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World leaders reaffirm their commitment to the Paris agreement

  • On Thursday, President Donald Trump announced that the United States will withdraw from the historic Paris climate agreement.
  • As Trump spoke, political leaders around the globe took to social media to share their dismay at his decision and to reaffirm their own commitment to the accord. Read more (6/1/17)
  • Paris also illuminated City Hall in green light in defiance of US pulling out of Paris climate agreement. Read more (6/1/17)

The Climate Mayors have a message for Trump following Paris agreement withdrawal

  • In response to Trump’s announcement, a group of 61 mayors representing 36 million Americans who call themselves the “Climate Mayors” released a statement condemning the president’s actions.
  • They’re promising to continue with the spirit of the accord, with or without Trump. Read more (6/1/17)

Democrats slam Trump’s plan to leave Paris agreement: “One of the worst foreign policy blunders”

  • Democrats on Capital Hill responded to President Donald Trump’s announcement that the U.S. will leave the Paris climate agreement with dire warnings about the future of the globe.
  • In a statement, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) said the decision “could go down as one of the worst foreign policy blunders in our nation’s history.” Read more (6/1/17)

Weekend Hashtag Project: #WHPgoodnight

Weekend Hashtag Project is a series featuring designated themes and hashtags chosen by Instagram’s Community Team. For a chance to be featured on the Instagram blog, follow @instagram and look for a post every week announcing the latest project.

For some, the world goes to sleep at night. For others, it comes alive. This weekend, the goal is to capture both sides of that spectrum: the bright energy and the quiet rest. Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Whether it’s calming down or speeding up, notice how the energy shifts. Document your family settling in for dinner or take a Boomerang of your friends hitting the town.
  • Focus on light. Whether it’s the blue hue of dusk spreading over your neighborhood or a city skyline illuminated against the night sky, notice how light changes and evolves from bright to dim.
  • Look beyond your immediate circle — how do other people react to the shift from day to night? Take a portrait of a server heading to work or a video of downtown streets emptying as office workers head home.

PROJECT RULES: Please add the #WHPgoodnight hashtag only to photos and videos taken over this weekend and only submit your own visuals to the project. If you include music in your video submissions, please only use music to which you own the rights. Any tagged photo or video taken over the weekend is eligible to be featured next week.


[Part 1 I Part 2 I Part 3]

Relationship: Bucky x Reader

Summary: Unable to fall back asleep, you decide to wander around the tower when you hear music coming from somewhere. But it’s 3am, no one should be awake so late.

A/N: I haven’t written anything but essays in over a month, thank you @imhereforbvcky for this ideas. I swear, these pianists are really something.

Warnings: Language, smut, oral (f receiving), sex.

Words: 3660

Originally posted by sebjpeg

Looking to your bedside table, the illuminated digits of the clock pull a groan from your lips as you toss your head back. It was 3am and you couldn’t go back to sleep. Throat feeling hoarse and with a dry tongue, you admit defeat as you lift back the covers and swing your legs over the side of your bed.

With a sigh, you walk out of your room in the compound and make your way down the halls of the sleeping quarter.

Tony had noticed you when you were an agent working for SHIELD. You didn’t know this at the time but he was keeping an eye on you and during the HYDRA/SHIELD fiasco, you and handful of other agents worked to help end the programme.

After Natasha had leaked the files, you continued to work with the Avengers, helping navigate them through missions, hack in to programmes and gain any intel that would aid them. You thought that was coming to an end when Tony got back from Siberia because you didn’t hear from any of them.

Rumours of what happened soon spread amongst the few of you that were bought in to help from time to time. But this wasn’t something you ever expected. The Avengers were no longer a team.

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back to black [m]

Pairing: Reader x Jin

Genre: smut, tattooed!jin, cheating, angst

Word Count: 2.5k

A/N: I have been listening to a lot of Amy Winehouse lately and this is what happens. I’m tempted to turn this into a series, but we shall see.

Originally posted by syubbie

We only said goodbye with words, I died a hundred times
You go back to her, and I go back to black

-Amy Winehouse

“Hey! What’s your name?” someone shouted at you from across the bar. His words barely louder than the beat pumping through the speakers.

