Full Moon Illumination
  • The House the Full Moon travels through is considered "illuminated". It grants clarity.
  • In 1st: Image. Overall clarity. Realizations. Illuminates personality flaws, as well.
  • In 2nd: Self-Worth. What we define ourselves as.
  • In 3rd: Realizations. Clarity. You often learn surprising information at this time.
  • In 4th: Comforts. This is likely a difficult time, actually. You may find yourself needing to relax, and avoid others. Empathy is also at an all-time high. You'll probably cry.
  • In 5th: Drama. Experiences. You often find that others notice you more. It's as though you're in the Spotlight.
  • In 6th: Health Issues come into light, or you're "cured" of an illness. This is also a magical time.
  • In 7th: Romantics and Commitment are realized. Do you love someone? Lots of times, realizations of "Not Love" happen due to this.
  • In 8th: Secrets are revealed. You often overreact to something. Problems arise. Drama.
  • In 9th: Realization. Clarity.
  • In 10th: You're looked at as an authority. People doubt you less.
  • In 11th: Drama. Changes in community. Friend-issues.
  • In 12th: Realization and Clarity, especially for those who have Anxiety. Alternatively, for neurotupicals, this can suggest a day you feel chaotic and isolated.
Horoscope - Feb 10 2017

Aries Horoscope

(Mar 21 – Apr 19)

If you’ve allowed pressure to build up inside, the release valve is pulled today. You may engage in a childish foot-stomping display of emotion as the theatrical Leo Full Moon is eclipsed in your 5th House of Self-Expression. Prevent an embarrassing spectacle by tapping into the objectivity of Mercury in Aquarius, whose friendly connection with amicable Venus inspires you to stay calm, cool and collected when expressing your desires. Benjamin Franklin said, “If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins.”

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To find truth you must experience it in your soul. You can read hundreds of books, or study the religions of all time, and find that all of them have one common point, one common denominator: and this is love-which is another word for light or soul illumination. To realize this soul illumination, you have to shut away the clamor of the lower mind, to become humble, very simple.
—  White Eagle
Until The Sea Takes Me

(Authors Note: Pricefield pirate!au where Chloe is a siren and Max is a captain, plus a lot of other favs along the way)

Wooden floorboards rocked gently under Max’s worn leather boots while she stared out into a thick grey fog crawling towards her ship on the horizon. Seafoam crashed against the ship’s sides, spraying her hands lightly where they rested on the ledge and bring the familiar scent of salt with it. Her blue eyes squinted against the wind as it plastered her short brown locks against her cheeks. Above her, a crewmate sat readily in the crow’s nest, looking for any sign of refuge. It had been weeks since the last storm took them off course, the exact area they now sailed unknown. Supplies were getting low, and the Prescott’s jewels would not be helpful to a crew full of starving stomachs. She had been so caught up with evading capture for their deeds to get the jewels, attention to the skies was lost. From the failure to properly plan for a storm bred the situation she and her crew now faced. A familiar voice spoke up behind her, dragging her attention from the sea.

“Captain? I’ve been charting our course as best I could since the storm, and I believe we should be coming to some islands soon enough.” A scrawny boy, barely eighteen, spoke to her, his large brown eyes hopeful as he held out a map marked with his notes. Max glanced it over before nodding at him.

“Are there any villages you know of there? Some place to restock?” Her calm, but stern, tone dimmed his enthusiasm slightly.

“Not that I know of, but there’s still a chance. Besides, I’m sure we could find something from the land itself, if not.” A cheerful smile played on his lips as he tried to remain positive. He always helped Max to see the brighter side of things.

“Thank you, Warren.” She spoke softly and dismissed him with a nod of her head before turning her attention back to the horizon.

Max’s gaze squinted into the mist that had now begun to close around the ship, slate fingers of fog dancing around her ankles. Cold breezes rushed over her body to bring goosebumps to her skin. A low hum caught her ear gently, practically hidden among the sounds of the waves. Max furrowed her brow at the odd sound while straining to decipher the noise. It ebbed and flowed in time with the sea, humming turning to high notes that filled her head. Her feet took steps without her knowledge towards the edge of the boat while her arms held onto the side to help her stay steady as she was rocked. Max peered over the edge as her head became as fuzzy as the air engulfing her.

