Malec Week 2016, Day 1:
Family Day

Alec looked at his son with disbelief. “Really, Rafael?”

Rafael’s little fingers immediately let go of the red marker he was holding in his hands. He moved aside a small stroke of dark hair that was blocking his sight, leaving his big brown innocent eyes in a plain sight. The faint glimmer of sunlight that illuminated his features, falling on his big eyelashes and the tip of his nose made him look even more guiltless. Rafael looked at the used-to-be-white wall behind him- where he and his little brother, Max, spend the morning drawing whatever came to their minds. 

 “In my defense, it was Max’s idea.” Rafael finally answered.

 “And the idea to use a Permanent marker was his as well?” Alec sighed- taking few steps to reach closer to the doodled wall. Alec stopped next to his son, and when he spoke, his voice was calming. “That’s alright, buddy. Luckily Dad’s a warlock and that would be no problem removing this.” He stroked his son’s hair slowly- watching his son’s drawing. Alec noticed four figures in it- and a small circle that was probably supposed to be a cat- their family.

 “I’m not sure this is necessary,” Magnus’s voice filled the Institute’s main room. He was wearing a silky shirt that gave a perfect sight to his well-sculpted collarbones. He had black tight leather pants on his legs. Very tight, Alec noticed. Magnus was carrying their younger son in his arms. His navy blue fingers clenching his father’s shirt softly. He lifted the red marker and rapidly doodled a shape of a heart next to the four figures. He turned to look at his husband.

 “I say we will make it to our doodle-wall. What do you guys say?” Rafael and Max let out a small happy laugh that made Alec to grin as well. “Is it a good idea, dad?” Max asked. 

 Alec looked at his family. As long as he could before having to give an answer. he wanted to catch everything. Every single thing in the room. His sons’ happy faces- their small bodies and their huge smiles, the way they both found comfort in each other and became inseparable. He wanted to catch his husband’s loving look- that look that always gave him a sense of safety- the same look that reminded him that he is the happiest he can be. Alec approached Magnus and looked at his tiny son in his arms. He bent down and kissed him on his forehead.

 “That is an excellent idea.”

“O wavering mind,
awaken your upward-flowing awareness.
Become the sublime warrior Goddess Kali,
who moves with graceful power
through the vast landscape of the body.
Her divine form, like a black storm cloud
illumined by the sun,
She stands unveiled,
Her long hair falling free like monsoon rain.
Be lost in awe of Her, O mind,
for you will never comprehend Her.
She dwells as the primal lotus of conscious energy
and also as the thousand-petal blossom,
complete enlightenment.
She is none other than primordial bliss,
this great swan ever swimming
through the lotus jungle of the subtle body.
Gaze intently into the blazing heart of joy
and you will perceive my blissful Mother,
matrix of all phenomena.
The vision of Kali
kindles the fire of unitive wisdom,
burning down conventional barriers,
pervading minds and worlds with light,
revealing Her exalted beauty
as universal flower garden
and universal cremation ground,
where lovers merge with Mother Reality,
experiencing the single taste of nonduality.
This ardent poet of the Goddess cries:
‘Every lover longs only
to gaze upon the unique Beloved.
Why close your eyes?
Why disappear into formless trance?’”

—Ramprasad Sen

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