The bartender handed over your drink, exchanging whiskey for your bills. The whiskey ginger burned on your tongue as you took a sip, preparing yourself to face the owner of the voice. He was handsome, but the look in his eyes told you that your name was the last thing on his mind. “No thanks.” You smiled, slipping off the bar stool to make your way through the crowd.

You felt your phone vibrate in your back pocket, the screen sticking out like a sore thumb in the dim lights of the bar your best friend had dragged you too. And as if the universe was playing a cruel trick on you, his name flashed on your screen. You scoffed as you read the familiar words.

Jin 11:45 PM: Where are you?

You held your phone up to your lips, debating if you should respond. Jin was bad for you and you knew it. That’s why the two of you broke up, to begin with. That’s why you still answered his calls and text messages. You took another sip, hoping to find some wisdom in the bottom of the ice. The screen illuminating the glass in your hand as you sank the rest of your drink. He was not a patient man.

Jin 11:48 PM: Y/N, where the hell are you?

His brashness made you wince, quickly typing out a response. Two could play this game, even though the both of you were never good at following the rules.

Y/N: 11:48 PM: Out

You really must have pissed him off as your phone started to vibrate in your hand, he was calling you.

“Stop playing games, Y/N.” Jin hissed through the phone, interrupting you before you could even say hello.

“I told you last time that this was over between us.” You raised your voice, matching his level of annoyance although for a much different reason.

Jin scoffed, “You and I both know that last time wasn’t enough.”

“Fuck you.” you quipped, annoyed at how easily the sound of his voice turned you into putty. His words pushing and pulling you into shapes that only he could make. “I’m at the bar.”

“I’ll be there in five minutes.” was all he said before the line on the other end went dead.

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Ten Years And Counting

A year ago today, @atticuos send me a Derek Hale fanvideo and that was the start of a beautiful and wonderful friendship (and also the first of many, many videos that she send me). I honestly don’t even know where to begin to describe how important Elisa is to me and how happy she makes me, and I’m just so lucky to have her in my life.

Happy friendaversary, my adorable baby monkey. I love you to the other end of the universe and back a billion times. ♥

As soon as the car door was shut and the sound of the busy city on the other side was reduced to a more muffled sound, Derek sagged back against the driver’s seat, closed his eyes, and let out a heavy and tired sigh, his shoulders losing the tension in them little by little.

It was late. The sun was already going down behind the tall buildings of the city, leaving the sky in a soft pink and orange glow that Derek would probably have been admiring if he wasn’t resting his eyes and considering taking a power nap for just a brief moment. That, and the buildings illuminating the darkening city was blocking out the sunset anyway, so he wouldn’t have been able to see much from the parking lot he was parked in.

That was one of few downsides of living in the city.

Letting out another tired sigh, Derek scrubbed a hand over his face, ran it over his beard (he had let his stubble grow over the years, a few gray hairs joining the darker ones) to fix the wild hairs sticking out, and then grabbed the steering wheel as he turned on the car.

His head was killing him, his brain tired from a long day of having to be around so many people. But, as a history teacher at the community college, that was his job and he liked it. It was the good kind of tired, the kind of tired where he could go home and not feel completely drained and exhausted, the kind of tired where he still had energy to be awake for a few more hours.

He hadn’t felt this relaxed and good in years, and all it had taken was to leave Beacon Hills and his ghosts behind. And, of course, for Stiles to join him in New York, too.

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April 7th.

Authors Note: Sooo I wrote this and then it deleted so I had to re-write it and to be honest the first draft was 100 times better, but it is whatever! 
Harry’s debut single is about to drop in a few hours: If my list is correct and the single hasn’t been released early. (This post is scheduled so if the song was released early. Ooops). 

You had gotten used to waking up at various hours to an empty bed, but you had hoped the emptiness wouldn’t be a thing while in New York. 

With dreary eyes, you look at the empty space beside you, the hotel room still darkened by the hour, the linen sheets draping around your body as you gradually sit up in the California King bed. With a heavy yawn, you pull your body from the softness of the sheets, forcing yourself to pad towards the balcony doors. 

He has been a mess the last few months, more so the last two weeks, it has killed you to see him so out of touch with himself, he has poured all his energy into this new development of his that he has managed to forget how to properly sleep. 

You and Harry arrived in New York in the early morning so he could prepare himself for the new step in his life, the dropping of his first single. To say the least, the hype is hurting him more than his own fans, the anticipation is killing him.