Just past her clear view lay a flash of bright blue, floating slightly above the water’s surface. As the ship sailed closer, pale skin appeared on thin shoulders, but it was the piercing blue eyes that would haunt Max. A woman sat naked, leaning her arm against a rock peeking out of the dark waters. The bottom half of her body remained unseen, for it was hidden by the sea as well. Her lips parted to allow a song to escape, twisting around Max’s mind like a serpent. As the woman’s icy eyes met hers, the song stopped, and a look close to confusion crossed over her face. Max leaned further over the edge of her ship, somehow needing to be closer to the woman, yet also unaware of her surroundings. The blue eyes widened as Max lost her balance, leaning too far towards the sea.

A hand firmly grasped both her shoulders, pulling Max back as she watched the blue haired woman dive forward under the water. As she went under the waves, behind her a brilliant tail the same color as her hair flipped out from the water with a splash. Max gasped from both the sight and being thrust backwards so suddenly. A voice broke through the haze she had been, filled with worry.

“Captain! Are you alright?” Max turned to see one of her crewmates staring at her with large eyes.

“What? Oh–Yeah, I’m okay Dana. I just…thought I saw something.” As Max spoke she looked out to where she had seen the strange woman.

“Must have been a pretty sight to go overboard for it, Ma’am.”

“Yeah…” Max agreed returning a lighthearted smile to Dana.

“I came down here to tell you that Brooke spotted something not too far ahead. She thinks it’s land.”  

“Right, tell Juliet to set a course for it then.” Max instructed as Dana gave a small verbal agreement before taking off. ‘Hopefully we can find our way out of this endless sea,’ Max thought to herself as she began her way back to her cabin, ‘Obviously my time out here is beginning to take its toll.’


A dark quill scratched along cream parchment as Max detailed out the crew’s next heist. She always took time to think most of their crimes through, as not to get anyone on her team caught, unlike some pirates who plundered any which way they pleased and ended up hanging from the gallows for it. So far, her track record for keeping her mates alive was spotless. Max intended to keep it that way.

As her quill slashed out one idea of the plan, the ship jumped, causing her to knock over a bottle of ink across the paper. She cursed before rising to her feet only to be met with another tip. Max kept her balance as she rushed her way out of the cabin to be directly on the deck.

Outside, gusts of wind snatched the sails violently out of the hands of crewmates who tried to tame them with ropes. Juliet violently steered the ship towards safety as they came closer to the island Brooke had noticed. Springing into action, Max quickly took hold of ropes to keep the sails pushing towards their destination as her crew yelled orders at each other. The rope in her hands fought, slipping through her fingers and leaving hot trails behind it. Max maintained her grip with the help of Dana and Stella though.

Just as the wind died down and Warren released the anchor for their ship, a crash from the front flung Max over the edge. Her hands grasped wildly for the rope, but there was nothing but frozen air to clutch. Her back smacked into oncoming waves with fever, the water eagerly gobbling up her entire body. As the waves tossed her over and over, Max found no breath to inhale, choking on the mouthfuls of salty water that forced its way in.

Her world was darkness until her eyes noticed a flicker of iridescence  move past her. Max closed her eyes out of fear some sea monster she had heard tales about was finally hear to take her. Then, something cold parted her lips, sucking out the water that had been in her lungs and replacing it with air. With surprise, Max flung her burning eyes open to see that same pair of icy blue ones illuminating her face. Max realized the cold feeling giving her air was actually lips. In the next moment, strong arms took her by the waist, pulling her what she imagined was upward. Light from the surface shown through as they approached the top, showing the face of the most beautiful woman she had ever seen. Blue hair floated like a halo as the light touched it, but Max found her vision darkening around the edges despite herself. The only image left before she lost herself in the touch of those chilly lips was the woman’s eyes looking at her as if pleading.

Just Friends | Kim Jongdae

Genre- Fluff

Word Count1.3k

Summary - In which you and Jongdae claim to be just friends, even though you’re his girlfiend and the boys have yet to find out about your relationship. 


Jongdae and I had been secretly dating for the past few weeks and tonight was once again one of those nights where we had to keep our thing on the down-low. Why secretly you ask? Well I happen to be the little sister of Mr. Byun Baekhyun and even though we weren’t actually scared of how Baek would react, we still decided to keep it a secret.’ Living on the edge’ he calls it.

 We drove to the dorm in a comfortable silence, making our way over for a movie night Junmyeon hyung had planned for all of us.

