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gather round the campfire kids, it’s time for a story about jake macelfresh aka frontporchstepofficial ! for what seems to be about 2 or 3 years now, jake has been soliciting nudes from underage girls as well as attempting to sext them, kiss them, touch their butt/breasts, and spreading these girls nudes when they realize they don’t want him anymore. the stories speak for themselves- just check out these links and you’ll find tons of links to different stories that people have compiled. clearly he has no issue giving out his number/texting teenage girls VERY detailed story with dates and proof

you may sit here and victim blame and say “oh but she consented!!!”. no. it is 100% on the TWENTY THREE year old man to say no in these cases. you can say “he’s innocent until proven guilty!!” like what, do you want video proof of jake copping a feel at warped tour? are you going to sit here and dismiss these girls accounts of what happened just to defend him?

let’s be real, if this was any random guy, tumblr would be all over “taking him down” and such. just because he’s semi famous doesn’t mean he’s untouchable. it doesn’t mean these stories are automatically false. some of these women are scared to come off anonymous and they’re scared of HIM. so don’t sit here and perpetuate rape culture by blaming the victims or chalking this up to “crazy fans who want attention” because that’s the opposite of what this clearly is. do no support front porch step.

if anyone has anything they’d like me to add to this post, please feel free to message me.