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Happy Birthday Haruka-sensei! ^^  @skillshotlabs

Acacia flower: confined love
Azalea flower: “please take care of yourself for me”
Gardenias: sweetness, purity

I had this idea in mind before I greeted him and it was a happy surprise to see him say the exact words I found in the flower language meaning of Azalea flowers.

It was @feelingwonderfultoday’s head canon that Grillbae Grillby likes to take care of plants that prefer higher temperatures, like cacti and succulents, so here is a very happy Grillby, because the cactus he last adopted finally bloomed :3

My scanner doesn’t work lately so this was taken with my phone ;w; and I’m not yet sure if I’m also gonna ink it…
Picking the colors and the lighting of all the objects was so haaaard x.x I’m not sure I’m pleased, too much black. Should have used dark brown instead TT.TT but I’m still excited about how it turned out x3 I hope Amber likes it too ^^

I’ve been meaning to post this for a few months. Sketches of the nms twins: Hinata performing the tea ceremony and Sousuke training for an archery competition. I had lots of fun drawing both of them, even though it took lots of researching for references and understanding how their traditional clothes work. And Hinata was way more dificult to draw like that because I could barely find helpful reference images… But I’m pleased!

I mean sorry for the bad quality, still can’t use the scanner and idk x.x

Now, if only I could draw Soujiro next… I mean, he is actually my favorite…