“Last kiss for the next hour?” He pouted leaning in and I rolled my eyes before simply placing two of my fingers on top of his lips. He opened his eyes only to whine out in frustration only causing me to laugh at his desperation. After I caught my breath

“Okay, no kissing, cuddling or staring at me for longer than a normal person would” I solely instructed taking my key out of the ignition  

“For the last time Y/N ah, can you please stop going through the rules with me every time? I’m nit 5 years old!” He groaned getting out of the vehicle causing me to laugh.

“Really? Because I have a feeling a 5 year old wouldn’t put his arm around my waist while we were at that club the other day with them. You should’ve seen the looks Sehun kept giving you, he’s onto us” I stated

“Nonsense! He probably forgot it the next day” He laughed pressing the button in the lift

As we entered through the doors, an eruption of cheers and laughter filled the main living room. I shook my head before making my way towards the sofas, looking at the boys goofing around was a usual thing as Jongdae and I were ‘best friends’, I used to come here often

“Finally! It’s about time the celebrity power-couple arrived” My brother commented plopping down on the sofa next to me which caused me to roll my eyes but freeze inside.

During the past few weeks, Jongdae have been caught in quite… Compromising positions. Not like that, get your mind out of the gutter! I mean him coming back home late every time he told the boys he was going to 'hang out’ with me, the two of us standing/sitting extremely close at every given opportunity and most suspicious of all, Baek caught Jongdae kissing my nose last week. We had to pass it off as

something we usually did as 'Besties’ , but he didn’t seem convinced. It’s not like we were scared of telling him, to be honest, he’d be the biggest supporter of our relationship. But something about letting him know that I was dating one of his closest friends, seemed wrong.

“I’m not famous” I mindlessly shrugged putting the biggest smirks on their faces. I looked around confused as Jongdae mimicked my actions.

"Is that the only part of the sentence you’re going to change?” Sehun finally squeaked from across the room, before all of them broke into huge fits of laughter whilst my cheeks managed to grow the darkest shade of red. Of course! He called us a damn couple.

“Okay, okay. Cool down, let’s not freak out over Y/N ah’s bird brain not being able to process the whole sentence” He quickly commented as I gave him a little glare

“I don’t think I’m hearing any denial from you either hyung…” Sehun winked patting him on the back. Luckily, Suho hyung managed to calm everyone down before we all got into our preferred seats and started the movie.

In the corner of my eye, I could see Jondae not-so-subtly trying to make his way through to me. As most of the attention was on the gruesome scene the horror movie displayed, he managed to lightly sit down next to me. I felt his arm snake around my waist before pulling me closer to him but I slapped it away and moved back to my original position.

“Come on! I always put my arm around your waist, they won’t suspect anything” He leaned over and whined into my ear which caused me to roll my eyes

“We can’t take any chances” I retorted turning my head to watch the movie

“Seriously, I thought you were the risk taker in this relationship?” He smirked and I snapped my head in his direction

“What do you mean by were?” I hissed leaning slightly closer to him so that none of the words exchanged would leave the two of us. Sure I was the spontaneous one who would call him up at 3am for a walk in the old forest, but this kind of risk…

“I mean, you can’t give your boyfriend one little kiss just because you’re scared that the hyungs will find out about our little thing" He innocently smiled putting his arm around my shoulders, which obviously caused a few snickers here and there.

“You want risky? I’ll give you risky” I breathed before grasping the collar of his hoodie and capturing his lips into a passionate kiss. I felt his smirk slightly parting his lips from mine before everything around us suddenly illuminated as I realized the lights had been turned on. I abruptly pulled away looking around with wide eyes for the idiot that decided to pull this shenanigan.

“And this gentlemen is the way my very smart sister, hides her relationship” Baekhyun smiled, well laughed standing next to the light switch.Jondae was frozen in sheer embarrassment when all the boys began to laugh like there was no tomorrow, whilst I hid my head in his chest to distract the pink tint of my cheeks

“You knew?” He finally squeaked and I quickly looked up curiously to find out how

“I’m actually wondering about who didn’t…” He chuckled, earning nods and murmurs of agreement from the rest of the group

“Wait, I didn’t know… What are we talking about?” Yixing popped up from his nap making Minseok, who was sitting next to him, jump out of his skin

“Oh we’re just talking about Y/N ah and Jongdae being in a secret relationship” Chanyeol shrugged to which Yixing simply nodded and went back to sleep.

