Sick boy (Shawn Mendes)

I’m a mess at writing titles haha. Sorry it’s been so long but my 17th birthday is soon and I’m trying to organize everything haha. But I hope you like this imagine! Also, seriously 524followers!? LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH. 

Request:  Can you write a Shawn imagine where he wakes you up in the middle of the night while you guys are staying at your parents house and he’s feeling really ill and he’s really nervous and anxious because he doesn’t want to be sick but he’s feeling really bad and ends up throwing up and you and your mom take care of him? Thanks love, I love your writing!

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“You alright, Shawn?” I asked looking at my pale boyfriend. “Yeah, don’t worry” Shawn answered keeping his eyes on the road. “You look kinda pale. You’re not nervous because we’re going to my parents house? Because if you are then don’t worry. It’s not the first time you’re seeing them” I smiled worryingly while lightly rubbing my hands to his. “I’m okay, Y/N” Shawn smiled assuring.


“Y/N!” my mum cheered the second she opened the door. “Hi mum” I giggled burying my head in the crook of her neck. “Shawn, so nice to see you again” she said attacking him with a hug. “Y/N” my dad said stepping out of the door. Hugging me then shaking Shawn’s hand. It’s been so long since we’ve seen them. Me being in university and Shawn touring. But it’s alright. “Put your things in Y/N’s room and I’ll will call you when the food is ready” mom smiled walking away. I saw Shawn trying to take all of our bags “Here, give me that one” I said extending my arms. “No need to, love” Shawn answered kissing my cheeks. “You sure?” Shawn nodded his head and started to walk off. “Gentleman, I see” my dad smirked watching Shawn struggling with all the bags. “Dad!” I groaned “Go and help him” I said pushing him.

“I love this picture” Shawn laughed pointing at the picture where I was standing smiling missing two teeth. “Well at least no one can see these pictures except for me and my family. While your embarrassing photos are all over the media, Mr.Superstar” I said smirking. “I hate this picture” Shawn murmed looking at the picture from my homecoming where I stood with my ex boyfriend. “I think it’s cute” I shook my shoulders. “Oh really?” Shawn looked at me pulling me closer to him. “Yes” I giggled wrapping my hands around his neck. “It’s amusing for you?” Shawn asked smirking. Before I could answer he started tickling me. “Shawn Stop!” I yelled laughing. “Tell me that you don’t like that picture!” “But…I promised…I would never to you” I stuttered moving. “OKAY!” I yelled. Shawn stopped tickling for a minute so I could catch my breath. “I LOVE THAT PICTURE” I laughed. Shawn started tickling my sides again. “I CAN’T TAKE THIS ANYMORE. I HATE THAT PICTURE” “Good girl” Shawn said kissing me. “Food is ready!” I heard my mum yell. “Shawn” I whined looking at the reflection of myself. “I look like a freaking mad woman now”


I felt myself being shaken from my deep sleep. I slowly opened my one eye only to be facing red blocked numbers of my alarm clock 4a.m.

“Love” someone groggily whispered into my ear. Arm wrapping around my waist pulling me closer to the person. I knew it was Shawn. Even though because I still was kind of asleep I couldn’t really function anything. I turned around facing my boyfriend. It was dark so I couldn’t see his face features but I knew them very well. The way his eyes looked, showing every single emotion he felt. The scar on his face. He was beautiful and I was so lucky to have him in my life.

“I don’t feel good” my positive thoughts were gone quickly turned into concerned ones. I caressed his cheeks. He was really hot but not in a good way. I closed my eyes when I turned the lights on. Shawn looked really pale and sweaty. His eyes were red and tired. “I will bring you glass of water and the pills” I sadly smiled standing up.

“Where the hell are those pills” I groggily asked myself opening every single cabinet. “Y/N?” I turned around to my worried mum. “Shawn feels really sick so I’m trying to find pills for him. But I don’t know where they are” I told her nervous still trying to find them. “Here it is” she told me giving me the medicine when heard someone puking. “Shit, Shawn” I quickly ran to the toilet. Shawn was kneeled down to the toilet. It broke my heart seeing him like this. “You don’t have to say here. Go to sleep” Shawn whispered. “Don’t talk shit. Of course I’m staying” I said sitting down rubbing his back. “He’s okay?” my mum asked peeking through the door. I slightly nodded. “Okay here’s the water and the pills” she said before putting them down. “Thank You” Shawn said slightly smiling.

I caressed his cheek while he was peacefully sleeping. It was already too early for me to go to sleep anyway.  