You reach for one of his jackets draped over the hotel chair and you pull it up your arms before you step outside onto the balcony where he is leaning against the railing, his arms pressed to the railing, his back slightly arched. 

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Where Are You Now? (Saeran x MC) [Part 1]

Hey!! IT’S BEEN A MONTH SINCE I JOINED @mysme-fics​!! Thank you all so, so much for your support and feedback throughout this time~! 

So here’s the first part to a fic that I’d like to share with you all, specially written for my 1 month anniversary here ^o^


Where Are You Now?

Pairing: Saeran x MC

Fanfic By: R.I.

Word Count: 1358

Click Here for: [Part 2]

Midnight, a time of sleep and silence.

Also a time for the night owls to be released into the wild, also known as one’s own thoughts.

A dimly lit cigarette was tossed onto grass, left to burn to ashes. Its owner stepped out from the shadows, walking under the moonlight atop the hill.

The moon was full and clear tonight, illuminating the dark city before him. Occasionally, the faint red and yellow lights of cars whizzed about, but it was rare at this time of night.

It was almost 3AM, god forbid. Saeran Choi could not sleep.

Even smoking appeared to have no effects on him. Perhaps he’d become immune to it after so long. Aah, he really was a mess, wasn’t he? He chuckled humourlessly, staring up at the bright moon above.

How had he ever survived through his childhood like this?

He closed his eyes, embracing the darkness. The image of a little girl flashed through his mind, and a nostalgic pain tugged at his heart. Ah, that’s right. That person had been there for him as a child.

Two boys. A playground. A setting sun.

“Saeran, wait for me here, okay? I have a surprise for you!” Saeyoung grinned impishly, patting his little brother’s head. Saeran nodded, hands clenched at the front of shirt as he shyly looked up at his twin.

He watched Saeyoung sprint around the corner, running towards a musical tune. Saeran sat quietly on a bench, swinging his legs anxiously. Saeyoung would be back soon… right?

He squeezed his eyes shut, trying to pretend like he wasn’t scared. He was a big boy now. He couldn’t be scared every time his brother left him alone.

Although, this was different. This was the first time he’d been left alone outside. Saeran was usually locked up at home by their mother, unless it was absolutely necessary to leave the house. From the barred windows at home, he would always watch little kids playing together, walking home from school, happily living out their life. But today was special.

It was his birthday, and Saeyoung had decided to help him sneak out of the house. Today, they’d be staying out until the stars were twinkling above their heads. It would be worth their mother’s slaps, kicks and screams later.

Light footsteps echoed in the park, and Saeran gladly opened his eyes, relieved that his brother had returned. But when he looked up from the ground, he found himself staring at a young brunette child, a curious expression on her face.

“Why are you alone?” she asked, “Are you lost?”

Saeran quickly shook his head. “U-uhm! No, I-I’m waiting for my brother,” he hurriedly responded, his voice quieting down with every word. His cheeks were flushed red, and he tried really hard not to look away from the little girl.

It was the first time he’d spoken with anyone other than his brother, and he couldn’t help but feel nervous. Was he talking like a normal kid? Did she think he was weird?

“Oh!! I think I saw your brother! He looks just like you,” she exclaimed, eyes lighting up.

The little girl hopped next to him on the bench. “What’s your name?” she questioned, tilting her head cutely as she smiled encouragingly.

“S-Sae-“ he paused, then spoke louder. “Saeran. My name is Saeran.”

“Sae…ran,” she tested his name, then grinned. “I’m MC! Yay, now we’re friends~”

Saeran nodded, blushing and repeating the name in his head. His first friend. “Uhm, t-today’s my birthday,” he mumbled, not wanting the conversation to die down.

“Really?” MC said excitedly. “I just had my birthday yesterday! Ooh I’m older than you by one day!!”

Wow. She was so… bright, and cheerful. Saeran felt somewhat relieved that it wasn’t awkward to talk to her.

A lady in the distance called for MC, making her frown.

“Awwh… Mommy says I have to go,” she looked down sadly. “Even though we just became friends…”


“Let’s meet again tomorrow, Saeran!”

Saeran felt his heart drop, disappointment welling in his chest. “I can’t,” he mumbled, trying to hold back tears as he thought of his cage-like home.

“Then… let’s exchange emails?” she suggested.

