The different factions have different intros, reflecting their attitudes. The first part is the same: While you sleep, a glowing bee crawls into your mouth, and after a strange dream, you discover you have a strange, wild power within you, trying to express itself – but controllable with practice and effort.

The Templar recruit barges in like they own the place and gives you a “job offer”, cloaked in nice words, but arrogant and positioning you as having no real choice. You follow a letter you were given to London, after that.

The Dragon recruiter knocks on the door, enters politely, then reaches out gently and zaps you into unconsciousness with a small, precise application of electricity. You wake up in an alley in Seoul after being tossed out of a van, and figure out what the hell is going on as you go.

The Illuminati recruiter is a smarmy, buzzword-spouting corporate-recruiter-meets-entertainment-agent bragging about how great his “client” is and enthusing about how powerful and destructive you are. The thing is, it’s not a choice; he makes it abundantly clear that if you don’t show up to your “appointment” – whether intentionally, or by failing to figure out where it actually is – they’ll find you and kill you. You show up in a neighborhood in Brooklyn, because that’s the only guidance you got.

What she says: I’m fine

What she means: If American horror story Freakshow was held in 1952 then how was it possible for Jimmy Darling to sing Nirvana’s song “Come as you are” Kurt Cobain wasn’t born until year 1967, the band Nirvana wasn’t formed until 1987 meaning he sang this 35 years before the band was even created and the song didn’t release until 1991 therefor making it impossible for Jimmy to actually know the song unless he wrote it himself. Nirvana has to be a band in the AHS realm because in season one murder house Tate asks violet “got any Kurt Cobain on that thing?” And according to many sources the seasons are all connected in some way. Does this mean that Kurt stole the song from Jimmy, publishing it and making it a hit? Or did Jimmy give him the song? How was this even possible whatsoever? Is Jimmy Darling the Illuminati?


Having two cups, but grabbing the wrong one you we’re expecting.