. Looking at some of Borremans’ mystifying scenes is a bit like watching something through a layer of soundproof, bulletproof, one-way glass. This, perhaps, is what the past is like.

…Borremans keeps reminding us these are figures, not people, and that the painted are just that: painted, their inner lives and acts an illusion, as well as an allusion to something else, whatever that might be: autobiography, history, fantasy, an enigma. What Borremans withholds from us is a story. He gives us actors and situations. We know the story is in there, just as we know there’s something in that box he painted and covered with drapery. It was but one more attempt to paint a hidden object, which is one of art’s enduring subjects.”

— Adrian SearleCuriouser and curiouser,” The Guardian, 3rd May 2005




               Giovanna Vici, founder of the school, knew that it was in her best interest to view the student as a whole being, not just the product of his or her work in school. This holistic approach, known as the Vici Method, allows students the opportunity to express themselves through their art and not their marks. While there is still a large focus on academics, the real focus is on creation—to develop and hone skills as great artists and architects of the future.


               St. Cecilia’s Academy for the Artistically Gifted was founded in Paris, France in 1642, when the Renaissance was underway. The school, made for musicians, artists, writers, and those involved in the theatrics, is highly selective, admitting twenty students into their program every year. The program, if accepted, is free of charge and open to students of all nationalities and walks of life. It is very rigorous and put in place for students to excel and advance.


                  All the students attending the exclusive school are all reincarnation of the most influential artists in history, even if they don’t know it. Each character will represent a different artist be it Coco Chanel or Kurt Cobain. There will be a total of six slots open. The characters can either be the reincarnation of writers (includes poets, play writes or famous journalists), visual artist (includes people from the fashion industry), performers (dancers, actors, ect) and musicians.       


               Illusion is a character building based RP. You will create your own character molded in the image of someone from history of your choosing that fits into one of the categories above. They will be based off of facts and stories that involve the historical figure and other than that there are no restrictions. You can select your own ethnicity, gender, age, ect. The admins do not want to limit you in any way, shape or form as long as the character is a well rounded tribute to the original individual. While each character’s past mimics their original, their future is up to you.


Poetry Tag Statistics January 2015

I DO NOT like the new tumblr post editor. The old one was way nicer.

Anyway, welcome back to Allan’s monthly stats. I was featured a hell of a lot last month myself again actually thanks to the Smiling Goddess and some nice editors. I’m tied for 17. with 4 features. That’s not bad at all.

And once again, I can only recommend to you again to check out the whole Smiling Goddess poetry series:

Or click HERE if you prefer to read in chronological order.

Also, I’d like to use this moment to shout out to sarahmarie-poetry, the only other poet on tumblr I know who writes consistently exceptional sonnets. If you don’t know her already, definitely go over to her blog now.

Total number of featured posts: 393

  • The top 10 contributed 19.8% of all posts.
  • The top 25 contributed 36.6% of all posts.
  • The top 50 contributed 55.0% of all posts.
  • 200 different contributors were featured.
  • Each contributor was featured 1.97 times on average.
  • 77 contributors have been featured multiple times, 123 only once.
  1. uutpoetry, 14
  2. mikefrawley, 9
  3. lzlabs, 9
  4. cherokeeghostwriter, 8
  5. ohlookdonuts, 7
  6. heldinhishands, 7
  7. lookingforwisdom, 6
  8. wordswritteninsilence, 6
  9. wordrummager, 6
  10. esn13, 6
  11. isas-bell, 5
  12. unknowmenclature, 5
  13. poetdeploriate, 5
  14. charliewykes, 5
  15. victim-of-convenience, 5
  16. mermaidsbite, 5
  17. chucklingpecan, 4
  18. dream-tiresias, 4
  19. ladymycroftmansfield, 4
  20. swordofcandy, 4

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