March 20, 2003 was the highest degree of the occult “Mars Ingress” for this year. Former Witch, now Pastor, David Meyer explains: “The witches and astrologers that act as a priesthood for our illuministic government would advise them to wait for the influence of the ‘Mars ingress’. The month of March is named for the planet Mars … Astrologers would tell the warmongers that the 'Mars ingress’ starts after February 20 and comes to fullness on March 20.

Thus, President Bush chose to begin the Iraq War on the "day of fullness” of the “Mars ingress”.

astrology and darkness


“In the Judeo-Christian scriptures there are many "arks,” but to find them one must know the Hebrew letters. Yet, it is not exclusively a Western symbol, as variations of the sacred vessel occur in every religion.“

"The Ark is the sacred Argha of the Hindus, and thus the relation in which it stands to Noah’s ark may be easily inferred when we learn that the Argha was an oblong vessel, used by the high priests as a sacrificial chalice in the worship of Isis, Astarte, and Venus-Aphrodite, all of whom were goddesses of the generative powers of nature, or of matter – hence representing symbolically the Ark containing the germs of all living things." 

 - H.P. Blavatsky: Isis Unveiled


4 HOURS Tibetan Bowls & Chimes Sound Therapy - Relaxing Meditation

“Spiritual Practice is not just sitting and meditating. Practice is looking, thinking, touching, drinking, eating, and talking. Every act, every breath, and every step can be practice and can help us to become more ourselves.”

— Thich Nhat Hanh

“One shall ye be with the Masters of Mystery, 

Conquerors of Death and Masters of Life. 

Aye, ye shall learn of the flower of Amenti 

the blossom of life that shines in the Halls. 

In Spirit shall ye reach that Halls of Amenti 

and bring back the wisdom that liveth in Light. 

Know ye the gateway to power is secret. 

Know ye the gateway to life is through death.

Aye, through death but not as ye know death, 

but a death that is life and is fire and is Light.

Desireth thou to know the deep, hidden secret? 

Look in thy heart where the knowledge is bound. 

Know that in thee the secret is hidden, 

the source of all life and the source of all death. " 

- Thoth

“Indeed, each one of us has in the depths of our consciousness a Venerable Elder. 

This is the First Logos. 

The Kabbalists denominate Him Kether.

The Ancient of Days is androgynous, meaning man and woman at the same time.

Kether is the first and last synthesis of our Being. 

The Elder of Days is the first terribly divine emanation of the abstract absolute space.

The Ancient of Days is original in each human being. 

He is the Father; therefore, there are as many Fathers in heaven as there are human beings on earth.

When the Ancient of Days reaches the realization of the ten Sephiroth in himself, these Sephiroth shine in the world of Light as precious gems, as resplendent stones within the body of the Ancient of Days." 

- Samael Aun Weor

This blue globe would be found at the entrance to the Lodge room of any Masonic Lodge. It represents the blue canopy under which all Masonic arts are practiced and all sacred geometry. The globe itself reminds us that we are all a part of the universe, and equally important that the universe is a part of us all, a reminder of the divine spark which our infinite creator deemed us worthy to inherit.