illusions and allusions

If Sun really has the ability to see through illusions, as his allusion does, then...
  • Sun: Wait! Why are you arresting her? She was defending herself!
  • Guard, guiding a handcuffed Yang off the arena: Kid, you call that defending herself?! She attacked-
  • Sun: I know what you all saw, but that's not how it went down! Mercury attacked her! She did nothing wrong!
  • Yang, smiling: Sun...
  • Guard, pointing at monitor: And how would you know this when millions saw that?
  • Sun: I don't know... but you can't arrest her!
  • Guard: Listen, kid. When you can prove it was self defense, come down to the station and we'll gladly let her go.
  • Sun: I will!
  • (much later)
  • Sun, to Blake: Don't worry. I'll find a way to bring her back.