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A Look into Amanda’s Vision, The Princess Advert and IDW Comic Canon: Mona Wilder revealed? (Theory Post)


“Mona Wilder” is the seventh Black Wing subject alias MOLOCH, trapped within the squeaky ‘stress toy’, and currently communicating through dreams and commercials.

She is “The Princess” in both the commercial seen in the main series, and possibly the insane ‘Princess’ child in the IDW Comic Series.

She is who persuaded Bart to get to (and possibly to kill) Dirk Gently.  


Amanda’s “vision” in S1 E3.

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The Tale of the Dragon Slayer and the Sun’s Firstborn

A lore interpretation of Ornstein and the Nameless King

By slaughtering the Everlasting Dragons, Gwyn, the Lord of Sunlight, put an end to the Age of Ancients and ushered in an Age of Fire. He built the magnificent city of Anor Londo, also known as the City of the Gods, where he resided with his family. He had three children – Gwyndolin, the youngest son with a strange affinity of the moon, Gwynevere, Princess of Sunlight, and his eldest son, who is now unknown to the world. There is a big mystery revolving around the identity of that son, all that was known up to now was that he had been the one to be banished by his own father for losing the precious annals. But now Dark Souls 3 shines a new light upon the identity of Gwyn’s long lost son and parts of his life.

What follows is my own free interpretation of the facts that are given to us by various item descriptions in the game, and common knowledge about Souls lore. Every time I quote something I’ll put the source right behind it – everything else is my own version of the story created by simply filling the gaps left open by the canon.

The story starts quite a while after Gwyn has settled down in Anor Londo with his family. His first born son has just come of age and is now ready to follow in his father’s footsteps. He has “inherited the light of Gwyn, the first lord” (Ring of the Sun’s Firstborn, Dark Souls 3), suggesting that he has the same lightning powers as his father. With those powers, he is now sent out to find and kill the last remnants of the Ancient Dragons (“Once a slayer of dragons […]”, Lighning Storm, Dark Souls 3). But Gwyn knows of his son’s temper and his tendency to get himself into trouble (suggested by the fact, that he is called “foolish” several times in item descriptions), and so he chooses one of his faithful and loyal knights to accompany his son. Out of his four knights he appoints the captain, a man known as Ornstein. This is an important new information Dark Souls 3 gives. When looking the rings of the Four Knights of Gwyn one can see that the first line always says

“Ring associated with [name], one of the Four Knights of Gwyn, the First Lord.”, followed by a short story about the character. In the description of the Leo Ring, that story tells

“Ornstein was the first knight of the sun’s eldest born, and his cross spear is said to have pierced scales made of stone.”

So Ornstein isn’t only a knight of Gwyn, he is actually also the knight of Gwyn’s son. Now, the short description of the ring can be broken down and analysed quite a bit. It is worth noting that, while in the first lines of the description it clearly says “Ring associated with Dragon Slayer Ornstein”, the title “Dragon Slayer” is dropped in the second part, and he is simply called “Ornstein”. That suggests that he hasn’t always been a slayer of dragons, but that he had to earn his title first. Furthermore, the fact that right after “[he] was the first knight of the sun’s eldest born” the description follows up with “his cross spear is said to have pierced scales made of stone.” can be another hint towards Ornstein being a brother in arms to Gwyn’s son, who fought with him against the dragons. So the two of them were a fierce and gallant duo, maybe even friends, and they slaughtered dragons together, earning Ornstein the title of “Dragon Slayer”.

But all things come to an end, and the comradery of Ornstein and Gwyn’s firstborn ends the day the latter loses the annals of his father (“[…]his foolishness led to a loss of the annals, and rescinding of his deific status.”, Ring of the Sun’s Firstborn, Dark Souls). It is unclear how exactly the tragedy happens, but as mentioned before, the son seems to be reckless in his youth, always searching for adventures, hence the “foolishness”. Gwyn is furious, so furious that he banishes his own son, erasing his name from the history books (Ring of the Sun’s Firstborn, Dark Souls). It must have been devastating for Ornstein, seeing his brother in arms and good friend leave. Considering that extremely harsh punishment, it is natural that Gwyn would also have one in store for the man who was supposed to take care of his son and control his temper – Ornstein. His armour description from Dark Souls tells us

Armor of the dragonslayer Ornstein, who guards the cathedral in the forsaken city of Anor Londo.”

Ornstein, a knight and fighter all his life is punished by being made protector of the cathedral and Gwyn’s remaining children in Anor Londo. There he is joined by Smough, an executioner who wants to become a knight of Gwyn, but isn’t quite cut out for it and thus has to be given another task (“Smough loved his work, and ground the bones of his victims into his own feed, ruining his hopes of being ranked with the Four Knights.”, Smough’s Hammer, Dark Souls). It almost seems as if the guard post of the cathedral is for the people Gwyn has no use for anymore otherwise. But Ornstein is still loyal to Gwyn, and what else is he supposed to do with the rest of Gwyn’s knights scattered throughout the world?