“Even the unicorn knew…” Kyungsoo finally caught his breath before making the other boys lose it once more. I managed to aim and successfully hit Jongin, the central of the  laughter clan, with a cushion.

“Wah! What was that for!?” He called out throwing it back at me

“To get you to stop laughing! Can we please talk about something else?” I requested placing my hands on my burning cheeks

“Oh no! No, we want to know when you were planning on telling us” Junmeon hyung smirked leaning back on his seat which caused me to let out an agitated groan

“And we’d prefer the explanation from your boyfriend. After he’s done being frozen in fear of course” Baekhyun more instructed than requested

“Aish! Hyung I promise we were going to tell you soon” Jongdae suddenly sounded so innocent and scared, I think it shocked everyone.

“Woah, dropping his sass for his girl! What happened to you Jongdae Hyung!” Jongin exclaimed earning yet another cushion to his face

“Wah! It’s okay, you guys don’t have to be sorry. But I’m a little hurt that you wanted to hide such a big thing about your life from me” Baekhyun sighed sitting down next to me

“I’m sorry Baek. But you can blame your friend over here who wants to feel like he’s in ‘Mission Impossible’ everyday” I scoffed leaning against my brother earning an eruption of laughter from the boys and an offended gasp from my boyfriend

“Do not! I just… Yeah I’ve got nothing. Sorry” Jongdae raised his hands in defeat

“Well you two are horrible at keeping your relationship a secret” Xiumin hyung confessed causing me to raise my eyebrow

“No! Come on, we had you guys convinced we were just friends…” I retorted which ignited a whole lot of responses on the things that proved we looked like we were in a relationship. The night continued to be filled with laughter and jokes about our failed attempt to hide our relationship

A/N: A fun little something for you lovelies to read whilst I get started on my 4 requests! I really love the fact that you guys are finally requesting, I really hope my imagines live up to your expectations. I’ll see you later Loves 

-Shazz xx


Sorry I Made Fun of Your Eyebrows

Okay, I don’t think the Christmas special was my favorite special chapter ever, that honor probably belongs to 413 Days, but this one had its moments. At least until it got super creepy.

It made me think about why Gajeel doesn’t have eyebrows. And suddenly I had my own headcanon for it. I do semi-plan on doing Gruvia and Nalu post Christmas one shots but I shouldn’t really say anything for sure because I am terrible at keeping fanfic promises.

Anyway, on to my terrible headcanon.

Gajeel glanced at Levy, currently dead to the world, before looking back at Panther Lily. The Exceed looked up at him. “How much do you think she’ll remember?”

He shrugged. “Nothing if she’s lucky. It’s a night I wish I could forget…” He scowled, thinking about the game Erza had made them all play. “No wonder that idiot and the stripper don’t like being around the girls when they’re drunk.”

“Erza is terrifying in a whole new way when she’s drunk.” Lily fluttered over Levy adjusting her blanket. “Are we staying the night?”

“Yeah. If she gets sick, someone better be here.”



“When are you going to tell-”

“Shut up.” He growled. “Now’s not the time.”

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There is but One God, His name is Truth, He is the Creator, He fears none, he is without hate, He never dies, He is beyond the cycle of births and death, He is self illuminated, He is realized by the kindness of the True Guru. He was True in the beginning, He was True when the ages commenced and has ever been True, He is also True now.
—  Guru Nanak Dev Ji

So my players had to travel to another city for plot reasons and while discussing how to travel, they decided to just buy their own horse and wagon instead of renting one every time they left Haven.

After deciding to make it a covered wagon, they figured they’d upgrade it a bit more. Increase the support and suspension, fortify the sides and add two slots for some Glowing Orbs on the front. (it’s a spell that makes a glass orb shine anywhere from none to 60ft illumination) Eventually realizing that they essentially made an early stage motor car, the Healer began to laugh.

Healer: I think we just became pioneer’s in the world’s automotive industry.

Me (DM): Eberron, here we come!!!