His eyes lit up. That, he could definitely do. He nodded quickly, a small smile on his face.

MC beamed, and proceeded to write her email address in a small notebook, ripping out the sheet of paper to hand it to him. “Talk to you later! Let’s meet again one day when you’re free, okay?”

‘When you’re free,’ she had said.

To Saeran, that held a double meaning. Being ‘free’ would mean that he’d have to be free from his mother’s clutches first.

“Saeraaan~!” his brother’s familiar voice echoed through the park, his steps making a quick pitter-patter on the ground. In his hands were two ice cream cones. When he reached Saeran, he thrusted the mint-chocolate ice cream cone at him. “Happy birthday, Saeran.”

A girl. Ice cream. Stars.

End of Flashback.

It had only been one day in his life, but to Saeran, that day had changed many things in his life. Ice cream was a symbol his first taste of the outside world. Not to mention, he’d made his first friend that day, with whom he continued to communicate through email. In fact, it was indirectly due to MC that he started hacking. In his free time when he waited for her replies, he’d study coding, and observe the various patterns and codings of websites.

And it was thanks to his hacking skills (which eventually developed over the years) that he was accepted into Mint Eye. Now, he was free.

His eyes opened to the vast, dark sky. The stars were now covered by dark, stormy clouds. Looks like it would rain soon.

“Where are you now?” he wondered aloud as he sat up, a content look in his eyes. MC would always remain a precious person to him. Although they’d lost contact after his mother found out about his connection to the outside world, Saeran vowed to never forget her. She had been the first light in his life, cheerily brightening up his day.

And now, over 10 years later, his vow still held true.

Droplets of rain started to fall from the sky. Dammit.

He walked downhill, irritation bubbling in his chest. He still needed to run to the convenience store to restock on cigarettes. Considering the sudden rain, he would have to take the bus there.

Because there was no fucking way he’d carry around an umbrella—it would completely ruin his image. (He takes pride in looking badass.)

With quick, long strides, Saeran easily made it to the rooved bus stop. Let’s hope the bus comes soon…

Fortunately for him, his wish came true, as a bus pulled up to the stop in the next minute. It was 3AM in the morning after all. There was no traffic, and city buses were a 24/7 service.

As he expected, the bus was empty. The driver cast him an irritated glance, “Hey. You gonna pay or what?”

Right. The joys of public transportation. Saeran grunted, tapping his card against the payment screen.

The bus almost started again, but it screeched to a stop as a voice shouted, “WAAAIT!”

Saeran’s ears perked up, although he kept his gaze out the window. He didn’t really care, though he was slightly surprised that someone else was still up at this time.

A young woman made her way onto the bus, panting as she tapped her card to pay. “Th-thanks,” she said, taking a seat next to Saeran.

What the- there was literally EVERY other seat on the bus and she had to sit next to him? He turned in her direction to glare at her, but faltered as his eyes met hers. Shock spread across his features, silencing him.

She was the first to break the silence. “Could you be… Saeran?” Her eyebrows were furrowed as she analyzed his features.

The both of them had grown up a lot over the years, although there were still a few distinct features that were recognizable.

“MC,” he choked out.

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mamihlapinatapei w/ eggsy!!

eggsy unwin + mamihlapinatapei - the look between two people in which each loves the other but is too afraid to make the first move.

a/n; idk how i feel about this validate me

tags; @alexsunmners  @mvximoff @rax-writes @paperclipmac @mutantlaura

Originally posted by fiveguysfiction

Being apart of the Kingsman, of course, has its perks and Eggsy’s favorite is by far is the fact that he gets to travel for free. His passport has seemingly pages upon pages of stamps, which reminds him of how fortunate he is for being apart of something greater than he’ll ever be.

He’s thinking of this now as he’s leaning over the balcony of a hotel, champagne in hand, somewhere in the heart of Athens; with a beautiful girl next to him.

Ever since the two of you met, there’s always been an underlying sense of something a little more than friendship. Between the overnight missions, undercover work, and just being around each other; you’ve grown incredibly fond of the boy from Westminister, as he has to you. Just being around you is Eggsy’s balm; You calms him, in a sense. You just get him like no one else has. Maybe it’s because you understand what it’s like to be raised in a broken home, maybe it’s because you know what it’s like to be undervalued and tossed to the side. Despite what it might be, Eggsy is not blind to the fact that what he feels for you is something barely short of nirvana, and it feels like a thousand fireworks and falling into the unknown.

