So my players had to travel to another city for plot reasons and while discussing how to travel, they decided to just buy their own horse and wagon instead of renting one every time they left Haven.

After deciding to make it a covered wagon, they figured they’d upgrade it a bit more. Increase the support and suspension, fortify the sides and add two slots for some Glowing Orbs on the front. (it’s a spell that makes a glass orb shine anywhere from none to 60ft illumination) Eventually realizing that they essentially made an early stage motor car, the Healer began to laugh.

Healer: I think we just became pioneer’s in the world’s automotive industry.

Me (DM): Eberron, here we come!!!

*everyone laughs*

To find truth you must experience it in your soul. You can read hundreds of books, or study the religions of all time, and find that all of them have one common point, one common denominator: and this is love-which is another word for light or soul illumination. To realize this soul illumination you have to shut away the clamor of the lower mind, to become humble, very simple.
—  White Eagle