*everyone laughs*

during summer i was chest deep in the ocean, watching the sun set over the pier. as i tread, i watched the sun slowly slip out of my reach, falling below the horizon. it started out slow, but it seemed as if the horizon was moving upward to meet the falling sun. faster and faster it moved, and then it was gone all together. though i could not see the sun anymore, the sky was still bright in some spots. i was puzzled, just for a second. the sun was not visible to me anymore, but the sky was still illuminated. i then realized that, even though the sun was no longer visible to me, it wasn’t gone completely. it’s light still shone, just beyond my horizon.

i learned a lot about love in those moments, for loving someone is far more similar to the sun setting than we realize.

falling in love, it starts slow. one soul— the sun, falls slowly at first towards the other—the horizon. then, just as the horizon appears to rise up and meet the sun, the match to your soul rises up to meet you, closing the distance, disappearing into one another.

falling out of love, it too starts slow. once the sun disappears beyond the horizon, the sky is still bright. maybe for what feels like an eternity. slowly, less and less of the sky is lit, fading into patches. just as there will still be patches of lights between you and another soul, as your love slips away into darkness.

the only difference between love and the sunset is, the sun promises to rise again, creating brightness throughout the whole sky. love— love makes no such promises.

—  my sky is dark now
Beast Theory

Alright it’s my turn to give a theory on who the Beast is. And if you know me and my theories you probably know who I’m about to try to prove is the Beast. But I don’t necessarily think it’s Stiles…

But his original body…

We do have to remember that Stiles isn’t in his original body but a copy the Nogitsune made for him. Maybe since he’s not really human that’s why the Dread Doctors haven’t been near him, they might not know what he is and are possibly afraid of him. So a lot of you are gonna be saying that it’s not possible for the Beast to be Stiles but is it really. I mean so far when the Beast has appeared Stiles is present elsewhere simultaneously. Such as the situation where Theo saw the Beast in the school while Stiles was traveling to New Mexico with Scott.

Or then when the Beast was being chased by the police with Stiles also in pursuit of it.

Or when the Beast was leaving the hospital, Stiles was there looking at it’s footprints.

You’d also bring up the fact that Stiles’ original body crumbled to pieces so it can’t be him, but then again how did the Dread Doctors bring back the Beast. That creature has been dead for centuries and they had to resurrect it, who said they didn’t decided to resurrect a teenage body to put it in that was pretty homicidal when it was killed.

Now I know the idea of the Beast being a girl has been thrown around, sounds really cool to be honest, but this is Jeff we’re talking about. A main character died in 3B and with everything that was going on it seemed that Stiles would be the one to die, yet it ended up being Allison and not so much suspicion was on her. Same thing could be happening right now, everyone will start thinking it’s a girl and then it could turn out to be Stiles in a way that no one would expect.

Alright now that I’ve given you the base of my theory it’s time to give you what you really want, evidence. And I’ve got quiet a few points which might just open your eyes to what I’m saying. I’ll bring up again that the Dread Doctors haven’t been near Stiles and haven’t interacted with him in any way. Stiles hasn’t seen them in visions and hasn’t physically been near them. He only knows what they look like from the cover of their book. So Stiles and the Dread Doctors having not interacted in any way is quiet suspicious as it is, more on that here (X). Now how about we look at the promo picture for season 5B itself.

There are so many points to analyze from here, but let’s start with something simple. When you first look at the image something that really stands out is the Nogitsune.

Strangely enough the Nogitsune is present like the other bad guys but the thing is that it’s not dead. In fact it stands above the bodies seeming perfectly fine. That’s pretty interesting don’t you think, just like how the Beast is also seen standing above the bodies in the mural at the Dread Doctor’s lair. But besides the Nogitsune there’s the bat.

The bat itself is etched with Damnatio Memoriae, and we all know that Stiles’ weapon of choice is a bat, so could that mean a connection. The fact that the Nogitsune, a supernatural creature, created the body Stiles is in is already proof that Stiles isn’t human, not since 3B. So if the Nogitsune created Stiles’ new body and inhabited the old one is it possible that Stiles still has all it’s memories, a thousand years worth of murders. If that’s so then Stiles would very much try to suppress those memories and forget all about them, condemn those memories even, because if he let those memories become a part of him he could become a killer, which is what the Beast is. But we have another interesting point which is Stiles’ name written on the chalk board.

Stiles’ name is the only one seen on the fresco and it’s not just random, but written on a chalk board. It was when Stiles wrote the numbers on the chalk board at the end of Illuminated that he realized he was the one who sent Barrow after Kira, that was when he realized he was the killer. That was a big moment for him and yet no one believed him until he was already lost and causing chaos. And all these points/possible allusions are from the promo picture itself for 5B. So how about we move on to a few comparison points I want to make about the Beast and the Nogitsune. Let’s start off with the eyes.