He turns to look at you now, watching the lights of the city illuminate your face, making you practically glow in the dark of the night. Your hair is tied up in a messy bun and you’re wearing a sundress, the heat of the Greek air even being apparent at night. As you discuss the beauty of the city, Eggsy can’t seem to focus because all he can seem to think is how beautiful you are.

You’ve known you’ve loved him for a while, you suppose. You never really believed in destiny or fate or anything of that sort. It always seemed childish and unrealistic, with the life you lived before the Kingsman. But Eggsy– Eggsy changed that for you.

There’s a momentary lull after you finish talking of visiting Athena’s Temple, a natural, easy silence falling between the two of you. You can feel him looking at you, and you’re wondering if this may be the moment that changes things for the two of you, that you’ll surpass the friendship; and become the lovers you’re destined to be. You turn to face Eggsy and he’s closer than you had originally thought, and your breath catches in your throat because he’s looking at you like you surpass the city of beauty.

You subconsciously move a little closer to him, shoulders now touching and you swear you can feel him melt into your touch. His fingers brush across the tops of your knuckles against the railing, and your gaze drops to where his fingers reside. Your cheeks heat in response, and you flicker your eyes forward as you turn your hand upwards, placing his soft hand in yours. You feign nonchalance as you study the city once more, and say,

“It’s beautiful, isn’t it?”

And without taking his eyes off of you, he says,


Work Trip

Pairing: Negan x reader

Warnings: inappropriate language and relationship between boss and employee, mentions of exhibitionism because…um this is me we’re talking about, outdoor sex.

Words: 1570

Author’s Note: Requested by @prettyepiic  Who basically wrote the summary for me:

Ok. I want Negan to be some big wig bossman and I’m his little naive secretary. I think he’s smashing good looking but I never realize it until he hits on me. Somehow we fuck and it’s nasty naughty goooood.

The first piece of Negan writing I’ve done that doesn’t feature a threesome. If that’s your thing, check it out here.

You were organizing your desk. You were still fairly new at your job and eager to impress, especially Negan, you boss. You heard elevator to the top floor chimed signalling that Negan would soon be making his appearance. You smiled hearing his gravely voice. “Y/N, how are you sweet cheeks?”

“I’m fine Negan. The reports are on your desk and you have a meeting at 11 to discuss the new Atherton Solutions project” Negan gave you a smile that made your heart race. You didn’t think you would ever get used to Negan and his dashing good looks.

Negan scrolled through his phone, looking at emails. “What are you doing this weekend?”

You shrugged, you didn’t have any plans. You were just planning on watching some television while snuggled under the covers. “Nothing”

Negan raised his eyebrow. “How does a gorgeous girl like you have nothing to do? No dates?”

You blushed and shook your head. You didn’t want Negan to know how unlucky in love you were. “Those men don’t know what they’re missing.”

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missingaim  asked:

Requesting smutty Captain Cold with shy female reader who is a fan of his. Possibly include dirty talk.


Title: Always Happy To Meet A Fan

Word Count: 2510

Tags: um??? smutty smut smut !! reader is “innocent” and shy byE

Night swept over the city in a rush, the city lights illuminating the sky. You were exhausted, the day’s events causing you to quickly fall into a deep slumber. You were the child of a extremely wealthy businessman, the company he owned being passed down in your family for generations. So, it was only natural that you were expected to be ready to go to any sort of event with your father to help the company. He owned a penthouse that you basically had to yourself, since he was never home. You didn’t see the point of getting your own place when his penthouse was under your name as well.

The silk sheets on your bed felt heavenly against your tired body, your lace pajamas only making you even more comfortable in your bed. You were very tired and wanted to sleep for a good ten hours, however it seemed tonight you weren’t going to get any hours of sleep. The thumping of shoes across your floor caused you to jolt out of your sleep, confused. However, hearing the movement and shuffling of feet made you realize there was someone was in your room. Fear and panic began to creep up your back like a spider, but you didn’t move from your bed, not one bit. You were too afraid.

