Circus AU

Monkey D. Luffy, the Strawhat Contortionist

“Luffy grew up in the town’s orphanage with his two big brothers, Ace and Sabo. After they saw a Circus show, his brothers were getting interesting in fire eaters. Of course, Luffy thought fire eaters were cool, but the performance that surprised him the most was the contortion. He decided to train hard on his flexibility to be able to join a circus and become a contortionist, one day.

At the age of 17, he noticed the posters that Corazon was posting everywhere in town and decided to audition to have a chance of joining his troupe. After the audition, Corazon accepted Luffy in his troupe, finding the young boy very talented. Of course, Luffy proposed Corazon to bring his two fire eater brothers to let them join the circus. The Heart Illusionnist accepted to see them.”

Here for Luffy’s profile! I wasn’t sure about making his relationship with the other strawhats a thing already or not… But making them join Corazon separately is what made the most sense to me! ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌

I’ll make some more Corasan-Law comics like this and this, because I have at least 2 or 3 comics ideas eheheh~

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Circus AU

Trafalgar Law, the Formidable Knife Thrower & Illusionist

“Law grew up in the street, more or less disliked by the townspeople of the city. He doesn’t know much about his parents, the only thing he knows being that his father was a doctor. He never went to school, leaving him illeterate and uneducated.

His encounter with Corazon was all but mere coincidence. It happened in a diner, where Law had no intention of paying for his meal, since he didn’t have any money. He sat next to Corazon at the counter and ordered his food, ate it, and ran away as soon as he had finished. The supervisor began running after him but Corazon offered to pay for the young man’s meal before he left. Then, the Heart Illusionnist finally cought up Law who was playing with a throwing knife. That’s when Corazon offered Law a place in his troupe, and when the latter accepted. The only thing is that Law “forgot” to tell him he was awful at knife throwing…”

Here for Law’s design and fast story recap! 8D Of course that’s not
all the story… Law didn’t become the “Formidable Knife Thrower” just like that! ╮(─▽─)╭ I’ll definitly draw some short comics for this AU! 8D

Plus Law isn’t just a knife thrower, he’s also the kind of guy who makes shows like cutting his assistant in half with a handsaw or a chainsaw before putting them back together. That’s why he’s also an illusionnist! 8D

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