Both have white eyes, now of course we never saw that with Stiles because the Nogitsune didn’t need to use its power so much. Stiles was way to intelligent and could cause chaos without it, something the Nogitsune very much enjoyed. Besides the eyes we have a similarity in what they are in a sense. Gerard said that the Beast was like a shadow pretending to be real, well the Nogitsune got Stiles to understand that it was his shadow, that it was Stiles’ darkness coming to life. Now there’s another thing between the two, decapitation by force.

We’ve only really ever seen the Nogitsune and Beast with someone’s ripped off head. Which pretty much shows their strength and violent nature. But all in all these similarities can be a connection but it’s important to keep in mind that the Beast doesn’t know who it is.

If the Dread Doctors really resurrected the Beast in Stiles’ original body/the Nogitsune’s last host it’s possible they’re trying to get the Beast not only to remember what it is but remember all the violence from the Nogitsune that was left within Stiles’ own memories. So what needs to be done in order for those memories to resurface, well it may not be obvious but these big places the Beast has been at have a connection with the Nogitsune. For starters the tunnels where the Beast came from.

It was down in the tunnels where the Nogitsune first caused a lot of chaos and then years later it was where it gained so much power by taking control of the Oni. The tunnels are a pretty important place for both creatures. Then we have the school.

That was where the Nogitsune was defeated by Stiles. The Nogitsune used a lot of power there, causing a mass hallucination and it’d be a good place to go to try and trigger memories of violence. Aiden did die there as well and the Oni were attacking the others. Then we have the hospital.

The Nogitsune pretty much had a massacre there. Just having the Oni go around killing people for the sake of getting to Melissa and killing her. I mean the Nogitsune clearly had Stiles’ memories and it most likely went both ways, another reason why Stiles doesn’t talk about his time possessed, since it would bring back his own horrid memories of enjoying the darkness and bring back the Nogitsune’s own memories.

The big thing though is that the Beast is a chimera, two sets of D.N.A so you’d say that rules out Stiles but does it. Like I said the Nogitsune created Stiles’ body, it may no heal like a supernatural one but it was created by it so it can’t be 100% human. Valack told Lydia to think of someone who has possibly been over looked on the list of chimeras. Of course Stiles wouldn’t be on it because he was never a chimera. Here’s where you’d argue that I’ve been wrong this whole time. The Stiles we have now is most likely a chimera too, just never considered because no one pays attention to the fact that his body isn’t the original one he was born in. I did say that the Beast isn’t the Stiles we have now, but I also said he was never considered a chimera cause he wasn’t before. Stiles’ original body isn’t a chimera so you’d say the Beast can’t inhabit it but you forget, change the host.

Stiles’ original body was possessed by a Nogitsune, a fox spirit, so at the time of his death Stiles’ body would be a fox, that’s one singular piece of D.N.A not two. But remember what was the only way to expel the Nogitsune itself from Stiles’ body, to change the host. Scott, an alpha, bit Stiles and that would turn him into a werewolf, and what did Stiles say, you can’t be a fox and a wolf. Which is true, which is how they came to trap the Nogitsune, but Kira did kill Stiles before the transformation was complete. So that means that Stiles’ original body has the D.N.A of a fox and wolf within it. The Dread Doctors could easily tamper with the body and make sure the two sets of D.N.A coexist perfectly. That way they can resurrect the Beast and pretty much Nogitsune Stiles. It’s possible Lydia is already being drawn to that conclusion. She was there when Stiles told the Nogitsune it couldn’t be a fox and a wolf, she knows that Stiles’ original body would have to sets of D.N.A and that he wasn’t ever considered as a chimera. But lastly the biggest clue anyone has as to who is the Beast has to do with those shoe prints.

I sort of panicked when I saw them because they look so familiar. Those shoe prints look like some kind of shoes Stiles would wear so they just give me the sense that it is him in a way. And so far this Beast doesn’t remember who it is and so what if it needs to maybe see Stiles or be close to him in a way. If the Beast really is in Stiles’ original body then it’s obviously connected to the Stiles we have now. When the Nogitsune split itself from Stiles it still had a form of control and connection to Stiles. So it’s possible that connection was also resurrected, willingly or not. And if Stiles is strongly repressing his memories of the Nogitsune then the Beast wouldn’t be able to remember who it is either.