“I know you’re awake, dollface.” Your cheeks flushed in embarrassment, sitting up in your bed you covered yourself with your blankets, hair falling over your face in an elegant yet messy way. “Um…if you’re trying to rob me you’re in the wrong room.” You said, voice barely above a whisper. You noticed the man’s grip on his gun tightened, he looked around the room exaggeratedly before shrugging. “An honest mistake.” He said simply. Now that you were actually sitting up, you could take in his features. His jacket confused you, who would wear a parka during the summer? His gun glowed a light blue, and his shaved head gave him quite a handsome look. Then, it hit you like a bag of bricks. Captain Cold was in your room. Leonard Snart was trying to rob your father’s money.

A red blush made its way up your neck and to your ears, your cheeks feeling warmer than the night air. To say you were a fan of him was a bit of an understatement. You were a fan and extremely attracted to him. With the photos and videos you’ve seen of him, you thought he was the most handsome man in the entire city. Of course, you kept this information to yourself for a long time, you’re father’s judging eyes would be full of disappointment if he were to ever find out. “Y-You’re Captain Cold, oh my gosh.” You gasped out, mouth gaped in shock. “Fan?” You averted your gaze sheepishly, giving him your answer.

The way Snart’s signature smirk crawled across his lips made you feel exposed, like his eyes could see through the blankets and see you rubbing your thighs together. “Always happy to meet a fan, however I’m a little surprised. Daughter of one of the wealthiest men in the city a fan of a wanted fugitive?” You gulped down the saliva forming nervously in your mouth. “Um..I..” You paused, the feeling of your heart hammering against your chest making you even more nervous. Moving across your bed, you reached out and grabbed your robe, quick to wrap it around yourself. Now that you were standing, you felt so small and fragile compared to his confidence and brute-ish stature. “I think it’s b-best that you leave, y’know since I’ve caught you um trying to rob me.” You cursed yourself for stuttering so much. “Leave? You want me to leave?”

You’re feet made small tapping noises against your marble floor, opening your window more than it already was. “Yes, I want you to leave. I..I won’t call the police so you can just leave the way you came in.” You tried to sound confident, however there was obvious fear in your voice. You weren’t afraid of Snart, no you were just afraid of making a fool of yourself in front of him. You’re back was turned to him, however the thudding of his boots against the ground indicated that he was coming closer. “With the way you allow your robe to hang off your shoulder like this, I’d think you want the opposite.” You’re eyes widened at the feeling of his gloved hand caressing up your bare arm. When you turned around to look at him, you were quickly backed up into the nearest wall, your breath caught in your throat as you looked up at his icy blue eyes.

“I can’t help but think you’re wanting something more, but what exactly?” He was teasing you, trying to pull yourself out of your shell. Biting your bottom lip you looked away, cheeks redder than a tomato. “I-I don’t want anything from you..” You managed to reply back, fighting all your deepest urges as they were too close to surfacing. “Is that so?” Snart’s eyes made their way up and down your body, making you feel even more exposed. “Guess I should leave then. No point in staying since I’ve been ‘caught’.” He backed away from you, and a ping of hurt flooded your chest. Your mind was clouded with everlasting lust for the man that stood in front of you. Before you could stop yourself you felt your fingers curling in his jacket and pulling him closer to yourself. His lips were a lot warmer than you had expected, putting the name Captain Cold to shame. Snart eagerly pressed his lips against your own, however when you realized what exactly you were doing you pulled yourself away.

“O-Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry! I don’t..” You were cut off by yourself when you let out a small squeal when Snart roughly pulled your body back against his. “It’s always the good girls that want a taste of something bad.” With that, his lips were on yours once again, and as much as you tried you really couldn’t fight him. You anxiously pressed yourself against him, hands impatiently trying to take the parka that he wore off his body. You could feel his chest vibrate as he chuckled at your eagerness, cheeks flushing a rosy red when you pulled away from the kiss. Snart pulled you away from the wall and backed you towards your bed, shedding the parka that you’d tried to pull off. You stopped when the back of your knees hit your bed, you eyes holding an innocent and helpless look. Snart felt the need to ruin that innocence.