“Hi baby” I slightly smiled looking at him. “How are you feeling?” “Better, thanks” Shawn answered standing up. “Where are you going?” I asked confused. “To apologize to your parents” Shawn said before turning away but I quickly grabbed his hand “First of all they’re not here. They’re at the theatre that we had to go” Shawn groaned remembering about the theatre. “Why didn’t you wake me up…” before he could finish I interrupted him pulling him back to bed “And second of all you have nothing to be sorry about. Things like that happens all the time. So get your ass back here and let’s cuddle” Shawn laid next to me wrapping his arms around me. “I love you” “I love you too” I said smiling when he buried his head into the crook of my neck.

I Dont Even Know Her Name

Shawn Mendes x reader



Authors Note: Hiiiiiii, this was a request given to me a few weeks back and it really stuck out to me when I was struggling for ideas so I hope you enjoy!

Request: Can you do an imagine based of “I don’t even know your name”!?


Damn she is beautiful. Beautiful is not even the right word to describe her. She is stunning, alluring, exquisite, and gorgeous all at the same time. Granted, those adjectives all generally mean the same thing, but this is different. She is different. Her beauty has a way of changing all of these words to describe attributes that extremely different than what they mean. I haven’t even uttered a ward to her yet and she is already captivating my mind. I have to meet her. 

The crowded night club doesn’t make it very easy to meet her and her barrier of friends makes it practically impenetrable. I noticed her as soon as I walked by the bar. I think my friends have kept walking by now and not even noticed that I stopped to stare. What feels like minutes to me has been only seconds that I have been looking at her. 

I can’t even comprehend that I am moving until I see her getting visibly closer to me. Of course I am the one that is moving toward her, even though my head is screaming at my feet to stop. Its like a magnetic force is drawing me in toward her. I can’t help it. 

Oh shit. She sees me. We locked eyes. I quickly look to the ground but somehow I am still walking toward her. I can feel her eyes staring at me. I am still staring intently at my feet as I walk which is probably not the best thing to be doing in a crowded night club. I stare at the scuffed tops of my trusted shoes as I read closer to her. I stop and my breath hitches when I reach to a pair of dainty open toed shoes and some and maroon painted toenails. I slowly look up at the woman standing right in front of me. She is smiling and laughs lightly as our eyes finally meet.

“Hi.” She smiles.

“Hey.” I whisper. I tried to be smooth, but I’m obviously not. She looks at me as if she is waiting for what i will say next. I’m going to be honest, I’m scared out of my mind. “i’m Shawn.” I say. Nice start man.

“I know!” She laughs. She tucks a piece of hair behind her ear and looks quickly at the ground before returning her gaze to you.

“You do?” I ask. I’m honestly surprised. I know i’m in Toronto, but for some reason it never registered to me that my fans aren’t only 16 years old.

“Yeah, Shawn Mendes right?” She asks as she leans her back up against the back of the bar. 

“Yeah thats me.” I laugh as I scratch the back of my neck, a nervous habit. 

“I saw one of you shows  few months ago with some of my girlfriends. You are very talented.” She says. 

“Thank you. It means a lot to hear that.” I say. Why the fuck did I just say that?

“You know I have always wanted to meet you, to have a conversation.” She says. 

“Well I’m here.” I say, “Can I buy you a drink?”

She lifts up the bottle of water in her hand and says, “I’m driving tonight, thank you though.” 

“Of course.” I nod and I turn away I take one step to find my friends before a hand grabs my arm. It feels as if it burns and tingles at the same time and when I turn back around it is her hand that is placed on my arm.

She pulls her hand away and says, “Just because I don’t need you to buy me a drink, doesn’t mean I don’t want to talk to you!”

“Oh I’m sorry.” I say, “Do you still want to talk?”

“I was going to ask how it feels to be on stage.” She asks.

“It’s thrilling. It’s like nothing I have ever experienced before in my entire life. It is a confidence booster to stand in front of tens of thousands of people knowing that every single one of them is there to see you. It’s like a drug and you could say I’m addicted to it now. I’m currently on break and I want to be on stage more than anything.”

“Wow.” She says, “That must be amazing!”

“So what do you do?” I ask.

“I’m training to be a nurse at the Toronto General Hospital.” She says as she takes a sip of her water bottle. 

“Oh really?” I ask. 

“Yeah, I actually grew up in the states but I got a scholarship to go to University of Toronto and I ended up here.” She says, “I love it more than anything”

“I’m glad!” I say, “Toronto is a pretty great place.”

“Yeah, the people I have met are so different than the people in the states.” She laughs.

“What do you mean?” I laugh. 

“Well everyone is just generally nicer here.” She says, “I don’t even know how to explain it. I got lucky because most of my best friends from college ended up getting accepted into the same hospital as I did and I share an apartment with one of them. I’m a junior at U of T.”

