illuminating sculpture

Finally took the time to shoot some photos of the Octopus light, for lack of a
better title. After starting on the Bioshock Rapture sculptures I started thinking about other Art Deco items that one would find in the world of Rapture and this design took off. 6ft tall at the peak of the Trident, routed out of 1/8” aluminum. The center panels have been coated w/ Sculpt Nouveau bronze and copper coatings. Hand rolled Kokomo stained glass fill all the lighted areas. You can see the bubbles and imperfections in the glass, really gives it a hand crafted feel. But, then again it is hand crafted ,so, I guess it should feel that way. What do you think? like it?

Fic: You Shall See

Summary: Written for a prompt that asked for Ed still being conscious while frozen and having to watch Oswald and Victor getting it on at the Iceberg Lounge.

Characters, Pairings: Edward Nygma, Oswald Cobblepot/Victor Fries, with mentions of past/unrequited Nygmobblepot

Warnings: rated NC-17, mature content, jealous + possessive thoughts, mentions of violence

Oneshot, 2076 words

A big thank you goes to Farah and Jen for helping me with this! ♥︎

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It had felt like a dream at first.

Not a nice dream, surely. One where there’s consciousness but the inability to move.

But for Ed only one thing mattered. He was alive.

And he would make Oswald pay.

The first part of his body that had stirred back to life along with his brain, had been his sense of hearing. Dull at first, as if he was wearing a pair of earmuffs, but quickly adjusting  and thus becoming fully capable of hearing every single taunt and spite-induced insult that Oswald was hurling at him.

Eventually, the pitch darkness surrounding himself begins to fade as well. At first, Ed can only see a blurry medley of blue before every shape becomes clear.

And then Ed can see him again: Oswald. Green eyes ablaze and lips curled into a smug smile as he stares right at him.

Oh, if only you knew, Oswald.

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paragon || part 2

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paragon // part 1

pairing: reader + chae hyungwon

genre: college!hyungwon, romance, angsty-fluff

word count: 1426

summary: by serendipity or ill-fate, your life becomes entangled with that of your university’s poster boy whose two-faced personality makes you question if you’ll ever truly know him, even if you’re unquestionably in love with him. 

soundtrack: la vie en rose - daniela andrade

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Golden (the flame that never dies).
Located at the old Goldendale Ironworks site in Chatterley Valley, Tunstall, Stoke on Trent.
Designed by Wolfgang Buttress, it stands at 69ft/21m tall.
A piece of iron resembling a human heart, which was found on the site, dangles in the centre of the sculpture. The illumination at night truly represents the beating heart of Tunstall in a beautiful aesthetic manner especially amongst the backdrop of the city.


Featuring 3D  Light Decor

People ride slides on ice sculptures illuminated by colored lights during the opening day of the 31st Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival in the northern city of Harbin, Heilongjiang province, January 5, 2015. (REUTERS/Kim Kyung-Hoon)


With yesterday’s sumptuous event of the noontime show, “Eat Bulaga”, I admit I am one of those who still cannot get over and I can still feel the envy with a Maine Mendoza. I know there are a lot of people who are still denying that they like #Aldub or #Maiden because of other’s bashful tongues, saying it’s jologs. But let’s be honest, who wouldn’t envy her?

i. She is pretty. Admit it, the way she smiles even though how big those teeth are, it will still affect you because she’s so natural. And even though how often she does these Melay Cantiveros’ facial expressions, her underlying beauty still find it’s way out and illuminate her. Even the sculpture of her body seen when she tried different outfits on the September 26th Kalyeserye episode, wow fantastic baby!

ii. She has a credible background yet she’s humble. She is a graduate from DLSU-CSB, and she has a successful family. And I believe that those were good platforms for her to find and sustain the confidence in her. But I’m very pleased that she’s still humble after all! Tataydub and Nanaydub, really did a great job disciplining her!

iii. She was blest with the opportunity. This whole ‘Dubsmash’ thing was just for fun and it was never in her wildest dream that she will gain more than a million follower with that. If you have seen her audition in GMA, it was really evident that she is not that competitive and driven to achieve the goal of being a celebrity. The way she answered “No” to the questions if she knew how to sing or dance, you know in that moment that she doesn’t only have 50% chance but only 25% chance left to get this job. She was awkward, but I think Eat Bulaga risked and tried using her as a strategy. And probably, since this is her fate, she’s now here breaking the internet with 39 Million tweets.

iv. She is partnered with Alden Richards. Yes, even though how crazy this will sounds like, yes I admit I am one of those who still cannot get over because that is THE Alden Richards. From his physical attributes, his dedication of all his works to God, his wits, his attitude down to his flaws. sigh He. Is. Totally. My. Type.

But of course, I recognized that this is only a fandom, Alden just characterizes my ideal type of guy, that’s why I like him. And what made me realize that he is really just a fandom, is because…

I want him to be with Maine. I want them to be together as couples, I want them to end up marrying each other and I want to be one of those people who will support them as they journey together.

And I think that is the most envious thing about Maine Mendoza: She was blest, and there is someone wishing her to be more blest. Not everyone gets to be happy with someone else’s success.