illumination from within

headcanon: scorbus + nightmares

I can imagine scorp and albus having nightmares because of the clusterfuck of events that is cursed child (honestly, they saw craig get murdered)
- it starts out with them waking each other up during nightmares
- one night albus decided to hold scorp, but when he tries to leave, scorp asks him to stay
- albus smiles at him gently and says, “always”
- scorp wakes up to find albus in his arms, the sunlight seemingly illuminating his face from within, snoring lightly, a bit of drool dribbling down his chin - it was the most beautiful and heartbreaking thing he’d ever seen
- and without thinking about the consequences - merely following the screaming of his own heart - he closed his eyes and pressed a kiss to albus’ mouth
- he pulled away, opening his eyes to find his best friend blinking away the sleep from his eyes, grinning broadly
- “hello. Um. Have we kissed before? Do we kiss?” Albus teased
- needless to say scorp hit him hard with a pillow
- (of course they totally kiss after that - many, many times for the rest of their lives)

Esoteric astrologers believe that because Leo and Cancer are ruled by luminaries and not planets, it suggests these signs are therefore held in the arms of higher heavenly dwellers, spirited, and ascended
The luminaries are potent forces that emanate illumination from within, the Sun and the Moon are always in our view, the Sun father that projects light and love, the Moon mother who brings us home to safety. Sun loses its radiance in the shadowy inner feminine echoes, while the Moon loses definition in blinding masculine light.
The warmth of the summer solstice, during Cancer-Leo to radiate, is the antithesis of Saturn, during the winter, ruler of Capricorn-Aquarius that which embodies coldness.

A Sinful Corruption // my-malleable-muse



The backseat of the Impala would be a decent place to stretch out during long drives, if Joe hadn’t gotten to it first. But then, Frank supposed he couldn’t fault his brother for trying to get some sleep. Driving through the night could make anyone sleepy.

The soft rock that played on the radio almost seemed comforting, and the very occasional streetlamps they passed gave a thankfully noninvasive orange glow, briefly illuminating the car from within before they were doused into darkness again.

Raising his head, Frank looked up at the Winchesters in the front seat as Joe used him as a body pillow, already fast asleep. “So who are we going to for help on this case again?” he asked, careful to keep his voice low.


Plant of the Day

Tuesday 14 July 2015

A plant that seems to thrive on neglect Salvia sclarea var. turkestanica (clary sage). This architectural biennial develops leaves and a deep root system in the first year and in the following summer produces branched stems, each topped with a profusion of flowers with large pinkish white bracts. This plant grows best in full sun or light dappled shade and is very drought tolerant. For me this plant seems to capture summer sunlight and be illuminated from within, as well as being a magnet for bees.

Jill Raggett

Happy 81st Birthday to Christo! 

Although best known for the monumental public artworks he created with his wife Jeanne-Claude (1935–2009, they were born on the same day), Christo has also made sculptures intended for gallery display. The first work he completed upon immigrating to the United States, “Store Front” (1964) is a meticulous facsimile of a shop façade the artist saw while visiting New York in 1963. The air conditioner above the door and an unknown object in the window have been wrapped, anticipating Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s later draping of entire works of architecture in fabric. Though the store is illuminated from within, its door remains locked and its windows covered, simultaneously inviting and denying access.

Equip yourself with such an attitude, O Rama, and remain unattached, endowed with the spirit of renunciation, and with the realisation that whatever you do or you experience, is an offering to the omnipresent being, Brahman (The Self). Then you will realise the truth, and that is the end of all doubts. That is the supreme state, it is the guru of all gurus, it is the Self, it is the light that illumines the world from within. It is the reality in all substances, that which endows the substances with their essential characteristic. The notion of ‘world’ arises only when the spirit of enquiry is absent. But, 'I’ am before the world was. How then do the notions of world, etc., bind me? He/She who has thus realised the truth is free from all beginnings and all ends. He/She who is thus equipped with the spirit of non-duality (as if he/she is in deep sleep, though awake) is not disturbed, though actively engaged in life. Such a person is liberated here and now.
—  Yoga Vasistha


Moon-mouth. A glowing dark. A dark lamp. Again, I am by a particular flight of stairs, stairs glowing, stairs illuminating a parking-lot from within. I touch my hands, my wrists, ask about sin. I touch, or I do not. In this world, a girl is laid down and a body lost until dug up. Only now, a black mark for my guilt, a glowing dark, an act I do not want to watch. I lay my body down. As if I could play living. As if I could think of anything apart from light.

Without the rigidity of concepts, the world becomes transparent
and illuminated, as though lit from within. With this understanding,
the interconnectedness of all that lives becomes very clear. We
see that nothing is stagnant and nothing is fully separate, that who
we are, what we are, is intimately woven into the nature of life itself.
Out of this sense of connection, love and compassion arise.
—  Sharon Salzberg