“Oh cool.” I say. 

“Yeah…” She nods. “You are very handsome.”

“I’m sorry?” I ask. She thinks I’m hot? 

“Sorry, I’m doing this new thing that I try to be as up front with everything as I can and right now I just did it even though I totally didn’t mean to and I-”

“No its okay!” I laugh, “I was going to say the same thing to you.”

“You were? Oh thank God!” She sighs.

“Do you want to get dinner sometime? I’m in town for a few more weeks.” I say.

“Yeah I would really love that.” She smiles as she tucks her hair behind her ear. 

“You know I don’t think I ever caught your name.” I say

“Oh yeah I’m-” She begins but two of her friends pull her away to the dance floor before I can hear her. Before I can even get her number. I spend the rest of the night looking for her. I scan the crowds countless times before my buddies and I decide its time to just let it go. 

I feel like I see her all the time. I see her in restaurants and stores. I don’t actually see her though. It is just my subconscious telling me to see her because I am constantly thinking of her. I can’t stop actually. 

After about a week and a half of struggling to remember this girl I decide to sit down with my guitar and try to put my thoughts to paper. At the top of the sheet I write ‘I don’t even know your name’ and I begin to pour out my feelings to music. 

Oh, you waited so long
Sometimes, it’s hard to stand out
And you, don’t have to do anything else
But be yourself

Japan (Shawn Mendes)

Hey! I’ve been inspired to write this fluff by the Instagram Shawn uploaded, plus I’ve always wanted to go to Japan, so here it is, I hope you like it :) Only thing I have to say, that Shawn’s girlfirend here’s 18!

Word count: 1.1k

Warning: none, just too much fluff

I tossed and turned myself to the point, that it became morning, and the sunrays – instead of warming my body – pointed right to my face, making me grumpy in a matter of seconds. I covered my face with my right arm, inhaling the dry air, then stretching my limbs. After I hid my face into the huge, white pillow it became quite obvious, that it wasn’t my usual one, judging only by the size of it. It took me a good two minutes to realize, I wasn’t in my own flat, neither in my country.

Then I heard the quiet, angelic voice coming from the shower, and I suddenly had a picture of where the hell I must be. To be honest, I should never have had any doubts about my current situation, not only because I’ve spent more than twenty – four hours in the air, but because I’ve been waiting for this trip for months. Well, not exactly a trip, more likely a promotional tour for Shawn’s album, Illuminate, but still a trip for me.

I rolled to my other side, not being able to get up just yet. Of course, it seemed like Shawn and jet – lag had completely different plans with me. I realized this when Shawn pulled the covers off of my slightly underdressed body, letting the cold air to come in contact with my skin.

‘Mendes!!’ I screamed when he jumped on the bed, but he just continued to be his five – year – old self.

He looked so carefree, and to tell the truth, I was more than happy to accept his childish behavior if it meant, that he’d be this content and relaxed. But still, I refused him, letting me play with his emotion for just a little longer, not allowing his cuteness to get to me. He tried everything though, from pulling me to his naked torso, peppering my face and bare shoulders with kisses to trying to be all cute, but when he seriously looked at me, directly into my eyes I gave in, softly smiling up at him. I slowly caressed his flushed cheeks, then brushed through his curly, still a bit wet locks with my fingers.

He looked so young, but then I remembered, he was still only 18, and for a few more months I was 18 as well. We were two 18 – olds together in Japan, laying in one of Tokyo’s fanciest hotels, looking at each other lovingly. Wow.

I was taken back to the reality, when Shawn kissed me sweetly but passionately, resting his lips on mine for another moment, then rolling beside me and pulling me into his embrace, kissing the top of my head.

‘I’m so grateful for you being here with me’ he mumbled close to my ear.

‘You know I happily obliged when you asked me to come. I always wanted to visit Japan.’

After another few minutes – maybe twenty, but let’s just say a few – I decided to end this lazy morning, and get on with my usual morning routine. I listened to Patience as I did a very minimal makeup, and curled my hair. I left the rather small bathroom, to find Shawn talking to his phone, then showing the view from our room to the fans. As he finished recording the video to Instagram or Snapchat he turns to me and gives me an adorable smile.

He has this day off, so we decide, to go on a walk around in Tokyo, and visit as many interesting sights and places as it’s possible. We walk around hand in hand, trying to seem as ordinary as we can, but with him being highly popular in Japan as well, I find it pretty hard. We can’t even reach our first destination without being stopped at least a hundred times. At first, it’s hard to remain totally relaxed, but then I see the smile on the fan’s and Shawn’s face and that’s more than enough to make me happy and offer to be the one who takes a photo of everyone with Shawn.