For ages Ornstein and Smough protect the cathedral from intruders without any other purpose. That is until one day the flames start to fade, and Gwyn sacrifices himself to keep the Age of Fire going. After that, the Gods are leaving the crumbling city of Anor Londo, with only Gwyndolin remaining there. It is then that Ornstein makes a decision all by himself for the first time.  He decides to leave the cathedral behind, seeing no purpose in protecting it anymore, even though there is still one child of Gwyn left. He leaves behind Smough, “the last knight to stand in defense of the ruined cathedral” (Smough’s Set, Dark Souls 3).

Then who does the Chosen Undead fight in Dark Souls? One theory would be that that version of Ornstein is just another illusion by Gwyndolin. While the illusion of his sister Gwynevere is rather fragile and fleeting, he has maybe put more effort into the one of Ornstein. It could be that he took one of the remaining knights in Anor Londo and manipulated his appearance to match the one of Ornstein. There must have been countless lightning weapons and miracles in Gwyn’s weapon chamber, so finding a lighting spear wouldn’t have been a problem. The fact that Ornstein is only an illusion could also be an explanation why Smough simply smashes his companion, even though he’s still alive. He knows he’s not killing the real knight of Gwyn, so it becomes just another execution of a useless knight for him.

In any case, Ornstein is gone. But where is a knight like Ornstein, who has lived for others his whole life, to go? Whose best memories come from a time where he fought side by side with an old friend?

In the dragonless age, this knight, who long guarded the ruined cathedral, left the land in search of their nameless king.” (Dragon Slayer set, Dark Souls 3)

Who is this Nameless King? From his soul in Dark Souls 3 we know

The Nameless King was once a dragon-slaying god of war, before he sacrificed everything to ally himself with the ancient dragons.

A dragon-slaying god of war seems awfully familiar, especially when looking at the Ring of the Sun’s Firstborn again. “Lord Gwyn’s firstborn was a god of war […]” Another connection can be drawn between the Ring, “Ring of the Sun’s first born, who inherited the light of Gwyn, the first lord.” and Nameless King’s Dragonslayer Swordspear “The swordspear is imbued with lightning, of which he was the heir.

So Ornstein doesn’t look for the Namless King because he has heard rumors of a once mighty Dragon Slayer with whom he now wants to exchange stories, no. He’s looking for his old friend, and his only lead are the stories of a former Dragon Slayer who has “sacrificed everything to ally himself with the ancient dragons” (Soul of the Nameless King, Dark Souls 3) Gwyn’s first born, who used to fight dragons just like his father, is now allied with them and has become a King of Dragons, and Ornstein is looking for him. What happens next is a mystey. Ornstein finds him, that’s for sure, but how does their meeting play out? Does Ornstein reunite with his old friend, joining him in his quest to protect the last of the dragons until he dies of old age? Or can’t he accept the fact that his friend is allied with the very foes they used to fight and so Ornstein dies in battle with the Nameless King?

Men and Their Pride

PromptHi!! I rly loved your TJeffs story “In Front of You” and I was hoping maybe you could do a sequel or something similar where the reader and Thomas start officially dating and Alex is a lil salty or angry at first. I just really want some cute/snarky interactions with TJeffs and the reader. Btw your writing is AMAZING and I love ur stories!! thanks sm! (In Front of You)

Word Count: 2,584

Author’s Note: There were a lot of requests for a sequel to In Front of You, so I hope y’all enjoy it!

“My dear, please remind me why we are traveling to the Hamiltons’ home so I can make sure that I am not losing my grip on reality.”

You giggled at Thomas’ only half-joking statement as the New York scenery passed by your window, for you knew that this visitation was just a quandary to him. Eliza had written you a letter as soon as you had broken the news to her that Thomas had begun to court you, and had insisted on you visiting her and her husband as a couple.

“Eliza invited us over for tea, and I could not decline her invitation simply due to your aversion to Alexander,” you responded in amusement, clasping your hand with his. Bliss still filled you at the fact that it was now proper for you to make such gestures of affection. “Besides, she is my dearest friend, and I will certainly not let my new relationship get in the way of my former ones.”

“Then perhaps I should have taken that into consideration before asking if I could court you, because I did not realize how often I would be seeing my rival on account of our connection,” Thomas joked, a twinkle in his eye as he laced your fingers together.

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 Quick story time!

Samantha the current ruler of the Elfkin taking her father’s place shortly after his death in the previous war because her mother was unwell to take over after losing her husband. Sam has worked hard from a young age to rule fairly and justly as her father before her however with the Kingdom of Amity being under the cruel ruling of Vladimir Sam has opened her kingdom’s door to welcome those fleeing causing a strain between the elfkin and humans who never really associated until now. food and supplies are beginning to wane thin. Sam tries in vain to reason with Vlad who has given her the choice to surrender her own kingdom and people or suffer the consequences as he has Lord Aragon of the Drakken on his side now. Desperate to protect everyone and help Amity Sam seeks the aid of the illusive Ghost King who no one seen for a decade since the war. if there’s another war to be fought then Sam needs all the help she can get even if that means traversing the dangerous Dark Lands,thats the easy part now if she can only convince the cold king of the dead that life has some meaning.

Sam is brave,stubborn,independent and compassionate. she is well loved by her people and growing in the hearts of the people of Amity for her kindness. she’s skilled in sword play,horseback riding and archery but excels at nature magika since she is of elfkin decent.