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HEY ! ” wilbur approached the other in the most laidback way. his right hand held a small white paper bag full of french fries, as did the other. however, the handed the second bag to the other. it was only a matter of seconds before the young man’s fast speech began. so, you know how we can leave the compound whenever we want ? well, i did. went to mcdonalds to get some of these, and somehow, they messed up my order, which was great because i got free fries !  and they’re for you. how cool is that ? you know what they say – when life gives you free fries, take ‘em!

Big and Loud

 by xxsweetgrassxx 

A collection of musical soundtracks that reminded me of the equilateral jackass  

Trust Me by The Devil’s Carnival // Confrontation by Jekyll and Hyde // Kick it up a Notch (Reprise) by Starship Soundtrack // Big and Loud pt.2 by Cats Don’t Dance // Alive by Jekyll and Hyde // Prince Charmless by The Secret of Anastasia // Poor Unfortunate Souls by Sherie Rene Scott // Slipping by Dr Horribles Sing Along Blog // Friends on the Other Side by Dmitri // I Want the Good Times Back by The Little Mermaid on Broadway // Easy Street by Annie // Sweet Child by The Little Mermaid on Broadway // Sweet Child (Reprise) by The Little Mermaid on Broadway // Be Prepared by The Lion King on Broadway // The Gospel Truth by Hercules // Forever Yours (Reprise) by Once on this Island // A Story Told by Count of Monte Cristo// 

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Series: {Gideon} {Pacifica} {Grunkle Stan} {Dipper} {Mabel}

Seventeen as youtube videos

S.Coups: fitness

Jeonghan: beauty

Joshua: acoustic cover

Jun: reaction to.. videos

Hoshi: dance

Wonwoo: conspiracy theories (illuminati and stuff)

Woozi: rants

DK: comedy

Mingyu: reviews about tissues and why they are unnecessary

The8: baking

Seungkwan: vlogs

Vernon: pranks

Dino: let’s plays


“is it shining on me?”

hey merrygoroundy these are my feelings about these brothers! I’m better with drawings than with words - now I’m feeling like those guys in musicals that can’t talk about a feeling and they have to sing it lol

but yea I really REALLY like how siblings relationship is portrayed in Gravity Falls, like dipper and mabel’s conflicts but love for each other (one thing that really got me into this show was that scene in which dipper has to pick up the telephone because he was too slow? IT’S REAL). Maybe it has something to do with me having a sister and we loving each other so much (if you’re reading this YES WE DO. now shut up). Because of that I’m looking forward to seeing Stanford and Stanley’s story on the show. I guess it can be more complicated in a way when it’s two brothers and it doesn’t really take a dream illuminati demon to mess stuff up, but I’m sure in the end it’s all about love C:


HI beautiful people! 

So today I stayed at home bc my school didn’t let me in (long story). So when I got home I decided to take some pictures, since I was all dressed with hair and make up done (tbh I was really hella fine). Here are some of the pictures… 

(I have more, maybe to many…)