Our first stop’s the extremely crowded Takeshita street, then we stop and have lunch in Calbee. After that, we go to Ueno Park and walk around for quite some time.

‘Do you want some ice – cream?’ He asks.

‘Is that really a question Shawn?’ I laugh at him, standing on my tiptoes to be able to kiss him on his cheek. He smiles widely with his perfect teeth, pulling me to his side by my waist. We always paid attention, not to show too much PDA, but sometimes we were more affectionate towards each other, just like this time. It was hard to resist kissing him when I felt incredibly happy and so in love. 

We ask someone to take a photo of us in front of the Toshogu Shrine, then we continue to walk, and end up by the lake, where we rent one of those paddle boats. The pink one, much to Shawn’s dismay. He whines about the color until I shut him up with a slightly longer kiss. Then we start to paddle and scream like little kids. The fun doesn’t end when I run out of breath and Shawn makes fun of my lack of strength and I lightly hit his shoulder. He tells me a joke about some ducks, and it literally isn’t funny at all, but I still laugh at Shawn’s dorkiness.

I’m kind of sad when we have to paddle back and leave the boat behind, but when Shawn tells me we can go and find a shop, where they sell Gudetama, my mood improves straight off. This’s how I end up with some fluffy pocket scarf and a phone case.

‘I think, I’m never gonna understand, why you like…this’

‘I never asked you’ I gave him a judgy look, putting my newly bought treasure in my backpack.


‘But you love this woman, don’t you Shawny?’ I smile at him sweetly, batting my eyelashes.

‘I sadly can’t deny that’

‘Sadly??’ I say, playing the role of the ‘overreacting girlfriend’.

‘Oh God, baby, stop.’ He chuckles, intertwining our fingers.

We arrive at our hotel right after it gets dark and we don’t have much energy left, so we just chill in the hot tub, that’s part of our balcony, and talk about the upcoming events. I cuddle into Shawn, as I listen to his soothing voice, and enjoy his touch on my thighs and waist. I plant a kiss on his left shoulder, feeling more content than ever, thinking about the day we spent together, and how Japan’s always going to be one of my happy places after all.

After a million recordings later, I decided to go with this one! Here’s my cover for “It’s Over Isn’t It.” Again, I play by ear so nothing is perfect and it’s impossible for me to get rid of harsh extra sounds and background noise, so please try to ignore it! Either way, I hope you like it!

You Know What?

I think I just realized why I want to have a movie about Ash.

Because I relate to her.

I mean, I never had a boyfriend cheat on me or play a guitar or did anything punk rock really.

But I mean, I relate to her as a 19 year old teenager.

Think about it. Usually teenagers in media aren’t portrayed in a positive light (usually rebellious or rude or whiny), or even portrayed in media at all.

Yet Ash doesn’t really come across as much of that. She’s pretty nice, fun, and while sarcastic, never really truly rude.

She prefers comfort over style, especially in the fashion department. She wants to be more of herself instead of what someone else wants her to be (whether it be Buster wanting her to be a pop princess, or Lance wanting her to stay in the background). And while she does have problems with that along the way with Lance cheating on her, she eventually finds her own route and her own way of doing things. And she finds a way to do it how she wants, like wearing the dress Buster wanted her to after taking scissors to the hemline. While she does have some problems, primarily her quills flying all over the place, it doesn’t distract from the fact that she managed to do her own thing, to set it all free, and do so amazingly.

I’m sorry. I just really REALLY like this character and for the longest time I wasn’t sure why. But now, I know exactly why.

And now, I know that THAT’S why I want a movie on her.

kattweston  asked:

Okay so I only know a couple of Shawn's songs but I follow because I let the little girl I nanny go on my Tumblr so she can look at pictures of Shawn on your Tumblr since she loves him so much! 😂 So I just wanted to shout you out cause your page makes her REALLY happy! Ahahah that is all! (Also I'm taking her to the philly concert lol) 😘 keep it up babe!

OMG STOP THIS IS HONESTLY THE BEST THING IVE EVER READ AH OMG STOP THIS IS ADORABLE 😭😭😭 give the little girl you nanny a huge HUG for me bc omg that’s the cutest I’m honestly in tears😭 


Courtesy of Universal Studios.

Here is a visual research I did for SING. To be honest I am not sure if I can already post some of my art on the movie. I am only gonna post that image for now, until someone tells me to remove it :) But In few month from now I’ll definitely be able to show some more. So everything will work out at the end. Peace


so i saw sing the other day and it was so good and pure ?! the characters are relatable and all so lovable ,, i’d really recommend seeing it ! (i cried way too many times)

anywAY i had these human design things stuck in my head after watching