hope everyone had a lovely christmas!

Since I got back from India I’ve been recovering from a nasty case of the flu so I’m sorry about the large delay in posts D:

The wedding was absolutely amazing. I somehow managed to forget to take my camera so I’m waiting on photos from others otherwise I would have posted some for you all to see as soon as I got back!

On their wedding day it is customary (in this particular indian culture) for close family and friends to slather the bride and groom in turmeric paste - which was incredibly fun however I can’t say my cousin enjoyed it all too much ;) Needless to say, my hands, nails and cuticles also suffered and turned a rather vibrant hue of yellow. I didn’t think you guys would appreciate seeing yellowed cutes all that much so I waited until all yellowness had gone, haha.

For a more in-depth explanation about the rituals and other events that took place at this wedding, check out Niki’s tumblr (Just in case any of you might be interested. I thought it was quite a fascinating read :) )

And enough of my blabbering - time for me to get back into some nail art!


Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Set The Stage over two coats of Color Club Alias over two coats of black. Phew.

This is so much more glittery IRL -.-

I assumed that the purple/green duochrome-y colour shift of Color Club Alias would show up best with two coats over black (As is the unwritten rule of duo/multichromes - always layer over black) but no, this one was set out to be unique! Next time I’ll try it on it’s own and hope that achieves bottle colour.

No nail art this week as I’ve just been too busy :( Will try to get something done over the weekend. Message me any requests because I’ve been a slacker for inspiration lately!

so i'm off to india in a couple of hours...

..for my cousin’s wedding :) Have been incredibly busy this past week hence the lack of posts :(

Just a heads up that I may not post any more nail art until after I get back on the 21st. sadface. sorry everyone, I promise I’ll make it up for y'all soon :)

Kimi x

so i've been mia...

These last few weeks have been incredibly busy.

Two week trip to India over Easter for a wedding (another one!) and being in the lead up to exams has meant that I’ve had less time to focus on my blog.

Not to mention the parents’ bugging.

So I’m sorry guys but there won’t be any nail art from me until my exams are over at the end of May.

Hopefully, I’ll see you all then!

Happy painting and to anyone else sitting exams in the near future, best of luck!