So let’s say the Beast and Stiles are connected, where’s the next place the Beast is going to be at, the lacrosse game and who’s going to be there, Stiles. Why would the Beast go to the game, unless there was something or maybe someone there it wanted. If they are connected and they meet it could possibly give the Dread Doctors what they want. Maybe underneath the Beast is the original teenage body of Stiles and once the Beast remembers who it is that Stiles will be gone forever, but at the same time Stiles would feel that too. He’d feel himself dying all over again, because I’m pretty sure he felt it the first time when Kira stabbed his body, he did faint after all. So if that were the case what if when the Beast remembers and becomes a killer, Stiles gets pulled down into the darkness. And that’s how we get Void Stiles back, Stiles himself becoming dark. Think about it, if the Dread Doctors were to have a Stiles look alike underneath the Beast do you think Scott, or the police or even Theo would kill it.

They’d do exactly what the Nogitsune did, daring people to try to hurt him because the truth is they wouldn’t. They know it’s not Stiles but it has his face, his eyes, his voice, it is him in a way. Now of course this is different cause the Stiles they have isn’t the one underneath the Beast but besides the Beast they’d have Void Stiles to worry about. As the Beast causes chaos Stiles would only feed on that and become stronger, possibly stronger than the Beast. And if the Beast were to be killed that would still leave Stiles, they’re actual Stiles, to deal with. And if Void Stiles is around you know who’d start making a play, Theo. He’s always wanted Void Stiles and he’s always treated Stiles with such respect and admiration it wouldn’t be surprising if the two teamed up, specifically to kill the Beast. Stiles would be Void but he isn’t the Nogitsune, he’d still have feelings and a need to protect his loved ones, the only difference is that all bets are off, he’d do anything to protect those he cares about which includes willingly getting blood on his hands.

And that could lead into the plot of S6. The Beast is killed and possibly Theo gets his alpha status thanks to Void Stiles’ help but everyone else would still have to find a way to save Stiles. He’d be powerful again with Theo, an alpha, at his side. I mean knowing Stiles he could bring back the dead pool but put his own rules to it. He would cleanse Beacon Hills of everything bad and it wouldn’t be exclusive to the supernatural. And he’d create chaos and mass murders for the sake of keeping his loved ones safe. And with the Beast gone Stiles would surely work on a way to get rid of the Dread Doctors as well, he’d have access to a thousand years of memory and he’d most likely know a lot about the Dread Doctors. It would actually be quiet interesting if that were to happen because in the end Beacon Hills wouldn’t be as dangerous anymore, the Dread Doctors would be gone and you best believe he’d kill Theo without an hesitation. Stiles would have used Theo to clean up the town but when that was done he’d be killed too. The other chimeras could go with Scott and everything would be quite peaceful again in Beacon Hills. But this situation wouldn’t have a happy ending for Stiles cause with his mission done and so much blood on his hands he’d leave Beacon Hills behind knowing he can’t stay.

Anyway that’s my theory on who the Beast is and a possible plot for S6. Of course it’s possible for Stiles to be the Beast and it’s possible it’s not him but if you know me or at least my theories you know that when it comes to figuring out who the big bad is I always tend to point my finger at Stiles. So thank you all for reading through this whole thing, I know it was long. Hopefully I at least entertained you for a while and made you think about the possibilities.




To find truth you must experience it in your soul. You can read hundreds of books, or study the religions of all time, and find that all of them have one common point, one common denominator: and this is love-which is another word for light or soul illumination. To realize this soul illumination you have to shut away the clamor of the lower mind, to become humble, very simple.
—  White Eagle
Compromise Between Understandings


GENRE: angst like real angst

PHAN STATUS: friends with benefits but this is moreso implied so i hope u catch that

WARNINGS: vague vague vague sex, realizing sexuality

A/N: This was on AO3 for a long while but i just wanted it in my fic tag so here! 


The shower was steamy, further clouding Dan’s already fogged mind with more hot mist.

It was his second shower of the day, a reality vaguely recognized as the brunet stepped onto the porcelain tub. The water from his morning shower left the blue shower mat damp, however after 2 minutes under the stream, the mat no longer held any indication of the brisk water it was doused in a mere four hours previously. The heat of the water was enough to leave even Dan’s tan skin a blotchy red hue.

In any other circumstance, Dan would be clawing at the irritations. However, he stood silent, and staunch; his neck stooped slightly only to avoid his brown hair from releasing water droplets down his face in uncomfortable intervals.

He, much like the mat under his foot, felt as if he possessed no indication of the person he once was. The person he once believed himself to be.

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