Placing his hands on your hips, he brought you closer to himself once more. “Now, you said something about wanting me to leave? That change yet?” His sardonic voice making you feel embarrassed. You tried to avert your gaze, however his hand captured your chin and forced you to look at him. “Don’t get shy on me, doll.” He provoked an answer from you, his left hand slowly making its way down your hip and to your rear. Your lip quivered in anticipation, a shiver raking itself down your body. “P-Please stay..” You murmured shyly, and it was all he needed to hear. Shoving you roughly onto your bed, Snart leaned himself over your frame, removing the robe that hide the lace pajamas you had under. His eyes were hungry and you body seemed to be just the thing to fulfil his craving. A soft sigh left your lips as he leaned forward and placed his lips on your chest, making his way up your neck. Snart’s hands began to roam your body, groping your sides, rear, and breast in the process, arousing small noises from your throat.

He seemed to be unsatisfied with how low your moans were, Snart wanted to hear you scream for him. He wanted everyone in the building to know what exactly was going on. So when he bit down on your collarbone, eliciting a sharp gasp from you, a smirk formed on his lips. His hands had occupied themselves with your breasts, gentle moans leaving your body at the subtle attacks of his mouth and hands. You wanted more though, rubbing your thighs together to get some friction near your heat wasn’t enough. “Leonard p-please..stop teasing!” You squeaked out, making his raise an eyebrow. “It’s a shame that you know me by name yet I don’t know yours.” He replied simply, and you blushed realizing that you were about to have sex with a man who didn’t even know your name.

“Y/N..that’s my name.” Snart nodded, as if he were analyzing your name is his mind. “Well Y/N,” he paused, leaning closer to your face. “I’m going to fuck you so hard you won’t walk for a month.” You gasped at his words as he pulled away from you, quick to tug your lacy panties from your hips and down your legs. He went for your top next, and you let him undress you. You’d thought about this moment so many times before and now it was finally happening. “Such a cute little body.” He complimented, the smirk on his lips not leaving. Despite having fantasized about this moment for so long, you were still embarrassed. Here you were, fully undressed while he was still very clothed.

Snart’s hands crept towards your body like a predator towards its prey. However, you were quick to cover your body with your hands. “W-Wait!” You protested, trying to hide your body at all costs. “There a problem?” He asked, and you nodded gently. “You’re…you’re still dressed.” You embarrassingly admitted, and it was like he just noticed that he was the only one with clothing on. Nonetheless, the smirk that was planted on his lip seemed to grow more mischievous. Getting off from you, Snart pulled you up so you were sitting up properly at the end of your bed. “Well, if you wanna see me naked so badly Y/N, you undress me.” The usage of your name made you red-faced, a self-conscious feeling creeping up your back. With shaky hands you reached forward and removed his sweater first, with a little bit of his help of course. Your body felt hot at the sight of his topless torso.

However, once you got to his jeans and noticed how hard he was, you felt the need to hide. The idea that he even wanted to touch you baffled you. Shyly, you began to unbuckle his belt and unzip his jeans, pulling them down his thighs. You were left with grey boxer shorts that definitely did not hide anything, the lining of himself very prominent. Looking up at him, the smug look on Snart’s face made you frustrated. He knew just how to pick at your nerves, one by one. “Well?” He motioned for you to carry on and your cheeks felt like they were on fire. Hooking your fingers around the hem of them and pulled them down, letting the growing erection he had out. Your mind felt mudded and you couldn’t take your eyes away. You subconsciously licked your lips, and he noticed.

Looking up at him once again, your innocent eyes brightly glistened in the moonlight. “You know what to do babygirl, show me what that mouth can do.” Obediently nodding, you placed your hands on your hips and gulped the nervousness you had down your throat. Leaning forward, your lips came in contact with his tip in a gentle peck, only for you to open your mouth and allow your tongue to explore what was in front of you. You could feel Snart’s hand slowly make his way into your hair, gently massaging your scalp. Closing your eyes, you opening your mouth more and took him more into your mouth, letting a soft hum out at the feeling of his hand in your hair. Looking up at him with hooded lids, you batted your lashes innocently. Suddenly, his fingers curled around your hair and pulled you from up, shoving you back onto the bed. You gasped out as he spread your legs, nestling himself in between. “Well, I’m done playing around.”

Gripping your hips tightly, Snart line himself up and slide himself into you with one quick movement. A long moan tore from your throat as you threw your head back, fingers tightly wrapped around the sheets below you. He started his pace quickly, rough thrusts that had your breasts bouncing. Your voice filled the room with whiny moans rather quickly. “L-Leon..! Leonard!” You gasped out his name like a mantra, causing a devilish smirk to play upon his lips. “Good girl, let everyone in this building know who’s fucking you.” He grunted. You arched your back into him, moans becoming louder with each thrust. You wrapped your legs around his waist, allowing him to go deep and hit the spot that made your eyes roll. You felt like you were going to explode, you were so close. “H-Harder please..!” You whimpered out, spurring him to basically slam his hips into yours, allowing low growls and grunts to escape him. Snart leaned down and bit hard on your shoulder, making you wrap your arms around his neck and claw at his back.

So close, oh so close. Bucking your hips, you longed for more and when your sensitive bud crashed into his pelvis, it was like fireworks had exploded. Ripples of pleasure ripped down your body as you shrieked out. Your orgasm seemed to trigger his own, Snart quickly pulled out and let his orgasm out onto your stomach. Your chest was heaving for air, eye closed enjoying your high. Snart flopped down onto your bed next to you, relaxing a bit. “You got a bathroom in here?” He asked you, you nodded and weakly lifted your hand pointing towards a closed door by the corner of the room. Getting up from the bed, you watched as Snart made his way to the bathroom before coming back with a warm hand towel, wiping your stomach clean. Setting it down on your side table, Snart sat down on your bed and began to put his clothing on. You mustered up the courage to wrap your arms around him and press yourself against him. “Stay..” You murmured tiredly.

Taking your arm and pressing a soft kiss on it, Snart continued to get changed. “Another time, doll. Another time.” Pulling away from him, you laid down in you bed once more. “Could I…Could I at least get one more kiss?” You asked innocently, and he seemed conflicted. Leaning towards you, Snart placed a number of kisses on your lips before pulling away and finishing getting dressed. “See you later, babygirl.” And with that, he was out your window. With a small smile, you crawled into your sheets and fell into a gentle slumber. You had a feeling you were going to be seeing more of him.


Pairing: Linstead
Timeline: After 4.21
Genre: Hurt/Comfort

A/N: Alright, so I actually loved the episode. It reminded me of how good CPD can be, if they pull their heads out of their asses and just fucking try. But you know how I love writings those fics that come after the screen goes black? I couldn’t resist.

I hope you enjoy this & and thank you all for all the support and kind words.

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Love is Bilal 

Love is when Bilal (may Allah be pleased with him) retired from making the adhan after the death of the Prophet ٴٴﷺ because he called the Prophet ﷺ to prayer when he was alive, and could not stand to do so without him۔

Love is Bilal ..when he left the Illuminated City (Madinah) because he could not stand to stay there after the Prophet died (because everything reminded him of the Beloved ﷺ)

Love is Bilal..when a long time passed between him visiting the Prophet’s ﷺ grave in Madinah and subsequently the Prophet coming to him in his dream and telling Bilal, “what is with this dryness/ distance oh Bilal?” driving Bilal to make arrangements to head to Madinah immediately upon waking.

Love is Bilal arriving in Madinah in the middle of the night and Hassan and Husayn, the grandsons of the Prophet ﷺ, finding him at the maqam of the Prophet ﷺ him crying and insisting that he, for old time’s sake, make the adhan for the impending fajr prayer and causing an uproar that morning in Madinah as everyone therein poured out of their homes weeping and anguished in being reminded of the days with the Prophet ﷺ.

Love is Bilal..when Umar ibn al Khattab asked him to make adhan to, calling the army in Sham to prayer, and when he reached the part “Ashhadu anna Muhammadan Rasul Allah” began to weep uncontrollably, unable to finish the adhan, and causing the entire army to weep- Umar being the most emotional of them all.

Love is Bilal on his deathbed and experiencing the pangs of death, with his family all around him weeping for him, crying out in poetry to his family gathered around him,
“Tomorrow I meet the beloveds// Muhammad ﷺ and his companions”

And she had never been one for adventure, but that night she ran across narrow bridges that crossed rivers and flew down steep tunnels between dams. The moon was there to keep her company and it showed her the way of the ravenous tides, as well as illuminated the blinking city at her feet.

Her lips were red and swollen from kissing the boy with the calloused hands and wanderlust eyes and she was laughing harder than she had in ages.

She was free.
—  n.g // excerpt from a book i’ll never write #20